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I am inviting you to come with me on a journey, a place where I’ve always wanted to go, because I know this paradise exists, and I’m hoping that you would come with me on my way. I’m going to need some help; and, well, there are going to be some trials that we are going to face. But let me tell you a little bit about this paradise I’m talking about, a place where I’m traveling to, and hopefully where we will be in the near future. It is a destination of peace and prosperity, a world where all people live together in harmony. In this land there is everything you would ever need to be happy. All the resources for living are provided in abundance.


There is fresh water running throughout all the cities; and it’s the best water in the world! This water is sweet to the taste, and enriched with minerals, it is ionized and charged with harmonic energy that forms perfect crystals when it’s frozen.


And the food is the best! The markets are overloaded with foods from all around the world, the rarest varieties of plants, vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, and oils are always on stock year round. It is amazing the way these people live here. Produce is just stacked in piles and you just walk in and take what you need. No waiting in a line, or fumbling around with money, and collecting receipts.


The medical service is the best. If you cut your finger a paramedic is there in less then a minute to fix you up and send you on your way. If you fell out a building they will scrape you up off the sidewalk and put you back together again.


And the police…well there is no crime; no one has a need to steal. All the people who live there are family and friends. There is nothing there that you could steal that a person wouldn’t sooner give. People are accustomed to sharing. It is a loving environment where people genuinely care for one another. Everyone is always giving and giving and your like “stop it already I can’t take anymore!”


Do you know about this place I’m talking about? Have you ever heard of it? It’s got these amazing cities that are built into the natural environment. Agricultural systems where all the land is terraced and irrigated and all the crops of the earth are organically cultivated in abundance maintaining the natural symbiotic harmony of ecosystems. The media channels are endless. Any type of music ever recorded in history is available, and you just have to think about it, you don’t even have to touch any buttons, you just think about hearing a song and it plays. And the aesthetic environment is amazing. There are theatres set up all around and people will just stop what they are doing and start playing music, all of a sudden every one is rocking out and the celebrations will go on all night.


How does this paradise look to you? What is the vision of paradise you want to arrive at?


This place exists. It is a destination for the future. We can arrive at this destination if we set our course. If we work together on this journey there is no obstacle we will not be able to overcome. This is idealism but it is also very reasonable. There are a million and one people who will tell you it can’t be done. I’m here to tell you that it can. There is no fundamental problem that can’t be resolved simply using a little ingenuity along with the multitude of technological advancements available at the turn of the last century. We are far beyond the capacity needed to sustain the essential components of a peaceful civilization. It is not our lack of ability that is preventing us from achieving our ultimate goals but it is our lack of focus. We are inevitably going to arrive near the destination we are focused upon. Currently we are not focused upon arriving at a state of global peace and therefore we are arriving at a state of turmoil. We must set our sights upon ideal prosperity and not settle for anything less.

We all have a different perspective to contribute to the world and if we focus our hearts and minds together we can see the answers clearly. This page on vision is about focusing the collective perspective on how our world has, does, and will function in terms of the past, present, and future. What is your vision of paradise? How do you imagine the world function perfectly? What does this image look like to you?


Global Cooperation: I imagine a global agricultural infrastructure that works cooperatively around the world to organically vitalize and fertilize land to maximize crop yields. With a fully subsidized agricultural infrastructure workers will be equipped with the latest technology to cultivate an abundance of crops for food and industry. Every nation around the world will work together to produce a surplus of a wide variety of needed biological resources. The corps of engineers will utilize natural irrigation methods and terrace landscapes in order to minimize drainage and maximize water conservation. Trees will be strategically planted to make natural channels that draw water back into the earth replenishing reservoirs.

The common goal is to maximize the development of sustainable agricultural production. There is a limited amount of space on this earth that can be utilized for agriculture and we must engineer the optimal system for resource management.

Technology: In the future, the most advanced technology of modern science will be implemented in order to maximize productivity. The government will direct public revenue to subsidize agricultural programs and ensure that farmers are provided with all of the equipment and resources needed to grow crops most efficiently, effectively, and of the highest quality. The future is about precision farming, where computer technology analyzes the quality of the soil and can intelligently distribute the exact quantity of fertilizer to boost soil integrity. The department of Agriculture will work alongside the department of the Environment in order to comprehensively survey regions and develop a holistic plan for conservation, restoration, and production. State of the art technology will maximize crop yields and farmers will utilize ecologically sustainable methods of organic farming to ensure the highest quality produce and the preservation of the environment. Machines will analyze every cubic yard of soil and provide precision tilling, fertilization, seeding, watering, and harvesting. Irrigation systems will be engineered by the Department of Construction in order to provide fresh water to all regions.

Sustainability: We want to start growing crops organically with sustainable methods of permaculture. We want to move away from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and preservatives and get back to natural methods of growing. I imagine a future where by utilizing organic and sustainable agricultural methods the provisions can be made for a growing economy while taking less of a toll on the environment. Agriculturalists will move away from the conventional methods of today which heavily tax the natural ecosystems and will move toward eco-friendly practices. There will no longer be heavy runoff from farms polluting rivers, lakes, and aquifers. There will no longer be overgrazing to the point where land suffers from desertification and erosion. There will no longer be the savage treatment of animals for consumption. Crops will no longer be contaminated with GMO’s and chemicals. Human civilization will develop agricultural practices that work in balance and harmony with the natural world.

Farming and Horticulture: It will be prohibited for factory farms to utilize unnatural methods of monoculture, chemical fertilization, and genetic alteration. Instead environmentally conscious agriculturalists will be equipped with resources needed to effectively employ natural farming methods of crop rotation and organic fertilization that replenish the soil with all of the nutrients and enhance the biological life force of the earth.

Community Gardens: As part of developing a self sustaining infrastructure cities will participate in community agricultural projects and grow food locally. This will eliminate the high costs of transportation and dependency on oil. In the future the communities will naturally be designed with lush gardens that provide a variety of fresh produce for the local market. This food can be freely distributed at local social functions. There will also be a backyard garden initiative to encourage citizens to grow their own produce organically. As technology develops and becomes more affordable each house and building will be equipped with a hydroponics system where a variety of plants are cultivated indoors year round.

Food: Instead of harvesting early as is the contemporary method in the future all food crops will be completely grown to fruition enabling the greatest quantity and quality of nutrients and bioactivity. We will naturally grow so much food that most of it will have to be given away for free because otherwise it would all just go to waste. There will be fresh juice stands all over the community and people would be encouraged to take a break a few times during the day to sip on a replenishing drink. There would be more than could ever possibly be consumed and people could eat as much wholesome food and drink as much sweet juice as they want and it would all be entirely sustainable. Our essential goal is to grow at least enough crops to feed all the people on earth and from there we can produce even more if so desired.

Markets: Local markets will be overstocked with fresh produce that is picked the very same day it hits the shelf. Most of the produce will be grown in the community and people will become more connected to the land they live upon. Local eateries will prepare deliciously healthy meals that can be enjoyed at any time 24/7/365 and good food will always be accessible day or night. People would be healthy and fit because the food they eat will be packed with vital nourishment.


In the future commodities will be easily obtained and every person on the planet will have the supplies needed to maintain and promote their personal livelihood accessible for the lowest possible cost.

The Unity for a Change infrastructural management system is a new and improved method for compiling socioeconomic data in order to determine the actual need of the population for all commodities on the global market and optimally provide the required supply of resources and services with the highest degree of precision for maintaining exact specifications for production and distribution. By compiling essential population demographics the Department of Commerce will be able to measure the exact requirement for specific commodities in terms of quantity and quality and direct the Infrastructural Departments to produce a supply of resources and services to meet the actual demand of people, communities, and co-operations. The result will be a high degree of efficiency and a lot less waste. The socioeconomic management system will democratically oversee Infrastructural Production in order to supplement real needs of people. The system is designed to fulfill actual specifications for goods at the lowest possible cost as opposed to the current practice of arbitrarily manufacturing commercial items to try and extract the highest monetary gain. In the natural economic system, the profit translates directly into the greatest ACTUAL PROFIT; real goods and services being abundantly provided at the lowest possible cost without needless waste and unnecessary losses in the socioeconomic system.

By means of the personal profile people will be able to register possessions and necessities in a database that compiles demographic information to improve economic management and maintain public records for insurance purposes. This information will compile an accurate model of the social economy enabling computers to make precise calculations for market transactions. Upon compiling demographics the Department of Commerce will be able to produce an accurate model of the economy, measure the real need of the population, and upon subjective approval of citizens or objective authority of the social government the communal infrastructure will be directed to supply the exact provisions required to supplement the actual specifications. This process will facilitate the transaction of every type of commodity on the market. The Department of Industry will be notified as to the exact specifications for engineering, manufacturing, and distributing the commodities as directed by the population. The Department of Services will be notified as to what social services are required and will work alongside the Department of Employment to ensure a full enrollment of adept workers. Then the Department of Education will work alongside with professional organizations to offer vocational training programs and internships in order to empower people to work cooperatively as a proficient workforce to multiply the potential of social dynamics. This process will maximize the production capacity of the global infrastructure and translate directly into added socioeconomic value that will naturally be inherited by all people, equitably affording great riches to all generations of humankind.


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