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Theology - The Study of God

Do I believe God exists?

God is an utterance of sound that people produce with their mouths and can be heard. This word can be written in lettering and I can read it with my own eyes. So, sure I believe the word “God” exists. But many people have vastly different interpretations for what this word “God” means. Do I accept each and every person’s established definition for the word “God”? If these interpretations are so vastly different and often in many ways are significantly oppositional then which interpretations are actually correct? Once again, I am a firm believer that the word “God” does in fact exist; almost 99% certain. But before I can say whether or not I believe a concept of God that exists I think it is important to first address the definition of God for a bit. Every person has a unique interpretation and different understanding of what the word God means to them. And due to certain contradictions of beliefs and incompatibilities with truth it is impossible to logically accept and rationally believe every single interpretation.

The term “God” is a linguistic symbol and cognitive archetype that represents a concept which can be interpreted in many different ways depending upon each individual and their own personal awareness and understanding. One person may think of God as a field of energy and another person may conjure anthropomorphic images of a God with human qualities (such as an old man with a long white beard who sits atop the clouds watching over the earth). People speaking the same language can be using the same word “God” and yet interpret the word in completely different ways.

But even before we go into defining the term "God" we have to address the fact that there are many different words in different langauges around the world that are used to describe this concept. Humans have had different names for “God” over time such as: Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Brahman, Krishna, The Nameless, The Eternal Name. Some people say that the true name of God is unspeakable by any human tongue and unpronounceable in any language. Others say that the real name of God is forbidden to speak. Some people simply just say that God has the most beautiful of all names.

Who are we to say that “God” or anything else is the actual one and only name for this concept known as God? In the most physical sense the word "God" is a functional device that provides stimulus which mentally triggers an associated body of cognitive architecture. What is truly important is the essence of the inherent idea and fundamental conceptual awareness that is being interpreted through the powers of cognition. Obviously “God” is not the one and only real name of God. Words of any sound or shape can be used to awaken and catalyze the appreciation for this universal concept. Sometimes I think that if God spoke interpersonally and I called God “God” then God would probably be like “Who are you talking to? Oh, you’re talking to me…then why are you calling me God because that’s not even close to my real name. Oh, so you think you or just anyone else has the right to name the almighty Creator? Dude I’ve so totally had my real name chosen since way before you were even born”.

Many people might say that God is indefinable because our limited human abilities are not sufficient to conceive the most glorious and bountiful nature of the Universal Source of Existence which is infinite and eternal. Although our human powers appear to be quite limited in many respects, and especially in comparison to the ultimate potential inherent within the Source of all creation, I believe that to a certain degree we can surly utilize our powers of mind and cognitive processing to perceive qualities and attributes of the Universal Source of Existence or this concept otherwise known as “God”.

It is pointless to get distracted by the name and more important to focus upon the qualities and attributes that the word “God” embodies. Many different people and cultures have had, and continue to have, different names and interpretations that are used to describe the concept of God. It is in our collective interest to focus upon the underlying concept for which the name being utilized embodies and discover the core essence and essential idea in search of evident truth.

Thinking back upon epistemology: Any word that we interpret is just a trigger that accesses some cognitive association that has been formulated within our mind. What exactly is this belief? What is any belief? And how do we know if our beliefs and cognitive associations actually correspond to reality?

“God” is a word that represents a body of cognitive associations. So, exactly what is the meaning of this word “God” and the conceptual idea that is being associated and expressed?

What is the meaning behind the word God?

Many people will come to disagreement upon what God is exactly and whether or not God is actually real. My answer may surprise people. By my definition “God” simply is the sum of all that is absolutely real and which ultimately exists in the pure and undivided state. Now some people may say “Hold on a second. How can you prove that?” Well, what I am trying to say is that simply by my definition God is: all that exists. I know that some atheists may probably be thinking right now “well isn’t that just too convenient”. Bear with me. I’m not trying to disappoint anyone here so I ask you to please just hear me out.

Obviously, no rational person will ever willingly believe in anything that is known to be unreal, untrue, or nonexistent. And it is reprehensibly bad and condemnably wrong to impose any untrue and irrational beliefs upon people using the contrived fear of damnation and false hope of salvation. It is in the interest of all people to understand the absolute nature of existence, comprehend pure truth, and fathom absolute reality. This means to become consciously aware and personally experience the source of all existence, ultimate truth, and absolute reality which by my definition just so happens to be attributes of “God”. Reality, truth, and existence can be confirmed with sensibility, logic, reason, evident proof, and manifestations of tangible success. Truth stands in its own defense as the correct answer. If any theo-illogical belief is evidently proven to be untrue then that belief by definition is not an accurate conscious representation of God. Theological beliefs should naturally be conformed to what is real and true because what is real and true is ultimately God. Any disagreement between science and religion, empiricists and spiritualists, theists and atheists, can be unified upon evident truth. A rigid empiricist may praise the absolute truth as Godly whereas a theologian or spiritualist praises God as being the absolute truth. To me these two positions are one and the same and by simply reassessing our conceptual use of language and focusing upon the essential concepts it is apparent that we are all inherently seeking the same exact essence which is: the absolute truth. Empirical logic and spiritual insight can be harmoniously synergized to provide a deep and profound explanation of existence.

God is not just a concept that people must believe and accept on the basis of adherence to blind faith. Awareness of God means to see the truth clearly and have complete recognition of reality. It is important for all people to rigorously test all beliefs to ensure that a holistic paradigm is properly attuned to truth and not the false products of erroneous misconceptions. It is common for humans to develop beliefs that are wrong. Any cognitive distortions inhibit the processing capacity of the mind and must be eliminated for the benefit of mental health. Truth and a keen awareness of reality enable the optimal performance of cognitive abilities and personal success in the universe. When the time arises where truth, reason, and factual evidence asserts that a belief is wrong, illogical, and irrational then it is in the best interest of all human beings to eliminate the erroneous ideas and evolve the collective paradigm. Our knowledge of God is our knowledge of Truth. Accepting a false belief serves the interest of none. When there is a battle between belief and truth, and truth wins, then belief must adapt to truth. The pure truth favors all. God is Truth.

We can agree that existence exists can we not? But the word existence while useful for its own purposes doesn’t quite convey the holistic perspective and definition associated with the word “God”. God is a useful term that can be universally utilized by all people to define the absolute state of existence. God has specific meaning which takes into account a distinct perspective and unique definition and description of reality which conveys an expression of consciousness that is otherwise not satisfied by any other word in language.

Here goes my definition:

God is the totality of existence, ultimate reality, and absolute pure truth; the one singularity of infinite potential and inexhaustible higher power that is undivided, formless, timeless, eternal, constant, perfectly balanced and at rest; the omnipresent source of energy and causal life-force which creates and sustains the entire universe; and which cosmically expresses the complete embodiment of all virtue.


As discussed in the previous chapter it is certain that there does in fact exist an absolute state of reality. Let’s examine how this existence could have originated: Well if you trace everything back to the very beginning you arrive at sort of a conundrum. How could everything suddenly originate from a state of nothing? What could possibly have caused the initial cause? It just doesn’t make any sense that nothing could have miraculously transformed itself into something which eventually resulted in the existence of everything. From the onset this appears to be a significant mental stumbling block that has been reached. Thinking in mathematical terms: zero multiplied by zero is zero, zero divided by zero is zero, pretty much any configuration of zero and zero equals zero, and to the best of my knowledge there really is no known formula for accumulating any value whatsoever by any process of combining zeros. So how did it all begin? It seems as though the concept of a beginning of nothingness doesn’t provide a satisfactory explanation. What does this imply and how can we think beyond this obstacle? Well what if to start we got rid of the assumption that there was ever a point of nothingness to begin with. And if there wasn’t a state of nothingness then what does this imply? I got to thinking: well, just what if it the source of the universe isn’t a lower power at all but rather is a higher power?

Well, what evidence do we have to look at in order to draw a conclusion? Let’s just take a moment to consider the vast cosmos and all the billions of stars in all the trillions of galaxies that exist throughout the universe. Scientists observing the celestial precession of the cosmos theorize that the universe is expanding and originated from a single point. Even though we may still need a few billion years to accurately interpret the data, this idea really gets ya thinking. Just try imagining this process being rewound backwards in time to the very beginning and picture all of the energy that sustains all of the planets, stars, and galaxies in the whole universe all converging back upon one single point that is infinitesimally small. Now what exactly does this imply?

I draw the following conclusions:

All of the energy being expressed by the physical universe is retained within the source; a higher power that appears to be infinite. If all matter is contained within a single infinitesimal point then this means that there is no division of space nor is there material shape; therefore the source is immaterial and formless. Without any separation of space this also means that all of the energy condensed within this point is undivided and completely unified and therefore all possibilities simultaneously exist and there is no linear sequence of time; thus the source is nonlinear and timeless. As the source is entirely unified and all is equal as one it is in a state of perfect harmony and balance; therefore it is at rest, motionless, and constant. Because this singularity is constant, balanced, and at rest it is the absolute center, ruler, and universal standard of measure. This singularity of infinite oneness contains all potential for existence and therefore it is absolutely positive, the greatest value, and "most worthy". The source contains all power and is the provider and sole life force to the entire universe and therefore it is omnipotent and omnipresent. In an undivided state of oneness the electromagnetic spectrum would not be polarized and thus this source of radiance can be described as pure light. This source self-contains all the energy that exists and therefore requires no external supply and is entirely self-sufficient. Being a timeless life force that is self-sufficient, infinitely potent, and absolutely powerful it is inexhaustible and thus immortal and eternal. The source exhibits a force of affinity in which causes all that exists to be attracted towards the center of balance in seeking to find an equalized state of rest; this is the universal law and code of conduct. Because the entire span of the universe incredibly works from the microscopic to the macrocosmic without glitch or error it is flawless and perfect. Because consciousness and intelligence exist in the world I conclude that there is an even greater supply within the source which contains the potential for ultimate consciousness and supreme intelligence. And finally, this amazing creation is strikingly awesome and wondrous and reflects all the virtues of excellence such as: wealth, health, beauty, elegance, generosity, joy, and prosperity all of which must be even more bountiful within a source that is magnificently indescribable and humans can simply call “God”.

Specific qualities and attributes that define the word God

God is: existence, reality, totality, all, one singularity, unity, undivided and indivisible, eternal, timeless, balanced, at rest, constant, harmony, order, inexhaustible, power, substance, fullness, completion, perfection, attractiveness, positivity, light, life, purity, priceless worth and expresses the embodiment of all virtues.

God exists. God is existence. God is everything that does exist, that can exist, and that will exist. God is everything. Everything is God. God is all without none; everything without nothing.

God is real. God is reality. God is all that is real. God is absolute truth and all that is true. God is always true and never false. God can only be proven right and never wrong. God is not illusion and what is illusion is not God.

God is absolutely complete. God is substance without void. God is fullness without emptiness. God can only be divided by space, emptiness, and void but none of these exist. God is absence of void.

God is one. God is all. God is the one that is all. All is one. All is God. All is one as God. One is all. One is God. One is all as God.

God is unified. God is the holy unity. God is undivided and can not be divided. God is not a trinity because to divide God would lessen the power of God. God is not divided by space or time or material form. God is infinite and eternal oneness.

God is composed of perfect balance, harmony, order, equality and is constant. God is the one constant. God is without motion or change. God is eternally at rest.

God is infinite, unlimited, and boundless. God is the singularity that is infinity. 1 = ALL= ∞. God is boundless without limitation and cannot be limited. God expands beyond any bounds.

God is timeless, eternal, endless, and everlasting. God is without beginning or end. God is, was, and always will be. God is the event of simultaneity.

God is the higher power; the source; the cause; the creator. God is the absolute greatest potential and highest state of being. God is the cause of all effect. God is the singularity that has created the entire universe.

God is self-sustaining, self-reliant, self-sufficient. God’s life force is completely self-sustained and is not dependent upon any other external source of power in order to exist. God exists without cost and gives without taking.

God is omnipotent and all powerful. All of the power that exists in a state of motion within the universe is at rest within God. The power of God sustains all the stars and all the galaxies of the entire universe and is omnipresent. The power of God is limitless and has absolute infinite potential to perform work. Any power that exists within the universe is inherent to God the source.

God is inexhaustible. God provides more energy than the universe will ever consume.

God is the center. God is the universal balance and ruler. God is the one absolute standard of measurement. All is measured relative to God. God is the ruler of the universe. The universe is engineered according to the proportion of God.

God is law. God is the code of conduct. The law of God is to always sustain perfect balance and harmonic order. God is justice. The law of the universe is that all must seek balance in God. God is judge and executor. In order to live by the law one must live by the code of conduct as universally prescribed by God. God is just.

God is pure light. God is electromagnetism in a state of undivided rest. God is the one unified light that is not polarized. God is complete enlightenment and the absence of darkness. God is all colors of the spectrum combined as white radiance.

God is life. All that lives is God. God is all that lives; forever and eternally. All life is an extension of God. Only God is alive. God is all that is alive. All that lives is alive by the life force of God. There is no life without God and there is no life force but God. God is the only living substance. God is immortality.

God is ethereal, spiritual, and formless. God is not material. God has no shape or form. God has no length, width, depth, or breadth. God is all the energy in the entire universe condensed into a single infinitesimal point without linear dimension.

God is sexless. God is not divided between male and female. God is neither male nor female and God is both male and female.

God is conscious. God is universal consciousness and complete awareness of all existence. God is completely self aware. God is pure knowledge and the all knowing. God is everything that is known, can, and will ever be known. God is supreme intelligence.

God is value. God is worth. God is the essence of absolute value and utmost worth. All the value and worth that is evident within the universe exists within God the source. God is the source of all value. God is everything of worth. The absence of God is worthless. All that is void of God is worthless. Value is positive. Anti-value is negative. God is everything of positive value that is worthy of appreciation.

God is the embodiment of all virtues: wealth, health, nourishment, strength, trust, love, joy, compassion, truth, consciousness, knowledge, patience, selflessness, generosity, forgiveness, righteousness, peace, freedom, creation.

God is love; the pure force of positive affinity that harmoniously binds all of creation in an indissoluble state of eternally balanced oneness.


Evil is term that describes absolute void and the absence of God. Evil is absolute badness and the absence of all that is virtuous and good. In reality evil does not exist. Actually, evil is nonexistence. Only God exists. God is not evil. Evil is the nonexistence of God. Nonexistence is an illusion and does not exist. God is all that exists and God is all good.

Evil is: void, absence, darkness, imbalance, disorder / chaos, disharmony, disunity, negative, repulsion, powerlessness, weakness, emptiness, imperfection, impurity, need, worthless cost, death, mortality, disease, starvation, poverty, fear, hatred, anger, greed, selfishness, impatience, resentment, illusion, untruth, unconsciousness, ignorance, wickedness, violence, war, slavery, and destruction.

Evil has no power. Only God has power. Evil cannot materialize any badness without the power of God which is inherently good. Negativity has no power or ability for influence without a positive counterpart. Evil would have no force without the existence of life, energy, strength, and freedom which are virtuous attributes of God. Absolute evil is death, powerlessness, weakness, and slavery etc. which are the absence of all God’s virtues. Absolute evil has no power or ability to act alone.

Finding God and knowing God

God is not of the material world and therefore cannot be perceived with the senses. The totality of God can not be seen with the eyes, heard with the ears, or touched by hands. Because of our sensory limitations the entirety of existence can’t even possibly be grasped with the senses. And technology can not bridge this gap. God is absolutely balanced, at rest, motionless, still and immaterial, constant and without change. Therefore no scientific instruments can be used for detection because these tools can only detect matter in a state of motion. No worries though because external instruments and tools aren’t necessary. We already possess within ourselves the power and ability to have awareness of God.

We are beings of energy that are inseparably connected to the source and have direct access to God at all times. By utilizing our inherent powers to properly focus our personal range of consciousness it is possible to channel an awareness of God. Our spiritual consciousness is the medium we have been provided to access reality. A holistically balanced and completely pure state of consciousness is essential in order to clearly understand reality. We must cleanse our consciousness and purge our energy-vessels of distortions in order to be properly attuned to pure truth and really know God.

Knowledge is a product of the mind’s ability to be consciously aware of truth. To know God means to be consciously attuned to an awareness of pure truth as exists within the absolute Source. In order to be completely attuned to existence we must attune our consciousness to a state of harmonic balance that is identical to the source (which has been simply defined as God) and willfully focus the powers of our personal energy field. At the point when our entire energy field and complete range of spiritual consciousness has become holistically attuned to a state of harmonic balance then the focus of our inner vision will connect directly to the source of reality and will find God and all there is to be known.

How to become one with God

In order to connect and be one with God all deviations from the source must be eliminated. In order to enter the presence of God one must be released from all attachment to the void of the material world and totally embrace the substance of spiritual reality. The spirit of God is completely pure and has no impurity. Anything impure by definition cannot be one with God. One must be completely pure in order to enter the divine presence of God. God is the absence of imbalance and disharmony. Therefore any imbalance and disharmony cannot be one with God. In order to be one with God we must completely embody the spirit of God by eliminating any negative distortions and becoming holistically balanced.

To be one with God: be like God. In order to become one with God it is necessary to completely embody the essence that is God. God is energy. Be energized. God is balance. Be balanced. God is rest. Be at rest. God is harmony. Be harmonious. God is timeless. Be timelessly on time. God is omnipotent. Be potent. God is omnipresent. Be present. God is purity. Be pure. God is light. Be enlightened. God is life. Be alive. God is health. Be healthy. God is worth. Be worthy. God is wealth. Be wealthy. God is nourishment. Be nourished. God is love. Be loving. God is compassion. Be compassionate. God is generosity. Be generous. God is reality. Be real. God is truth. Be truthful. God is intelligence. Be intelligent. God is reason. Be reasonable. God is creation. Be creative. God is peace. Be peaceful. God is the embodiment of all virtues. Be the embodiment of all virtues.

Praying to God

It is possible to tap into reality and access direct truth by attuning our spirit and consciousness to a state of harmonic balance and then simply focusing the willpower to look within to the source. Tuning to the divine resonance of God sets the purest carrier signal for the optimal transmission of information streaming into our consciousness and will render the highest quality of transfer and maximum integrity of truth. By praying, or focusing the willing consciousness while attuned to the essence of God, the right answers will be revealed by looking within. God only reveals truth.





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