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MISSION - To resolve conflict


The mission of Unity for a Change is to eliminate all factors that are now contributing resistance to the progression of humanity. The idea behind Unity for a Change is to exhaustively identify all factors contributing stress and negative resistance in our personal lives and our society and create systematic strategies for resolving these conflicts and initiating an unrestricted progress towards achieving a personal and global state of peace and enlightenment.

There are many things in life which pose unnecessary stress upon our lives. By having to be burdened with these conflicting issues we are thereby obstructed and restrained from achieving our fullest potential as human beings. Many people have extraordinary talents that aren’t fully developed and utilized because people are burdened to spend more time simply struggling to maintain than they can progressing.

We realize that all human beings have special value and contribute a unique essence to vitalize society by offering remarkable and distinct character traits and have extraordinary potential to adapt, learn, and develop profound abilities. We see that all people have a potential to realize a state of enlightenment whereby each person is empowered to live in health and prosperity and in harmony. It is our intention to create the conditions on this planet that will allow for the uninhibited evolution of humanity. We are actively working to establish the path of least resistance in our goal of reaching a state of personal and global peace.


It makes more sense to work together cooperatively as a civilized society for the common good than to be divided against one another as enemies by superficial differences. If all humankind decide to unify the collective forces the ideal vision can be achieved.

Unity for a Change is a management organization working to unify collective resources towards a common vision for the mutual benefit of resolving personal and social problems and creating greater quality of life.


Unity for a Change is constructing an alliance between all peoples, communities, organizations, parties, religions, businesses, unions, universities, affinity groups, and governments worldwide by focusing upon common values and the unalienable requirements mutually shared by all humankind for the purpose of devising, developing, disseminating, and actuating a dynamic process constructed to comprehensively resolve conflicts on the global scale.

Unity for a Change is creating a vision for how a healthy, thriving civilization should function, taking into account all aspects of the socioeconomic infrastructure including agriculture, art, civil engineering, communication, education, energy, global relations, government, healthcare, information, labor, law, manufacturing, media, sanitation, resource management, taxation, transportation, and voting; we are introducing a new model for direct participatory global democracy and reinventing the way that communities operate.

It is our mission to develop the most advanced system on the planet for progressive social engagement; offering real time direct participation, open world interaction, multilingual communication forums, comprehensive information databases, cooperative work programs, and more.




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