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A budget is a plan for how resources will be allocated over a period of time.

Resources such as time, materials, land, and labor are limited. Therefore a plan must be produced in order to ensure that such resources are being utilized optimally. A budget is a calculated representation of how resources will be expended over a period of time.

A budget is a schematic representation of:

-what resources are possessed and how they will be expended. Including: time, energy, labor, materials, tools, and money.

There are certain services and items that are absolutely essential to the functioning of society, objectively unquestionable, and which must have mandatory expenses allocated from the total revenue in order to subsidize the required operations.

Yet there are also important choices that must made which are up to the subjective decision of the population; such as aesthetics which may be considered items of luxury.

Various proposals can be made at the local, regional, and global levels for each area of the infrastructure; accounting for the most basic amenities and progressing to the most complex. Analysts will objectively determine the most cost efficient and operationally effective methods to accomplish the objectified results.

The idea behind the budget is to determine the most economical way to spend every single tax payer dollar and expend infrastructural resources. It will be the clearest and most direct method for achieving the maximum result in the shortest period of time, providing the greatest return on the investment, at the lowest possible cost incurred.

The purpose is to prove that there is a more economical way to spend the nation’s monetary supply then the current proposal being enacted. It is our goal to create a better proposal. If we invest our money, resources, and labor synergistically into infrastructure development proposal then we can accomplish more in just one year than we could otherwise do in fifty years and all for less money then we would have otherwise spent last year without such benefits. Create a budget that accounts for every tool, machine, facility, material, good, and service required to supplement every infrastructural system to the fullest capacity. Illustrate this visually. Outline maps for how the project is organized and how money will be circulated. Insert pictures of the actual resource developments being proposed along with price information, supplier info, number of orders, how they are being distributed, where they are being utilized, etc. Allow companies to bid directly through the budget interface in an open an transparent process. Enable the population to vote on proposals directly.



Budget Analysis (BLS)

Budget Committee (Senate)

Committee on the Budget (House)

(OMB) Office of Management and Budget


2010 President's Budget

Budget of the US Government (GPO)

(DOD) Department of Defense - 2009 Budget

Department of Education - Budget Office

(DOE) Department of Energy - Office of Budget

(DHS) Department of Homeland Security - Budget and Finance Documents

(DOI) Department of the Interior - Office of Budget

(DOJ) Department of Justice - Budget

(HHS) Health and Human Services - Office of the Budget

Human Genome Project - Budget

International Affairs Budget

(NIST) National Institute of Standards and Technology - Budget, Planning, and Economic Analysis

(NPS) National Park Service - Budget

US AID - Budget / Performance / Accountability



Alaska - Budget

Arkansas - Office of Budget

California - 2009-10 State Budget

California - Budget

Delaware - Budget Development

Georgia - Office of Planning and Budget

Indiana - State Budget Agency

Illinois - Budget

Kansas - Division of the Budget

Maryland - Department of Budget and Management

Michigan - Office of the Budget

Missouri - 2009 Budget

Montana - Office of Budget and Program Planning

Nebraska - Department of Administrative Services Budget Division

New Jersey - Office of Management and Budget

Oklahoma - Budget

Oregon - Budget and Management Division

Rhode Island - Budget Office

Tennessee - Division of Budget

Utah - Office of Planning and Budget

Virginia - Budget


Allegheny County, PA - Office of Budget and Finance

Cook County, IL - Department of Budget and Management Services

Fairfax County, VA - Budget

King County, WA - Budget

Stafford County VA - Budget Office


Chicago, IL - Office of Budget and Management

Los Angeles, CA - Committee on Budget and Finance

Miami, FL - Office of Strategic Planning, Budgeting, and Performance

New York City, NY - Office of Management and Budget

Seattle, WA - Council Budget Committee



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