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Work Cooperatively via Unity for a Change

Unity for a Change is now in the process of developing the prototype for an innovative new  social networking interface to achieve the universal mission, goals, and objectives of the organization and facilitate the transition of human civilization into the 21st Century.


WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you would like to volunteer a service please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



Volunteer to be an assistant on one of our many ongoing projects. Help us manage the workload by offering to complete some of tasks on the "to-do list".



Educate people about revolutionary concepts and important social issues; help evolve the collective consciousness. Inform others about exactly what is happening in the world and put the global scenario into perspective. Explain why it is imperative for humankind to unify in peace and work cooperatively to resolve conflicts. Help raise the general awareness of ways to take action now and proactively participate in making a positive social contribution.



Unity for a Change is an entirely volunteer based organization and provides services completely free of charge. Let us know if you would like to be a fundraiser and help raise money to cover operational expenses and acquire production resources. This job involves collecting donations, signing up donors for planned giving, writing grants, and organizing fundraising events.


Graphics Designer

As you may have noticed, there are hundreds of different pages of content on the website waiting for a distinct theme and style for each unique section. The job of the designer is to create graphics, illustrations, animations, and artwork for the website and incorporate complimentary pictures and images to make the site more visually stimulating and aesthetically pleasing.



The job of a lobbyist is to petition government officials and public representatives to support progressive community initiatives focused upon resolving social conflicts and advancing the general welfare of all people. This process involves organizing letter drives to government offices and coordinating group phone calls to contact public officials. Lobbyists will circulate petitions to get signatures, help register people to vote, and will work to get initiatives on the ballot in upcoming elections.


The concept of Unity for a Change is to bridge social networks and bring all people together in solidarity. We need help getting other people and groups involved. You can help by contacting your family, friends, coworkers, and associates and inviting them to join the organization and sign up online. Networkers are people on the ground whose job is to reach out into various communities and contact members of different governmental agencies, political parties, national consulates, religious denominations, unions, universities, non-profit organizations, businesses, and special interest groups in order to build a unified coalition.



Unity for a Change hosts regular events like the Chicago Peace Fest and supports grassroots activism. Please feel free to bring your camera to take pictures at local events and post them online. You can also contribute photography to illustrate the articles on the website.



We are seeking to attain a list of production resources to advance project development. You can help us out a great deal by supplying, donating, or procuring any of the  items on the Unity for a Change wish list.


Project Manager

Unity for a Change is collectively overseeing a broad spectrum of development projects and building a multilateral platform to strategically address conflicts within our socioeconomic infrastructure with comprehensive resolutions and interdependent organization. Project managers are responsible for coordinating team members to complete tasks for specific projects that will be integrated into the cooperative production.



Help promote Unity for a Change. Send out a text message, tweet, or email to all your contacts. Spread the word in chat rooms and internet forums. Call up your local media outlets including radio, newspaper, and TV and help Unity for a Change to get some mainstream exposure. Post a sign in your neighborhood. Tell people you meet and start up a conversation. Call at least 10 people on the phone and kindly notify them about Unity for a Change. Go door to door in your community and meet all your neighbors. Print out one of our pamphlets or fliers and pass them out in public. 



Get people to sign up to Unity for a Change online and subscribe to the email list. Go out in public and register people to join the organization. Set up a table at a local hot spot. Get people to volunteer a service and assist the production. Encourage, motivate, and inspire people to be social activists and participate in the progressive movement.



The Unity for a Change website is an empowerment tool that is loaded with information. There are hundreds of pages and articles that need to be supported with quotes, facts, statistics, and empirical data. We can use help with research projects to gather the most recent and accurate information now available. This involves a process of collecting: links to websites, articles, reports, videos, and other multimedia to be featured for review on the site. Researchers also help to sort through the vast archives and bring the most relevant information to the surface.


Web Developer

The immediate mission of Unity for a Change is to create a prototype for the world's greatest social networking interface. We are assembling a team of web developers to incorporate the latest web technology, freeware, and internet resources into our site to empower activists to be highly effective and give our ultimate goals the greatest chance of success. This job involves making the site more interactive and enhancing features such as the: blogs, calendar, chat rooms, forums, personal profile, polls, and surveys.



Take part in the process of writing articles and contributing content to the many sections of the website. This involves following a very basic outline structure and maintaining the general “unity” theme in order to ensure continuity throughout the website. Also, please feel free to share your ideas and post some feedback in any of the open forums on pages throughout the site.



If you would like to work one of these jobs or volunteer a service please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Tell us how you would like to make a contribution. Thanks!


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