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-The United States has the largest percentage of its citizens behind bars. Over 2 million people in the US are in penitentiaries.

-About 20% of the prison population is composed of inmates who have been incarcerated for drug charges and who are not violent offenders.

-The average annual operating cost per inmate is about $62 per day and $22,600 per year.

-The U.S. has 5% of the worlds population and 25% of the world's prison population.


Strangely enough communities have become dependent upon the prison industrial complex as the only source of employment and the incarceration of criminals is the only source of generating revenue.

CNN: Study - 7.3 Million in US Prison System in 2007

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State Prison Expenditures 2001


(APCTO) Association of Private Correctional and Treatment Organizations

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Private Corrections Institute


Juveniles in Adult Prisons and Jails (BJA)

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Arts in Corrections

Bureau of Justice Statistics

(BOP) Federal Bureau of Prisons

Congressional Record Index - Corrections (GPO)

Community Corrections (BOP)

Correctional Officers (BLS)

Corrections Statistics (DOJ)

Crime, Prisons, and Corrections

Law Enforcement and Corrections Related Agencies

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National Institute of Corrections

National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Centers

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US Sentencing Commission


Alabama - Department of Corrections

Arizona - Department of Corrections

Arizona - Department of Juvenile Corrections

Arizona - Prisons

Arkansas - Department of Corrections

California - Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

Connecticut - Department of Correction

Delaware - Department of Correction

Georgia - Department of Corrections

Hawaii - Corrections

Idaho - Department of Correction

Idaho - Department of Juvenile Corrections

Illinois - Department of Corrections

Indiana - Community Corrections

Indiana - Department of Correction

Kansas - Department of Corrections

Kentucky - Department of Corrections

Louisiana - Department of Corrections

Maine - Department of Corrections

Maryland - Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services

Massachusetts - Department of Correction

Michigan - Corrections

Michigan - Prisons

Minnesota - Corrections

Missouri - Department of Corrections

Montana - Department of Correction

New Hampshire - Department of Corrections

New Jersey - Department of Corrections

Nevada - Department of Corrections

New York - Department of Correctional Services

North Dakota - Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

Ohio - Department of Corrections

Oregon - Department of Corrections

Oregon - Prisons

Rhode Island - Department of Corrections

South Carolina - Department of Corrections

South Dakota - Department of Correction

Tennessee - Department of Correction

Virginia - Department of Corrections

Vermont - Department of Corrections

Washington - Department of Corrections

Washington DC - Department of Corrections

Wyoming - Department of Corrections


Baltimore County, MD - Department of Corrections

Cook County, IL - Department of Coffections

Chesterfield County, VA - Community Corrections Services

Hamilton County, TN - Corrections Department

King County, WA - Community Corrections

Montgomery County, MD - Department of Correction and Rehabilitation

Miami / Dade County, FL - Corrections


Louisville, KY - Corrections

New York City, NY - Department of Correction

Philadelphia, PA - Prisons Systems




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