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Find a topic that interests you and start writing!


Each of the Unity for a Change groups share a general organizational outline that includes: visions, problems, solutions, facts and figures, objectives, goals, mission statements, and multimedia. But please feel free to incorporate new subjects and topics however you personally see fit.


Vision- Share your vision and let's project a collective visualization for a prosperous future. It is essential to clearly set our focus on what we want to achieve in order to successfully set a course of action that leads directly to the ideal destination. You can help contribute by detailing an image of how modern civilization can potentially operate by applying the fully capacity of human strength, skill, and ingenuity.


Problems- There are many significant challenges that we must now face at this exciting turning point in history. In order to effectively make the progressive changes we desperately need it is necessary to radically address these conflicts by eliminating the root causes of all problems as a whole. The group forums are a place to address problems within our socioeconomic infrastructure that affect us all as individuals, as a community, and as a globalized society.


Solutions- What can be done to solve these problems? Everyone has a distinct piece of the puzzle. If you have an answer for resolving a conflict then we would really like to learn more about your policy proposal. Human civilization functions as an interdependent organism that can only operate at the fullest capacity when all systems are balanced as a whole and working synergistically in a state of harmony. We aim to develop a holistic platform of progressive actions and to implement a full spectrum of resolutions comprehensively.


Facts and Figures- Help to compile a list of extraordinary facts and figures that will provide us all with a better understanding of our current situation.


Mission Statements- A mission statement is a concise paragraph that summarizes what the group is working to accomplish. Add your mission statement and help direct the progress of the group. 


Goals- As a united coalition let's work to set some common goals for implementing actions and enacting resolutions and establish timetables for progress. Strategic goals are a way to quantify and qualify exactly what we are aiming to achieve and will serve as benchmarks to measure our rate of progression.


Objectives- Help to define fundamental group objectives. List exactly what needs to be done to specifically accomplish each goal.



Multimedia- Please feel free to submit any useful articles, images, videos and links that are relevant to the groups.


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