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Exit Strategy


-Withdraw military operations around the world and bring all the troops home now.

-Describe a vision for how war can end and peace can be sustained in regions of conflict.

-Take personal responsibly and make the initiative to develop and actuate a strategy to end military involvement and nurture a state of peace around the world

-Open the lines of communication. Initiate a dialogue between communities bypassing all political obstacles and social barriers.

-Negotiate peace treaties

-Illustrate a viable way out of the conflict. Present alternative options.

-Prevent casualties and loss of life, avoid injury, minimize suffering

-Eliminate armed conflict. Prevent outbreaks of violence and end the uncivil wars

-Mend differences. Bring opposing factions to points of mutual agreement

-Build a new foundation on common principles of agreement. Develop friendly and cooperative relationships

-Relieve tensions. Build sustainable peace in regions of conflict


(Deploy a Peace Force)

1. Do not take up arms; do not participate in violence. Be peaceful. Show that you are not harmful or to be feared. Show that you are not the enemy. Violence gives the opposition ample propaganda to incite fear within a population and recruit an army to fight. If a society is explicitly peaceful then it becomes more difficult to convince a population that the group is dangerous. When a group of people retaliate offensively with violence the job of the propaganda ministry to create a context for their political agenda is made very easy. Violence does not resolve problems and has not the ability to create good; violence is the opposite of what is desired and will only further precipitate conflict and lead to retaliatory catastrophes. Put an end to the suffering; don’t contribute to the badness. Be an example of the change you want to see in the world. Don’t wait for the other people to begin, start now; take a proactive initiative. You must lead your society in the right direction. Even when an atrocity occurs don’t retaliate with violence. Show moral superiority. React with intelligence and actions directed by pure emotion and spirit.

2. Do not be quick to take upon enemies. One of the oldest tricks in the game of war is to divide and conquer. A third party may create a conflict between two separate parties, convincing each side that the other is the enemy, encouraging each side to attack the other, covertly playing both sides against one another, in the end the two parties destroy themselves and the third party steps in to take control and dictate power. It has been quite often throughout history that people have been intentionally misguided and coerced into fighting wars upon false pretenses. An uncountable number of battles have been fought for unjust reasons. The intention of war is to take power, cease property, consolidate wealth, and become the figure of authority; there is never a moral incentive for war. No moral crusader would ever propagate violence to serve a cause no matter what the incentive may be.

3. Humanization: Show that both sides are human beings. Show that each side has value, worth, wisdom, kindness, and good humor. Show that neither side is inferior or superior but both sides are equal. Let it be known that all people are loving, kind, compassionate, and sensible. Each side must show their own morality and ethic by exemplifying goodness. Neither side must be dehumanized with a stereotype of being savage and barbaric.

4. Build solidarity within the population. Unite factions upon a common cause; base this cause upon natural human values: life, health, peace, economics, etc. As a community, start taking progressive steps of action; begin mobilizing positive forces. Neither side wants to be tormented by physical suffering and loss; it is not advantageous for either side to partake in violence. It is essential that both sides seek to bring peace into the world and not war.

5. Build social networks and open up lines of communication. Bridge the language barriers with translators. Initiate a peaceful dialogue within the population. Establish an open public forum where people can voice their observations, ideas, preferences, and suggestions. Initiate public discourse. Use technology to communicate between nations; coordinate international teleconferences and videoconferences. Contact diplomats and initiate the process of mediation, arbitration, and reconciliation.

6. Use media to promote a peaceful message, an alternative solution. Focus the minds of the population on a vision of peace. Propagate a message of “strength in unity” and “progress through peace”. Arm yourself with a video camera and streamline the objective truth through the internet. Shining light on injustice and publicly exposing aggressive attacks is the best line of defense.


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