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Laws are codes of conduct that are established by a society and adhered to as a way of ensuring harmonious order and proficient operation of the socioeconomic infrastructure. Law is a system of checks and balances to ensure that actions are justified and aligned with the right path. There are clear indicators of right and wrong, proper and improper, correct and incorrect, valid and invalid. The law is a procedural code of conduct designed to ensure that the system is checked and in balance. If a circuit of law is tested and fails then justice is out of balance and order must be reinstated. The circuit of law must pass every test to ensure perfect balance and order of the system. Law is a system of rules designed to ensure the balance of justice and preserve order in society and is enforceable by the upholding community.

The first purpose of social law is to ensure the preservation of human rights and balance of justice in society. Justice is a condition of harmony where the conditions of life, peace, health, and sustenance prevail. Injustice is a condition of discord where personal wellbeing and quality of life have deteriorated or been destroyed. Laws are established as a social code of conduct ensuring the quality of life of all people. Life, health, harmony, and justice are natural human rights. No code of conduct shall be enforced which violates, contradicts, or opposes the preservation of human rights.

The second purpose of the law is to maintain the harmonious order of society. The law is a code that establishes regulations and procedure for ensuring the most successful and functional operation of the socioeconomic infrastructure. Procedural codes are followed to ensure the optimal performance of infrastructural systems.

The Natural Law is a code of conduct that controls the order of the universe by defining rules and limitations for action to manifest. The only law that must be upheld is the natural law for which can never be violated. It is in the interest of humankind to understand the natural law in order direct ones life according to such principles and to act in harmony with the order of the universe. The universal law can not be broken. If we are ignorant of such laws and try to act against them then our actions will not react harmoniously with the universe and we will needlessly expend energy without benefit. The social law must seek to conform to the balance, harmony, order and elegance of universal law. By understanding the fundamental laws of the universe we can utilize this ultimate truth to lead our lives harmoniously and yield fruitful results from our actions. The purpose of Unify and Conquer Order out of Harmony is to connect the complex subjects of political, economic, and social dynamics to the simple and fundamental laws of the universe. Understanding these laws will enable personal health and wellness and will empower people to build sustainable peace and prosperity between all communities. In this way we will connect our abstract metaphysical ideas to a concrete knowledge of physics.

The law of the universe is that everything seeks rest in a state of perfect balance and harmony.

Many times human laws are codified that are universally unnatural, wrong, immoral, and unjust. The laws of humankind must be one with the laws of the Universe. The laws of the universe are applied universally without exception. The laws of man are conditional and have exceptions. People don’t really know all of the human laws which need to be translated by lawyers in order to understand. Each town you cross over into there is a different said of human laws which dictate your behavior. The real laws the govern nature are unconditional and uniform throughout the entire universe without any exception. The natural laws of the universe are innate within our consciousness and instinctive to our being. We don’t need fancy law books to tell us what is right or wrong but the truth is built into our genetics. The human laws are inferior to the natural laws of the universe. No person is obligated to follow the laws decreed by humankind but all people must unexceptionally follow the laws of the universe. The universe is just and will execute absolute justice for obeying or breaking the laws. Human laws are unjust and have no authority to govern. No human being has the authority over any other human being.

The Natural Law

The true law
Of the universe
Is applied equally
To the smallest particle
As to the largest galaxy


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