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1. Unfair regulations: Independent candidates are burdened with unequal requirements that make it significantly more difficult to even get onto the ballot. For instance: in Illinois independent candidates running for governor require 25,000 petition signatures whereas Republicans and Democrats only require 5,000.

2. Frivolous burdens: The major parties will then go to the extent of challenging the validity of petition signatures (without any grounds) thus putting the burden of proof upon the independent party to play the role of investigator and verify tens of thousands of signatures; all with little money, and only volunteer help. These independent parties are then obligated to spend their time on a frivolous hunt instead being able to actually work on the political campaign.

3. Money money money!: Let’s face it; offices are reserved only for the rich. The trend for winners is a multimillion dollar financial advantage. Essentially any campaign not backed by millions of dollars (and for the presidential election: hundreds of millions of dollars!) does not buy enough media attention and falls by the wayside.

4. Media blackout: The media never acknowledges that any other independent candidates are even running for office and will flat out exclude them from participating in the “public” debates. I think this Orwellian tactic just about says it all. The public is never presented with any real alternative perspectives and is forced to pick between the lesser of two evils. This isn’t free choice; this is blatant manipulation and coercion.

5. Caging voters: The major parties will also go to the extent of “caging” voters. Caging is another devious political trick of voter suppression where the parties will challenge the validity of registered voters. For instance: the republicans will send registered mail to a list of voters, and if the mail returns “undeliverable” because the person isn’t home or just doesn’t want to sign for it, the party will then use this as grounds for challenging, thus putting the obligation upon the voter to reregister, which ultimately results in countless disqualifications.

6. Don’t even bother counting all the votes: The write-in ballots aren’t even counted unless there is a close enough race (which there never is).

7. Ballot integrity?: So let’s say after all that you do get a chance to vote, and a candidate you want is featured on the ballot, what is to say that your vote is going to count? It has been proven by major universities that the new electronic voting machines can not only be tampered with, but the entire vote count can instantly be changed with the simple touch of a button FROM A REMOTE ACCESS. One might ask: why would a wireless remote access be intentionally designed into the system if it is an obvious security risk? One might also ask: why not simply create a paper trail by giving voters a receipt? Motion denied!

The election process is too much of a pain in the head to think about; and this is just to list a few of the endless systematic flaws. So, essentially the system of government, major political parties, media, lobbies, and corporations work together as a single institution doing everything possible in order to exclude independent parties from participating in the electoral process and ensuring the winner of the election is the candidate that was purchased to fulfill a private capitalist agenda. The only teams allowed to pass through are either Republican or Democrat, and of those two teams both frontrunners are backed by hundreds of millions of dollars from private donations. Once the election has been limited to the two choices, ‘Coke’ or ‘Pepsi’, the lesser of two evils, we don’t even know if the vote counts and it could very well just vanish into thin air. So by the time the vote gets to be filtered yet again by the ‘winner takes all’ electoral college and has the chance to be pushed through by politically appointed federal judges it has gone through so many steps of systematic corruption that at this point none of it really matters anyway!


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