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The idea is to truly imagine the transportation system of the future. One day there will be a seamless integration of transit systems between land, sea, and air. All countries will work cooperatively to locally develop a global rapid mass transportation system for passengers and shipments of cargo. On the local level will be walkways, bike paths, roadways, busses, trolleys, elevators…and cities will be interconnected by highways, railways, seaports, and flying machines.

On the greater level there will be a high speed intercontinental rail system that circles the earth and which can safely transport passengers and cargo at hundreds of miles per hour. The veins of the rail system will reach out into every country, province, and state.

I imagine a day when people will be able to arrive at any destination on the planet just by taking the local commute. Any place of the earth will be accessible within the day and perhaps even within a matter of hours. Traveling around the globe will be easy and speedy. Tourism will be booming industry as all the money saved on permanently ending war forever will be invested into economic development around the world. Touring the cities of the earth may be as common as a weekly excursion for most people and no longer just a luxury for the rich minority.

There won’t be any bumper to bumper traffic in the future or any heavy congestion. The transportation infrastructure will be sufficient to sustain the needs of the population. There will be an adequate fleet of vehicles to transport passengers and cargo. Also measures will be implemented to reduce congestion. The employment infrastructure will operate around the clock and therefore workers won’t have to conform to a 9-5 schedule M-F and in turn diffusing passengers and reducing traffic throughout the day in order to alleviate congestion. Also, with the development of self sustainable infrastructures there will be less need to import from oversees and ship cargo around the world. Orders of packages will be immediately shipped and will arrive in the fastest time possible. With a modernized system of trade and rapid mass transit citizens of the world will truly reap the benefits of a globalized community.

In the near future we can easily provide affordable low cost solutions. Immediate measures can be taken to offer citizens and industry the mobility that is needed. Cities can start public programs to introduce more vehicles such as bicycles, busses, trains, planes, and boats into circulation.

All the roads will be smoothly paved and every pathway will be intuitively connected to offer a seamless nonstop transportation system. There will no longer be potholes or any unsafe roads. All roads will be ensured by the department of safety to be built according to 21st century code. All the pathways will all continue without dead ends and there won’t be any roads to nowhere.

People will no longer be packed like livestock into overcrowded busses and trains. In the future there will be busses running every minute and trains every five minutes. There will be an adequate fleet of vehicles that are required to safely transport the population at the busiest times. There will be public bicycles offered for rental and paved trails that connect throughout the cities. For motorized vehicles there will be free public garages so that people will no longer have to circle aimlessly for a parking space. There will be a free towing service so that if any vehicle breaks down it will immediately be towed to a repair shop and fixed.



Active Transportation Alliance

Citizens for Personal Rapid Transit

Community Transportation Association

Institute for Transportation Engineers

Pedestrian and Biking Information Center

Public Transportation Takes Us There

Surface Transportation Policy Partnership

Transportation Alternatives

Transportation Environmental Resource Center

Transportation for America

Transportation Research Board


Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety

American Automobile Association

Buss Rapid Transportation Policy Center

CRASH - Citizens for Responsible and Safe Highways

National Bus Rapid Transit Institute

National Committee on Uniform Traffic Laws and Ordinances


Air Transport Association

International Air Transport Association


Atlanta Bike Coalition

California Bicycle Coalition

Chicago Critical Mass

Florida Bicycle Association

Indiana Bike Coalition

Maine Bicycle Coalition

Massachusetts Bike Coalition

Ohio Bicycle Federation

Philadelphia Bicycle Coalition

San Fransisco Bike Coalition

Washington Bicycle Alliance

Wisconsin Bike Federation


Bicycle Transportation Alliance

Bike 2015 Plan - (City of Chicago)

Chicago Bikes Program

Chicago Community Bike Project

International Bicycle Fund

League of American Bicyclists

Pedestrian and Biking Information Center

Recycle a Bicycle

World Bicycle Relief


Florida High Speed Rail Association

Indiana High Speed Rail Association

Midwest High Speed Rail Association

Southeast High Speed Rail Corridor

Southern High Speed Rail Commission


Light Rail Now

Federal Railroad Administration

National Transportation Safety Board- Railroads

Railroad Retirement Board

Rail Transportation Occupations (DOL)


Bureau of transportation Statistics

Congressional Budget Office - Transportation and Infrastructure

FedStats - Transportation Statistics

Federal Transportation Administration

GPO - Transportation Resources

National Transit Database

National Transportation Library

National Transportation Research Center

National Transportation Safety Board

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Nuclear Materials Transportation

Office of Commercial Space Transportation

USAID Business- Ocean Transportation Section

US Access Board

US Department of Transportation

US DOT - Agencies

US Department of Treasury - Air Transportation Stabilization Board

US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation

US Department of State - Transportation Safety

US DOT - Surface Transportation Board

Transportation and Infrastructure Committee

Transportation and Material Moving Occupations

Transportation Security Administration


Alabama Department of Transportation

Alaska Department of Transportation

Arizona Department of Transportation

Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department

California Department of Transportation

Colorado Department of Transportation

Connecticut Department of Transportation

Delaware Department of Transportation

District of Columbia Department of Transportation

Florida Department of Transportation 

Georgia Department of Transportation

Georgia Regional Transportation Authority

Hawaii Department of Transportation

Idaho Department of Transportation

Illinois Department of Transportation

Indiana Department of Transportation

Iowa Department of Transportation

Kansas Department of Transportation

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development

Maine Department of Transportation

Maryland Department of Transportation

Massachusetts Office of Transportation and Construction 

Michigan Department of Transportation

Minnesota Department of Transportation

Missouri Department of Transportation

Montana Department of Transportation

Nebraska Department of Roads

Nevada Department of Transportation

New Hampshire Department of Transportation

New Jersey Department of Transportation

New Mexico Department of Transportation

New York Department of Transportation

New York - Metropolitan Transit Authority

North Carolina Department of Transportation

North Dakota Department of Transportation

Port Authority of New York / New Jersey

Ohio Department of Transportation

Oklahoma Department of Transportation

Oregon Department of Transportation

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Rhode Island Department of Transportation

South Carolina Department of Transportation

South Dakota Department of Transportation

Tennessee Department of Transportation

Texas Department of Transportation

Utah Department of Transportation

Washington State Department of Transportation

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Wyoming Department of Transportation


Austin, TX -  Transportation Division

Baltimore, MD, Department of Transportation

Boston, MA - Department of Transportation

Boulder, CO -  Transportation

Cincinnati, OH - Transportation and Engineering

Chicago, IL - Chicago Transit Authoirty

Dallas, TX - Rapid Transit

Detriot, MI - Department of Transportation

Honolulu, HI - Transportation Services 

New York City, NY - Department of Transportation

Seattle, WA - Department of Transportation

Tucson, AZ - Department of Transportation





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