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Employees will give feedback to determine the fairness of the wages. People will be encouraged to work multiple jobs and participate in public surveys to determine the difficulty of the tasks and the amount of wage that should be apportioned. Also the public who are benefactors of the services can appraise how much they feel the services are worth to them and the significant impact it has had on their lives. The wages will be determined objectively by analyzing the resourcefulness of the provided service and democratically upon the stated conditions of the individual worker and relative measure of social demand. The principle shall be "equal pay for equal work". Fairness is the key. As a person clocks in and out of work a monitor a digital monitor will display the statistics on their employment, hours worked, wage, benefits, etc. and a person can give direct feedback to the system upon their employment experience. The feedback and rating system will be incorporated whereby a set of standard polling questions can be offered as well as an open ended section for subjective response.

Wages will be fairly appraised to the value of a person’s labor. Therefore if a person has a lot of material wealth then it will reflect the quantity of work required to attain such possessions. There will no longer be any trickery where people scam the system and profit significantly more thereby indebting others to pay the bill.

Workers will have the option of profiting personally and collecting a wage or volunteering their labor and donating the profits into the public treasury for optimal social investment which will be steered via the democratic government. The Uni Card will automatically keep a record of a person’s labor. That value of labor will be input into the social system and registered. This is because with efficiency of an organization more work can be accomplished with less labor.

WAGES: There could be different levels. All people regardless of their work input will freely be provided with environment, water, food, clothing, sanitation, shelter, emergency response, security, health care and education as a basic public service. A minimum amount of work must be labored in order to qualify for all the special perks of being a citizen such as unlimited transportation, communication, media, and upgrades of aesthetics. There will be a bottom line that no person would ever drop below. Regardless of whether or not people have petty cash to spend on personal luxuries they will be able to enjoy a comfortable and prosperous life. Of course this is just the bottom line, the minimum standard of quality; the ultimate standard is to have all people living in opulence with great riches. So for example, even if you don’t work at all you will still be provided the simplest most basic accommodations. If you work, let’s say 2 full days a week, you will upgrade a level and be offered free access to public infrastructural services. If you work longer you will start to earn wages for personal expenses, investments, or savings, or you can donate the money into the public treasury and direct the money through the democratic government. If you work, let’s say 4 full days a week, you will qualify for an upgrade of infrastructural services. A full work day may be anywhere between a 5 and 8 hour shift. This is just to establish a basic estimate of the amount of time and effort that is required for all people to be input into the system. People can work longer hours and get paid for the over time.

Retirement and Pension

A person’s labor is like planting a seed; it grows and evolves over time. Labor will transform over generations and develop into a highly superior organism. By accomplishing work now this enables other workers to begin at a higher level of development down the line. Our work is a contributing force to the future. The development of the collective consciousness and social infrastructure is a gift of inheritance. We continuously evolve the wealth of this collective resource and pass it on to the next generation. This is an exponential process of creating wealth. Therefore workers are entitled to a pension for their labor input into the system. By this system workers will not have to deduct from their wages to pay for their pension once they retire. All citizens who have input labor for and paid their time due will be continual benefactors of the social system. Rather than having an age set for retirement there should be an established amount of time and labor that all people must input into the system in order to qualify to receive all of the social benefits. People must work a certain amount of time to qualify for an extended pension. The size and extension of the pension will be proportional to the amount of time and effort labored. A residual wage may be paid for personal expenses, investment, or savings depending upon the amount of labor input into the system.


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