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The purpose of the task section is to outline a comprehensive "to do list" for radical and progressive social change. There are many ongoing projects which can use help with completing organizational objectives. Each project has a list of tasks that must successfully be completed in order to accomplish the overall mission. By listing the specific tasks that are required in the production people can volunteer to be team leaders and take on the initiative of getting the job done.


In the future we intend on including projects and jobs for other progressive organizations and public works. Until we get the infrastructure up and running here is a list of tasks on the Unity for a Change Agenda. Please feel free to join the organization and volunteer to help us achieve the vision of a better future.


UNITY 2009 Agenda


Define common values, principles, and objectives
Develop intellectual concepts and present factual information
Provide guidelines for interaction
Identify problems and conflicts
Address solutions and resolutions
Write a mission statement and set strategic goals
Draft a constitution, bylaws, code of conduct, operational protocol, and policy initiatives
Oversee Infrastructural Departments and Management Subcommittees
Maintain the organizational agenda and post updates


Build the Unity for a Change website
Construct outlines and add content
Write articles and edit text
Upload images and videos
Facilitate interaction via: a profile, groups, calendar, and forums
Share resources
Incorporate freeware, virtual tools, and links
Develop an intuitive graphical interface
Oversee chat rooms, blogs, discussions, and message boards
Feature all content on major social networking sites: Myspace, Facebook, Ning, Meetup, Wiserearth


Connect a broad social network
Develop close interpersonal relationships
Discuss outreach programs and community building initiatives
Contact 10 people in my inner circle this week
Personal associates – family, friends, neighbors, classmates, coworkers, affiliates, organizations
Reach out to 10 people in local communities in the next 2 weeks
Set a schedule for contacting people and make appointments
Diversify and include a variety of distinct groups- union, spiritual, non-profit, cultural, academic
Use a map to plot specific locations for localized outreach – span: streets, cities, states, countries…


Recruit people to volunteer for the organization
Get 20 people a week to join the group and sign up online
Encourage people to fill out a personal profile
Assess individual aptitudes and incorporate skills into the group
Build a multifaceted production team and allocate tasks
Synergistically organize a balanced composition of knowledge, skill, and resourcefulness
Empower people to effectively take action now and contribute to the best of their ability
Inspire leadership and progressive social activism


Set up an organizational telephone number and answer calls
Create a directory
Keep a list of personal contacts and maintain open lines of communication
Schedule regular conference calls
Start an email list serve – Send out weekly updates (activity and events)
Send out text messages to notify members of important updates
Set up discussion boards and get people to join chat rooms
Produce pamphlets, newsletters, booklets, and periodicals
Disseminate publications
Produce videos for public access television and Youtube and PSAs for radio
Make power point presentations and conduct public lectures


Organize a group meeting every 2 weeks
Set up a regular meeting place that is comfortable and accessible
Invite 10-20 people to a local meeting
Outline an agenda as a group
Record the minutes in a public log
Allow time for introductions and facilitate interpersonal networking
Discuss operational objectives, group initiatives, problematic issues, policy solutions, and goals
Assess the capabilities as a team, discuss cooperative projects, and initiate personal tasks
Monitor progress and setbacks
Develop guidelines for effective meetings


Host special events every month
Organize annual unity conferences with representatives from various communities
“UNITE FOR CHANGE!!!” parties with food, music, dancing, fun, art
Host an outdoor Peace Festival every 3 months
Participate in demonstrations, labor strikes, and political actions


Promote the organization
Spread the word
Keep people posted about ongoing activities
Print bumper stickers
Hand out 10,000 flyers
Display 100 posters at local hot spots
Send press releases to mainstream media outlets – TV, radio, newspaper, magazine
Make appearances on talk shows


Attain non-for-profit status with the IRS
Set up a bank account
Start an online donation box
Write grant proposals
Organize fund raising activities and events
Set up neighborhood collection jars
Encourage planned giving and automatic payments
Encourage people to donate resources and services
Aim to raise 1,000 dollars every month


Manage a transparent budget
Total all assets and revenue
Oversee commerce to appraise the value of services and commodities
Assess economic needs and infrastructural requirements
Evaluate proposals and contract bids
Allocate resources and ration expenditures


Find a suitable location with property for sale
Purchase a large building and lot
Renovate the property
Create a state of the art production studio
Set up a sustainable community center
Provide living quarters for studio residents
Provide ample tools and resources for artisans
Create a harmonious environment and positive atmosphere
Offer free community services



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