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The new model for government is composed of 20 Infrastructure Departments that are each directed by an additional 20 Management Subcommittees.
These departments provide all of the operational services required for the optimal functioning of human civilization. This improved departmental structure was developed as an intuitive way to simplify the government operations into a system that is easily manageable and comprehensible to citizens. The current government system is cluttered with thousands of agencies, departments, committees and has become such a bureaucratic mess that the average person can not understand how the system works. This new system refines government operations into a simple structure that is effectively organized and easy to utilize.

Please feel free to join the INFRASTRUCTURE DEPARTMENTS.

Aesthetics, Agriculture, Commerce, Communication, Computers, Construction, Education, Emergency Response, Employment, Energy, Environment, Heath, Industry, Media, Sanitation, Security, Services, Technology, Transportation, Resources



Mission Statement

Aesthetics The Dept. of Aesthetics works to promote art through all mediums to offer sensational, emotive, and thought provoking experienceAmusement parks, art, cinema, decoration, fashion, music, performance theater
Agriculture The Dept. of Agriculture works to cultivate land, irrigate fields, and harvest crops to ensure the sustainable supply of food and bio materialsFarming, food, gardens, irrigation
Commerce The Dept. of Commerce manages the transaction of commodities to ensure markets are stocked with required consumer goodsCommodities, markets, trade
Communication The Dept. of Communication works to provide language translation and ensure services of telephone, radio, TV, cable, satellite, and InternetLanguage translation, mail, telephone,
Computers The Dept. of Computers provides technical support for all areas of the infrastructure and helps people transition into the digital ageComputers, IT, software

The Dept. of Construction employs skilled laborers to build, assemble, renovate, repair, and improve the public infrastructure

Building, installation, renovation

The Dept. of Education offers state of the art instructional resources and teaching assistance to extensively empower people with knowledge

Instruction, mentoring, schools, teaching, tutoring
Emergency Response

The Dept. of Emergency Response provides rapid assistance to rescue people who are endangered and manages disaster scenarios

Disaster management, search and rescue, rapid assistance

The Dept. of Employment focuses upon developing a modern workforce of highly trained personnel and manages human services

Hiring, vocational training

The Dept. of Energy is developing a modern clean and renewable energy infrastructure to supply the increasing demands of a growing population

Electricity, fuel, power

The Dept. of the Environment monitors the geology, ecology, climatology, and biology of the planet

Monitoring, surveying, wildlife protection

The Dept. of Health is working to provide universal health care to all people in order to prevent disease, treat ailments, and ensure holistic wellness

Examination, first aid, surgery, therapy

The Dept. of Industry oversees the manufacturing sectors and ensures that the required commodities are being produced

Assembly, development, manufacturing

The Dept. of Media is working to develop a comprehensive vision for how mainstream media will function in the future

Journalism, publishing, radio, television, websites

The Dept. of Sanitation ensures the cleanliness, sterility, and purity of the infrastructure

Cleaning, purification, refuse collection

The Dept. of Security ensures the protection of natural rights and enforces the law

Criminal investigation, law enforcement, military, police, protection

The Dept. of Services ensures that all people receive essential measures of social assistance and communal support

Child care, disabled services, elderly care, housing, water, welfare

The Dept. of Technology works to develop new inventions and innovations and ensure that all equipment is state of the art

Research and development

The Dept. of Transportation is working to develop the mass transit infrastructure of the future for travel by land, sea, air, and space

Paths, ports, roads, rails, shipping, travel, vehicles

The Dept. of Resources is compiling a full inventory of all infrastructural systems and will oversee procurement

Inventory, procurement


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