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UNITY FOR A CHANGE! Organizational Objectives


Our objectives are to: make social change easy and offer all of the tools and resources necessary to empower citizens to be effective community activists. To counter every problem that may prevent or inhibit social change with an innovative and proactive resolution.


The main objective of Unity for a Change is to do absolutely everything we possibly can in order to help progress the social movement and lead civilization to a greater state of well being. Anything that we think of doing to help will be strategically implemented as a basic organizational objective. We want to do everything we can in order to give the mission the best possible chance of success and to achieve our common goals.


To do this we work to identify problems within the social movement that are posing forms of resistance and counter them with innovative solutions that enable greater progress. It is our purpose to assist local activists around the world with powerful ideas, truthful information, direct interaction, globalized networking, innovative tools, and useful resources for empowerment and facilitation in order to make the job easier and more effective.


We want to become the leading organization in the social movement by offering the premiere tool for engaging in progressive grassroots activism. The Unity for a Change website will be the one-stop-shop on the internet for people around the world to utilize for reliable information, social networking, democratic self-governance, infrastructural development, cooperative projects, and comprehensive economic analysis.


Specific Objectives:


Establish a set of common values that are universally shared by all people. 


Develop concepts for managing key aspects of society such as the economics, government, infrastructure, and social dynamics of the progressive movement. 


Develop a vision for how a thriving civilization should function taking into account all aspects of the socioeconomic infrastructure. 


Outline issues comprehensively within society.


Democratically develop social policies


Research, survey, collect information, and provide Analysis to assess the current status of our socioeconomic infrastructure. 


Process information into various forms of communication media and disseminate. 


Develop Strategies and create a political platform. Construct solutions that will transform our infrastructure into the status of functioning at optimal capacity. 


Devise an interactive proposal, and budget, that accounts for the complete resolution of problems within the global infrastructure. 


Organize Meetings, and Forums; initiate constructive dialogue within the population. Incorporate the interests, values, Voting and Feedback, and ideas of the population. 


Empower citizens with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to participate in local development projects. 


Sign up new members to fill out a Personal Profile


Organize citizens into project teams.


Synergize Task Forces and Composite Groups


Administrate progressive activities


Establish a modern Constitution to guide all cooperative work endeavors. 


Networking: Build an alliance between all People and Groups, unions, governments, congregations, communities, businesses, and organizations. Provide services to accommodate the global population.


Consult people, communities, government, universities, corporations, and organizations upon best practices for adapting to a new and modernized system of democratic socioeconomic governance.



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