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Department of Media

Vision for the Future

In the future the mainstream media is not going to be owned and controlled by only a few private capitalist corporations. The trend now is for citizens to have the ability to cooperatively produce quality media content to be freely uploaded onto public forums. People are starting to spend more time watching Youtube and getting their current events from the blogosphere as people grow more accustomed to the forefront of technology. The time is near when the public takes back the airwaves. People are in the process of cooperatively becoming the mainstream media. Any person can be an independent journalist, a social commentator, a candid cameraman, or a genuinely certified public producer. The technology is simple enough for kids to produce professional content right from home. And trends have shown that audiences tend to like the personality, character, raw human emotion, and moments of spontaneity generated by regular people.

We must develop a cooperative system, rather than commerical, for taking the most popular, highest rated, and the best of all content and packaging this material into programs. We need to develop the media infrastructure that will enable people around the world to work cooperatively within their communities to produce high quality content. There will be a democratic system in which all people can participate as equals and no person or corporation will be able take an unfair share of power and dominate any aspect of the industry. The mainstream media will no longer filter out perspectives from the general programming according to personal bias. Rather we will develop the infrastructure that enables citizens to produce high quality multimedia and establish a common process for democratically selecting programming that will be aired on the mainstream. People will also be able to participate in rating all the programming and offering written feedback and audio/ video commentaries in public discussion forums.

The whole system will be seamlessly integrated to the unity profile and facilitated with ease. The computer will know whether or not you have read an article, listened to an audio track, or watched a video and will record how many times you have played the recording and will incorporate personal ratings and specific feedback. As a user views and rates different programs the computer will automatically collect general information that will help catalogue the information on a personal and social level. The computer will compile a list showcasing favorite media and filtering the least favorite or detested. The computer can also suggest program content that fits personal character trends. The system will comprehensively incorporate user data from people and based upon personal characteristics and social trends can predict which media may be of particular interest to different people and which media is of general interest to all people alike.

People can choose to get a daily paper if they like that will be specifically catered to their personal interests. Therefore if a person doesn’t want to read sports then it doesn’t need to be printed. Each person may get a unique newspaper. And also the paper won’t be riddled with useless advertisements that just go to waste.



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