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-Water covers 71% of the Earth's surface, but 97% of it is salt water. Of the 3% that is fresh water, three-quarters of it is "trapped" as ice, mainly at the North and South poles.

-According to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), more than 1.1 billion people – about one in six people in this world – have no access to clean and safe drinking water while over 2.6 billion lack access to adequate sanitation.


UN Development Report - Water in a Changing World 2009

UN Development Report - Facing the Challenges 2009


The Water Project - Statistics

Water Aid - Statistics

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (UNICEF)

Water Supply Statistics (CDC)


Altern Net - Water

Clean Water Action

Clean Water Fund

Clean Water Lead Testing

Clean Water Network

Clean Water Services

Clean Water Ways

Community Clean Water Institute

Drugs in Drinking Water - (nader.org)

End Water Poverty .org

Fresh Water.net

Fresh Water Facts

Global Water

How to Find Water and Make it Safe to Drink

Mindfully.org - Water

One.org - Water and Sanitation

Pure Water for All

Pure Water for the World

South Asia Pure Water Initiative

The Water Project


Water Aid .org

Water Facts

Water is Life   Water is Life.com

Water Keeper Alliance

Water Partners International

World Proust Assembly - Water Archives

World Water Council

World Water Day

World Water Wars

World Watch Institute - Water World - Matters of Scale


Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water

(GEMS) - Global Environmental Monitoring System - Water (UN)

Ground and Drinking Water - (EPA)

Joint Monitoring Program - Water and Sanitation (WHO - UNICEF)

Office of Water - (EPA)

Precipitation Analysis

Water - (UNESCO)

Water for Life - (UN)

Water Issues - (UN)

Water Energy Technology Team (LBLL

Water Quality Standards (EPA)

Water Resources of the United States (USGS)

Water Science Center (USGS)

Water Watch - (USGS)

Water Words Dictionary


Arizona - Department of Water Resources

California - Department of Water Resources

California - Water Plan

Illinois Department of Agriculture - Land and Water Resources

Illinois - Office of Water Resources

Illinois State Water Survey

Kentucky - Division of Water

Kentucky - Drinking Water

Nevada -Division of Water Resources

Utah - Division of Water Resources

Utah - Division of Water Rights



Cobb County, GA - Water


Denver, CO - Water

Chicago, IL - Department of Water Management

New York City, NY - Drinking Water (Dept. of Environment Protection)



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