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What is philosophy? Philosophy is a subjective outlook and interpretation of reality that is formulated upon a recollection of basic objective truths being rationalized and extrapolated to reveal deeper perspectives and draw profounder conclusions. The philosophical process is a search for higher truth using the powers of inquisition, observation, introspection, analysis, contemplation, logic, reasoning and imagination. The purpose is to provide sound answers to unsound questions, clarify the obscured, simplify the complex, make the abstract more tangible, articulate that which is vague, and make sense of the absurd.

Philosophical discussions are useful for people to widen perception and get a broader view of reality. The common factor which can be universally agreed upon is truth. The philosophical discussion is geared towards enhancing the realization of truth. Extended focus of mental energies increases the depth of a paradigm. Different paradigms can be analyzed comparatively and a greater paradigm of higher order can be generated as a result. Accurate and extensive paradigms are useful tools which enable humans to function accordingly with the natural order of the universe. People have different experiences in the world which provide uniquely valuable insight. This insight can be contributed to the global knowledge through communication. By listening to the experience of others different scenarios will be offered which add new perspective and enable the collective understanding to be elaborated and refined. Philosophy discusses more than just the personal experience and it seeks to develop the individual reflection on the deepest levels. By gaining the insight of many different perspectives humankind can gain a greater visualization of the reality which truly exists.

Thus many subjects are the focus of philosophical discussion. These subjects may then have an extensive range of sub topics which form giant lattices of thought. From contemplation upon these structured lattices of detailed thought humankind has significantly greater insight to compose a functional belief system. Philosophical compositions to a certain extent hold the records of thought progression over time. Philosophy is the exchange of ideas in order to compare, contrast, and gain a deeper insight and understanding of the universe relevant to a respective subject. Philosophy puts subtle and abstract realities into clear, bold, and concrete perspective. There are so many unique angles to look at a given subject that many perspectives may go unnoticed or unperceived if not given directly focused attention. Philosophy helps expose the secrets of the universe and reveals the complex nature of existence in a way that is profound and yet simple.


Every moment of our existence should not only be admired, for in it we are allowed to subsist, but should be held in constant awe because the creation we live within is beyond remarkable. The mystical complexity beheld in this universe is extraordinarily prevalent and inexplicably beautiful; serving the purposes of both functionality and aesthetics.

Everything we need to exist has been immaculately laid out for us in an absolute super abundance by harmonic oscillations that dynamically light the eternal dimension of endless time with infinite possibilities of expression.

Conditions that compounded the possibility for what is occurring right now are the products of reactions that lead back to an endless beginning. It seems incomprehensible that billions and billions of years do not even compose a micro-fraction of the precession which took place enabling the reality of this moment.

The energy from our sun has bestowed us with a planet that generously provides us with all the necessary conditions needed to vitalize our bodies with organic health and biotic energy. Along with this is a vast array of materials that we can use to invent technology that enhances our lives and which can be used to create great works of art. Our bodies, which are the most complex biological machines on this planet, are equipped with incredible abilities to explore and interact within this phenomenon; endowing us with awesome powers to sense, feel, utilize intelligence, and most incredibly, act upon free will to determine the nature in which our lives are spent. What astonishment it is to be contained within this organic vehicle which amply enables us with abilities to coexist upon the earth and experience the many wonders of this world. What astounding complexity it is for our spirit to be locked into this body, and our mind to think, heart to beat, lungs to breath, and digestive system to assimilate the nutrients of this earth; innately working together in an organic process of power generation; a symbiotic energy transfer from our sun, to our earth, to us, continuous, perfect, and entirely prearranged for us to live in great sustenance, creation, and enjoyment.

We should all be grateful for it is a supreme privilege to be granted the experience of being alive. Every moment we are allowed to live within this amazing reality is a true miracle of creation. Life is such an astonishing privilege to have been gifted that we must not let it go to waste. It is our duty to recognize the tremendous opportunity we have been provided and to make a dedicated effort to gain the most beneficial experience out of this fleeting existence. We have the free will to take control of our life at any given moment and work to realize the ideal destiny.

Life is a journey. This is a great adventure that we have been born into. In our travels we will meet some of the finest human beings that have ever lived and be gifted with the greatest friends ever imaginable. So many characters come together to interact and play their small role. Every moment of this experience is precious chain of events coinciding coincidentally. Every fleeting second we share together is a treasured memory of the life we have lived and experiences we have encountered. These people on the earth are so precious it is indescribable. Every person has a unique quality to their essence. And once that life plays out it is gone from the world forever. Every moment only happens once and then it is over, through, fini. People have a dynamic potential to interact with one another in extraordinary ways. Life would seem quite dull without all of the eccentric and quirky characters that light up the moment in brilliant ways and have a curious way of popping in from time to time. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Life is a thrill that we must seek. Life is a ride. Life is an adventure. We never know what comes next but we have the power to make it fantastically great. This life is your only shot. As far as we know there is nothing after this world. All we have is this life, this body, this journey, this moment. We can make our life what ever we choose. We have the power to alter our course and determine our own destiny. We can do what we please. We mine as well make the best of this life because one day it is going to be over.


It is quite an extraordinary thought to think that one day we will die and no longer exist within our body. We all have to give up our attachment to this material world. There are no exceptions. Every single person alive must go through the transformation of death. What is it like to die? The thought is mind boggling, perhaps frightening, and definitely exciting.

Inevitably we are going to die. It could be today or tomorrow and we don’t even know. Death usually comes by surprise. What if today was your last day on earth? Think about what that means to you if today was your last day to follow one of your dreams and have the experience of a lifetime? What if this was your last day to see all your family, friends, and people you love? Really you never know. It’s scary to think that this day could be your last. Usually we have some faith that we will be alive tomorrow. We really count on having tomorrow. We put things we need to do off into the future. Always planning on that next day to be there waiting. Well what if we died and there was no tomorrow? Well, some people might say “what the hell should I care I’ll be dead?” But what would you do differently if you knew that the final chapter of your life story is being written right now? Would you sit around doing nothing important or would you make the best use of your fleeting time?

We need to appreciate the fact that we only live once within this body at this point in time. We only have this single opportunity to be alive and in the present during this special period of history on Earth. And pretty soon it will be gone. The window of opportunity will be over. Time will have passed on forever and never to be repeated ever again. And time moves quickly too in case you haven’t noticed.

Somehow we manage to exist here and now on this small planet amidst the colossal galaxies of the universe. In the grand precession of eons we don’t really seem to matter too much except for in our own little world and during this short period of time that we are alive. Once we are dead we are forgotten; erased from the material universe. Our direct point source of energy will have transpired and all that will remain is the imprint we made while we were alive. Does this imprint really capture the bounty of our character and spirit? Will anyone ever really know who we were and what we lived for? Once we die all that will remain of us are fading memories. This life isn’t meant for anyone else in the entire universe but for us. We must passionately desire to live to the fullest because it is in our own interest.

What is it that I seek to gain from my experience on earth? What do I want to accomplish? What have I come here to achieve?

We all know the basic physical concept of how new life is conceived but no one knows what happens to life after death. We understand the physical nature of conceiving life but where does the spirit come from? How does the spirit develop?

It is kind of a strange thought to think that one day we are going to experience at the very least a material death in which our physical body will cease to function and we will no longer have the opportunity to exist upon this earth. We will no longer be alive during history. We don’t know where we will end up. We will be separated from all of our friends and family and all of the work and accomplishments we have created while alive on the earth. All of our possessions we will leave behind. Everything will completely change; absolute metamorphosis; irrevocable transformation. And there is nothing we can do about it to stop the process. Every second we are in a state of decay ever so slowly approaching the inevitable end. And sometimes it arrives unexpectedly. The passage into the unknown is a journey that everyone must take. Think of the billions of people in the past who have gone before us…elders and children. Perhaps this lifetime is only kind of like a lay over in our cosmic journey. We’ve been given a fleeting instant to experience something remarkable.

Well before we talk about where you go, maybe we should just focus on the best way to go, and how to make the best use of the opportunity to be alive. One thing for sure is that no one wants to go out the wrong way, well there’s always someone, but essentially we want to have a pleasant transition. Or perhaps one might argue that you are going to die anyway so it doesn’t really matter and once it’s over, it’s over, and a blink in time is practically nothing compared to the eternity beyond. But either way it would be nice to play out the script for a picture perfect ending. We only get one chance to live and once chance to die. Live right and die right.

How would you set the stage of your life if you had already died and had the ability to look back at your past? At the point of knowing that you are now dead for an eternity and you never have the opportunity ever again to live that life you had, how would you make better use of being alive? Now what if you thought about all the things you would change in your life and had this brilliant plan to make the most of this opportunity and then: bam! In an instant you are alive again in the present moment with your whole life ahead of you.

I find it amazing that people disappear; never to be seen or heard ever again. In an instant a person is gone away to a distant place, disconnected from the world, separated, and isolated. No longer can we access this person in the sense we have grown accustomed.

You never know when someone is going to die. We don’t know how long we are going to live. It is important to make certain that every moment we have alive we are spiritually connected to those we love and that we maintain such connection beyond any restraints of the material world. Give people the love they deserve every moment; don’t put off caring about a person until later on. Our time is fleeting; share the moments that are given. Embrace the experience we have with each other. You never know when it could be your last. So many times we put off things until later on always thinking that we will have another chance; sometimes there isn’t another chance. There are people I love who have passed on that I would give up all of my material possessions just for the opportunity to spend one more day with. Yet many times when they were alive I took their life for granted and passed up such an opportunity. We always assume that there will be a tomorrow to spend together. We must not take others lives for granted but must realize how precious those we love really are and embrace each other in the moment.

One day this trip is going to be over. Probably before we even realize it will all be gone. This life is temporary and ephemeral. Every moment is fleeting. Did you ever have a really intense experience that was continuously exhilarating and then all of a sudden it was over, and you transition into something completely different? Or have you ever taken a long trip, and adventure that seems to last forever and then one day you realize it is the day you must leave?

We must not take life for granted. It is wrong to sit back idling and missing out on valuable life experience. We should aim to have the greatest life experience possible. Time in this universe goes by quickly. In just an instant the moment is gone forever; never to live again. Our opportunity to be alive and experience this world is limited to a short period of time. Live every moment to the fullest. Take control of your life right now and begin to steer yourself forward. Follow your ideal life path and create the life experience that you ultimately desire. What if you die and realize that every moment you had on this earth was wasted doing things you didn’t want to do and all the time you were completely in control and could have created any experience you had chosen? Or would you rather have it be that while you are alive you constantly accomplish everything you aspire and willingly create the exact life experience you so desire? Don’t wait until it is too late! Don’t wait at all! Live now. Be free. Experience life how you choose. Don’t waste life away. Make use of the awesome gift!


In the beginning all is one
In the end there is none
In the moment of now is us
Our journey has begun
Yet as waves of time
Diffuse in the silence of mind
Engulfed by eternity
Washing away the dreams
The seams dissolve
The colors fade
Last chance to capture a moment's memory
On the frontier of the human race
Secrets and dreams
Privileged only to thee
History to be erased by the whims of time and space
In a blink it's all over
The greatest hero's of today
Will be tall tales of tomorrow
Swallowed in cycles passed
This trail we follow
Comes to an end
And when we arrive
What new journey will begin?
Another chance?
Another adventure?
What shall render?
Reincarnation or lights out forever?
The mystery is that we don't know
But we're gonna find out
That's for sure

Aware of mortality
Can't escape
The fate of fatality
But I hope at least
I'm late to be belated
And I arrive fashionably
On the date of my demise
And it is still early
Enough yet to set straight
The final course of my life
To realize my destiny
In the fleeting time
I'm still alive

Moving on
In a moment
The future
Comes to pass
The past
Put to rest
To be again
Good bye friend
So long
Is fading

Why we are here

We have been bestowed with an incredible gift…life; a precious experience that is fleeting. The creation of this universe, this planet, our lives, and this entire existence is beautiful. Nature has arranged absolute freedom to experience this incredible phenomenon that we have been born into. And the experience provided is astounding. Upon birth we have arrived into a truly remarkable and extraordinary world. We are not just cogs in a machine; we have the right to exercise self determination and the ability to choose our experience and control our actions and behavior. Once we achieve the basic stability and maintain sustenance we can direct our attention and efforts towards exquisite ideas and crafts. We can use our strengths, intelligence, and dexterity to compose symphonies, engineer masterpieces, and create a multitudinous array of aesthetic inventions.

It is our purpose to make the best use of our life; to optimize the utility of our body, emotion, mind, and spirit and attain the maximum potential as individuals and as a society. We are here to realize our capacities as beings and strive forward toward absolute perfection and virtue. We must take advantage of this opportunity that we have been given. We must preserve our body for it is the vehicle we have for existing within this remarkable world. We must activate our mind and attain enlightenment. We have to reach self actualization. Our purpose is to realize our true potential.

The purpose of life

The purpose of life is to flourish. We are here to realize our fullest potential as living beings, to activate our latent capacities, utilize our inherent abilities and to come to fruition. It is our natural objective in life to realize the fullest potential of our being. Every person has been endowed with value and an inherent capacity to contribute something of worth. Whether it is physical: muscle, dexterity, craftsmanship; or emotional: compassion, love, kindness, sensitivity; or mental: intelligence, logic, knowledge, invention; or spiritual: willpower, righteousness, and creativity; or the culmination of all of the above. All people are endowed with a special gift; a unique ability or talent. It is our purpose to realize that inherent value and worth, to develop our talents and skills, to realize our potential, activate our capacity, and attain absolute success.

Each human being is a spirit that harnesses a quantity of energy that is released into the universe which then reacts according to its vital characteristics. We have the ability to control our personal energy field to a certain degree. To a certain degree we have the ability to determine what elements we introduce into our body, what emotions we will feel, what thoughts we will think, and how we will direct our willpower; to another degree we have zero ability to control certain elements being introduced into our system. Ultimately on the spiritual level we have the greatest ability to determine the nature of our experience with the least amount of interference from external influences. And our spirit is the ultimate controller of our mind, emotion, and body. In order to realize our greatest potential and utilize the fullest life-force we contain as spiritual beings we must activate our energy field to the greatest degree. Our energy field has a certain capacity for positive charge that has the potential to perform work within the universe. We first of all want to increase our energy field to the greatest possible degree, and then secondly, we want to ensure that we release the energy in the most effective manner in order to accomplish the most beneficial work while expending the least energy in the process. Success is accomplished by harmonically attuning our entire personal entity and energy field into a state of positive balance. Attunement is accomplished by eliminating any negative elements of disharmonic imbalance from being introduced into our personal system and then attuning ourselves completely by introducing positive elements of harmonic balance. We must apply this upon every level of our personal state of being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. By introducing these positive elements of harmonic balance we will increase our energy field to the greatest degree and also be properly attuned and magnetically attracted in the right direction and repelled away from the wrong direction thus leading us to the ideal destination with the least amount of effort, time, and energy being exhausted.

We have the ability to maximize our potential ability to perform work. In order to maximize the potential we each inherently have to function we must maximize the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms of our energy field. By holistically developing our body, emotion, mind, and spirit we will be provided with every advantage and opportunity to succeed in our personal endeavors. Every doorway will be open, every path will lead in the right direction, every obstacle will be removed, and we will progress without impedance upon our journey in a boundless universe. We must selectively filter out every negative and disharmonic element of imbalance from being incorporated into our body, emotion, mind, and spirit and eliminate negative elements from our environment, society, economy and political systems. We must cleanse out our entire energy field and retain a state of purity so that we can sound our harmonic reverberations with great clarity.

In order to totally actualize the potential capacity inherent to all human beings we must eliminate all factors of resistance which will impede such realization. A common objective of the human being is to resolve all personal and social conflicts in order that the individual and society can achieve its greatest potential state of success. There exists an incredible ability within each person to make a great contribution to the world. And we are at an incredible time period in history. Every person has the right to actualize their potential and should be liberated in order to make the most out of this experience.

It is our responsibility to utilize the energy that is transcended upon us in a manner that is harmonious and in balance with universal law so that we may realize the greatest successes and most glorious triumphs. To attain our life purpose we must holistically bring our body, emotions, mind, and spirit into a state of perfect balance and harmony. We must entirely eliminate all negativity from our essence of being and completely embody a state of surplus positive value. We must melodiously connect our spirit, mind, emotion, and body. We must focus our magnetic energy to enact beneficial behavior in the physical world. It is in our nature to embody the essence of pure energy and become completely enlightened. We must live and breathe harmonic resonance. We must attain holistic balance and attune the full spectrum of our electromagnetic energy field to ethereal light. We embody an electromagnetic field of energy that is our cosmic vehicle transporting us through this world of space and time. We must attune our being to harmonize with positive energy in order to propel ourselves towards our ideal destiny.

Attaining success

It is impossible for a person to express their full creative potential if debilitated by unfulfilled physical needs; if a person is starving and has no shelter then they won’t be enabled to focus upon pure creative expression because they must impulsively put forth effort to provide for their essential physical needs. And if a person is in a state of fear, sadness, anger, or anxiety they will be impaired in their ability to realize their creative self and their compulsive behavior will not act according to their positive rational self. If a person lacks knowledge, rationality, and is dimwitted they will not be able to realize the fullest expression of their creative self and will be thwarted by their ignorance, irrationality and lack of intelligence. And spiritually, if a person lacks moral values, motivation, ambition, and drive they will not realize the greatest potential due to leading in the wrong direction.

It is our purpose to silence everything that is negative and amplify everything that is positive. Attune yourself to receive the essence of the divine spirit. Make yourself a conductor of light energy. By amplifying positive energy frequencies we will become holistically attuned to a balanced resonant tone and transmit goodness throughout the universe. Don’t contribute to your own negativity and prolong your own illness. When you eliminate all factors contributing illness your entire self can progress. Immediately begin to contribute to your health and wellness by nurturing the fundamental human requirements. Some people out of haste, neglect, or apathy will advertently or inadvertently enact behavior which negatively alters their holistic balance. We must at all times remain focused upon our goal of reducing the stress inflected upon ourselves and progressing rapidly and unrestrained towards actualizing our spiritual potential. Amplifying negative forces to the point where they exceed the positive forces will undoubtedly lead to failure. Any negative attribute will add a stumbling block to your progress and combinations of negative attributes will multiply the total negative effect. Multiplying effort upon unstable ground will increase the rate of failure. Before aiming to proceed to the next level ensure the foundation is stabilized upon balanced ground.

By eliminating all the negative factors and amplifying all the positive factors: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually you can fine tune your entire personal entity to resonate great virtue thereby receiving, amplifying, and transmitting positive frequencies and rejecting, defusing, and eliminating negative frequencies. To actualize the fullness of one’s human potential one must tune the entirety of their personal being to the positive condition and entirely eliminate the negative condition. Upon this adjustment one will naturally have the power to attain ideal experience and achieve personal success. Any negative condition will conflict with and resist self actualization. What the entirety of our being is in tune with will direct our actions and behavior and will determine the physical nature of our reality. Our purpose in life is to eliminate all forms of personal conflict and disharmony in our lives in order to progress without restraint, to fully experience this reality, and realize our true potential as human beings. It is imperative to the purpose of humanity that each human being has fulfilled every physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual need. We must balance our energy holistically in order to be fully empowered to realize our potential and enact perpetual success.

The path of least resistance

The path of least resistance is the straightest line between two points and best way to travel; it is the shortest, fastest, and optimal route. There are things in life which resist our progression and direct us off of our life path and do not lead us upon the right way. The right path will lead to the complete realization of one’s life purpose. Being in perfect balance will naturally lead us along the path of least resistance.

Takes the path
Of least resistance
Always moving forward
Towards the center
Of balance
To find rest
Naught ever stopping
Until the very end
Following the curves
On the straightest course
Spiraling in cycles
To the point of equilibrium

Finding the right path

The right path is the straightest, shortest, and quickest route to success. The right path is the one that leads directly to the ideal destination. It is clear, fast, and without obstacles and resistance. The right path is the way to travel. The right path is the way to proceed forward. There are paths which are not the straight path. There are many paths that will lead you away from success. These paths are long, difficult, and filled with obstacles. The wrong path is not the way to travel. The wrong path leads to failure. The wrong path is the way to regress backwards.

All seek the right path. The right path leads to light, life, health, love, happiness, wisdom, enlightenment, freedom, and creation. The wrong path leads to darkness, death, disease, fear, misery, ignorance, slavery, and destruction.

In order to know thy path one must have pure focus and clear vision without obscurities and distortions. Our vision becomes distorted if our minds are perverted with impurities and corrupt ideas. It is imperative to clear the mind and focus upon pure ideas such as universal truths. If we our actions are based upon fallacies our behavior will not correlate harmoniously with the natural world. In order to even understand what the natural world is we have to tune ourselves to purity. If we are not pure then our vision of the natural world will be distorted, we will not recognize truth, and our behavior will not render ideal results. In order to know and sense thy path the entire personal entity must be purified and attuned to harmonic energy. With positive balance we will be guided along the right path.

Just like a compass is directed by the magnetic fields of the earth your life compass is directed by your personal magnetic field. The vibratory state of our electromagnetic field is the internal compass that naturally guides us upon our path. If our electromagnetic field is positively attuned to the harmonious balance of light then we will be attracted towards life success upon the right path. If our electromagnetic field is negatively attuned to discordant imbalance of void then we will be repelled from the light and led upon the wrong path. Sometimes after traveling the wrong path for a while one realizes that they are on the wrong path and they change course. The wrong path will give you obvious signs and indications that you are heading in the wrong direction. The right path will give you obvious signs and indications that you are heading in the right direction.

At any moment in life we can instantly alter our course of action by focusing our energy. The decisions we make in an instant will change our entire destiny. In order to make the right decisions and stay on the right path we must be focused in the positive state. There are certain moments in our life that are like tipping points where we can either go one way or the other. If we are positive we will flip in the right direction. If we are negative we will flip in the wrong direction. We must stay positively focused physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually and in every instance we will make the right choice and we will realize ultimate success. Be positive and be routed on the most direct circuit to peace, enlightenment, and accomplishment.

Good and bad / right and wrong

In life humans can deem experiences as either being good or bad, right or wrong, want or don’t want, desirable or undesirable, plus or minus, positive or negative, (pro or con).

There are experiences that cause pleasure and there are experiences that cause pain. Pleasure is satisfyingly enjoyable; it makes us feel happy, comfortable and at ease, and insights overt smiling and laughter. Pain is awfully discomforting; it makes us feel saddened, irritable and disturbed, and causes overt frowning and crying. Humans naturally desire and seek good and pleasurable experience while trying to avoid to the greatest extent possible bad and painful experience.

Pleasure and pain are the simplest sensory impulses that drive human behavior instinctively telling us how to guide our actions in the right direction and avoid the wrong direction. Displeasure is the sensory impulses that drives us away from harmful experience and pleasure is the sensory impulse that attracts us towards helpful, beneficial, enjoyable, and life giving experience.

The sensation of pleasure and pain are the fundamental physical distinctions of good and bad or right and wrong. Such physical sensations cause emotional stimulation that humans interpret as feeling happy or sad, content or discontent, joyful or angry. It is logical (and sensible) to build a model for directing behavior based upon innate physical and emotional instinct along with the power of mental and spiritual insight. Our sensations and feelings are primal indicators of what is right and wrong and our natural perception tells us so. We just have to be aware of our instinct and understand how to utilize intuition with reason.

There are certain common good and desirable virtues that are innate to human beings; each good virtue has an opposite negative and undesirable counterpart.

+The common positive virtues we value and seek include:
Life, integrity, health, safety, security, pleasure, trust, joy, love, sex, peace, friendship, kindness, compassion, generosity, innocence, pride, patience, knowledge, truth, honesty, intelligence, freedom, liberty, dreams.

-The opposite negative counterparts we try to avoid are:
Death, injury, disease, danger, insecurity, pain, fear, anger, hate, violence, war, enmity, cruelty, malevolence, greed, guilt, shame, impatience, ignorance, untruth, dishonesty, stupidity, slavery, restriction, nightmares.

To simplify the matter we can just refer to these virtues as being good, and the opposite condition being the absence of these virtues, as bad. As the good and bad are placed beside each other the two polar opposites are clearly contrasted. This collection of positive virtue and the negative absence of virtue make up the pro and con in any decision and compose the fundamental measures for being in favor (good) or in opposition (bad). We naturally seek to be directed towards goodness and repelled from badness. The ideal state of goodness is the embodiment of all virtues being experienced and expressed as a whole. The ultimately right decision is one that is enacted upon pure goodness.


I believe that it is in the best interest of all people to act righteously because the greatest reward will always be provided as a result. I believe that a modern understanding based upon fundamental metaphysical principles of the universe will enable people to knowledgeably act harmoniously and yield ultimate success and happiness. There is no need to strike fear into people in order to make them morally behave. If people have a simple understanding of fundamental truths then they will naturally be empowered with the wisdom, desire, and willpower used to make moral choices, act righteously, and live harmoniously.

We don’t wait to bear the results of our actions. Our state of energy that is transmitted into the world by our actions is constantly impacting the entire universe and affecting the world around us by reverberating with other elements of energy that consequentially reflect similar transmissions upon us via a process of feedback. We have the ability to control our personal state of energy using the free will of our spirit. We can attune ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Our aura is composed of the total energy from our body, emotion, mind, and spirit. The way in which we focus our total energy will determine the patterns we transmit to the world and consequentially the feedback that is reflected upon us.

Everything in this universe is energy. We are energy. The energy we transmit to the world will resonate with identical energy patterns within the universe, intensify, and produce feedback. The energy transmitted will effect the surrounding environment and charge or discharge the area with a positive or negative vibration. The energy released will become intonated with other energies and produce a reaction / response. It is best to harmonize oneself with a positive resonant tone in order to activate latent harmonic energy patterns in the world and silence active disharmonic energy. Balance is the universal law. Embody an aura of pure brilliant light. Be holistically balanced, harmonically attuned, and positively charged. Every action you make will have a resultant consequence based upon the focus of your attunement producing an identical manifestation in the world.

Consider any instance of your life. If you are angry and you react accordingly by releasing your anger into the world then other people will probably become angry towards you as a result. When two people are bitterly angry then the feedback loop can intensify and the situation can quickly escalate into violence. On the other hand, if you are loving then you can awaken the latent universal love energy and create harmonious feedback loops developing into strong bonds of friendship.

It is possible to silence negative frequencies with amply powerful positive frequencies. We must holistically embody the positive energy in all respects in order to activate the fullest potential we hold within. If we act upon pure energy and an embodiment of positive vibrations then the universe will work harmoniously and provide us with beneficial feedback. The universe works with us. The laws of the universe are already established. We have no control over the laws. We do have the power to control our own spirit. The laws of the universe are equal and just and in no way unjust. By acting upon principles of balance the universe will naturally respond with an equally harmonious reaction.

“The love you take is equal to the love you make”
imagine all the people!!! (the Beatles)

The actions we produce are a direct result of our spiritual focus of free will, desire, and self determination. What we set our focus upon is what we naturally manifest. This universal process is unconditional. The way we act on the physical level is determined by the choices we make in controlling the focus of our consciousness. Our active focus has an equal and identical reaction within the world.

If we are holistically attuned to harmonic oscillations that resonate with balanced energy patterns we will universally produce positive and beneficial manifestations in the physical world. At every instant the entire universe is reacting to our focus of energy.

We have the ultimate power to determine our focus. We control our state of consciousness. We can alter the physical manifestations we produce in the world by properly attuning ourselves to a balanced state and proactively directing our energy. Anything we envision and desire becomes the catalyst for our physical actions and solicits a response from the universe. We are naturally designed to impulsively and compulsively be directed towards the objects of our spiritual desire. We simply must properly focus our consciousness upon the ideal goal and our behavior will respond accordingly. Our body and impulsive reactions are completely controlled by our psyche and spiritual focus.

This Point in History

We are beings that have been sent here to save a dieing civilization. We are born into a world of vice and suffering, brought up amongst the wicked, in a society that is spiritually in destitute and morally corrupted. Yet within the immorality and insanity there are beings whose willpower to fulfill the divine mission is stronger then the many trials and tribulations they will face. Those who are pure, balanced, and determined shine light into a dark world, give guidance to those who are lost, reveal truth to those who are delusional, and work to transform themselves and the surrounding world into a state of harmony. There is an ongoing battle between right and wrong, life and death, freedom and slavery, liberty and tyranny. There are those who take part in the negativity, the immorality, the destruction and there are others who will fight to the end of their lives to preserve what is right. Those who are weak will turn when the battle is fierce but the righteous shall prevail with unyielding strength. It is our mission to revive this civilization and to fight on the side of righteousness until the end. No matter how tough the trials may seem and how overbearing the opposition may be we must not cower to the challenge but we must fulfill our duty to utilize our strength, emotion, intelligence, and spiritual willpower to bring justice to this great world.

Now is our time in history. We are the ones alive to illuminate a new age of civilization. In a process of natural selection we have been chosen by our Creator to take part in a divine mission. We have inherited a destiny to establish an enduring legacy of peace on earth. Some people already know of this divine mission from birth while others are now awakening to the revelation. Humanity is now transcending to bring about a global revolution in spiritual consciousness. People are now beginning to become aware of their own abilities to consciously actualize the power of will and manifest success within the world.

Within every generation throughout history there has been a group of leaders, revolutionaries, patriots, and saints who have powerfully impact the world and who have fought battles and won to protect and preserve rights and liberties and enhance the quality of life for all people. I call out to the people of the world alive today: this is our turn to shine. May the leaders, revolutionaries, patriots, and patron saints of the world alive today now step forward! It is now our time to reclaim the earth. We are on a mission to revitalize civilization and make reparations for the mistakes of the past and pay the debts for years of loss so that we may at last experience a world of peace and equitable prosperity.




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