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Each of the Infrastructural Departments are administrated by 20 Management Subcommittees. The subcommittees are a collection of administrative groups which are essential to the optimal oversight and management of the infrastructural departments. Subcommittees perform specialized functions that facilitate the operation each infrastructural department ensuring the  greatest potential for success..



Please feel free to join the MANAGEMENT SUBCOMMITTEES on Ning.

Accounting, Analysis, Conservation, Correspondence, Economics, Engineering, Ethics, Finance, Global Relations, History, Information, Law, Management, Mathematics, Philosophy, Safety, Science, Sociology, Statistics, Systems



Mission Statement


The Subcommittee on Accounting totals all resources and requirements and itemizes proposals for expenditures in a comprehensive budget

Budget, revenue

The Subcommittee on Analysis reviews information and interpolates data into detailed reports

Interpretation, conceptualization, consultation

The Subcommittee on Conservation oversees infrastructural operations to ensure that resources are being utilized most efficiently and effectively

Recycling, reuse, utilization

The Subcommittee on Correspondence ensures that government operations are enacted according to the protocol and code of conduct

Accountability, inspection, quality assurance

The Subcommittee on Economics works to balance the socioeconomic system by optimizing infrastructural resources and expenditures


The Subcommittee on Engineering develops new technology and designs state of the art systems to ensure infrastructural sustainability

Architecture, blueprints, mechanical design

The Subcommittee on Ethics aims to reveal the full ramifications of actions and provide an insightful basis of guidance to help us make good decisions

Integrity, morality

The Subcommittee on Finance looks at monetary policy, banking, credit, loans, interest, and ensuring the liquidity of markets.

Banking, credit, currency, financing, interest rates, loans, payments, taxation
Global Relations

The Subcommittee on Global Relations facilitates international dialogue to mediate disagreement, promote peace, and maintain cooperative relationships

Arbitration, conflict resolution, mediation

The Subcommittee on History works to provide an accurate account of historical events and offer important insight to help guide us into the future.

Archives, records

The Subcommittee on Information is responsible for maintaining an archive of records, reporting news, and disseminating multimedia with integrity

Data, dissemination, news, reports, research

The Subcommittee on Law focuses upon the laws of nature to develop a universal constitution, democratic social ordinances, and public statutes

Court, justice, law, statutes

The Subcommittee on Management oversees and facilitates all infrastructural operations to ensure maximum synergy of all integrated systems

Direction, operations, oversight

The Subcommittee on Mathematics analyzes numbers and equations to solve complex problems and generate simplified solutions


The Subcommittee on Philosophy is a place for introspective analysis and objective reasoning geared toward revealing new dynamics of existence

Introspection, ontological evaluation

The Subcommittee on Safety oversees the entire infrastructure to ensure the minimal risk of harm and implement holistic measures of protection

Risk assessment, prevention

The Subcommittee on Science rigorously conducts tests and experiments to produce empirical data that provides a greater understanding of reality

Experimentation, scientific reasoning

The Subcommittee on Sociology works to study humankind and offer perspectives to help reveal the nature of people and cultures around the world

Culture, demographics

The Subcommittee on Statistics works to conduct research and publish facts

Facts, polls, surveys

The Subcommittee on Systems develops new methods of organization, systematization, and operational procedure

Design, mapping, modeling, systematizing


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