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Department of Employment


In the future every able and willing person will be offered a job that is best suited for their personal skills and interests. There will no longer be any unemployment. All jobs will be positively directed towards providing an essential service within the social infrastructure. No job will work adversely upon the system. All workers will be compensated for their labor with a fair wage that is equitably appraised and by free use of social services provided by the communal infrastructure. No longer will people unfairly profit any more or less due to corruption within the system. Every job position will be guaranteed the highest safety standards in order to ensure the health and wellbeing of all workers. No longer will workers be put at risk due to negligence by the employer.

The economy will boom with the development of millions of new jobs; hiring local workers is a new approach being initiated to counter the current trends of outsourcing. We are creating jobs locally and employing local people. With exceptional vocational training programs we will empower a workforce of highly skilled laborers that will build the future of our dreams. Workers will no longer scrounge trying to live on a minimum wage; all people working for society will be guaranteed a living wage which will pay for essential living requirements along with a minimum bonus for personal expenses, investments, or savings.

Every person who seeks employment shall be granted a suitable position in the cooperative work force; 0% unemployment, and 100% of jobs work productively for society. No job within the infrastructure will ever act adversely to the well being of any person or any part of our living environment; not one job will stand contrary to our values and principles. Every single occupation will provide a service that is 100% beneficial and supports an essential part of the national infrastructure.

Corporations will be founded upon a set of core values that will establish the common guiding principles in which cooperative actions shall be engaged. An incorporation is a group of workers forming an organized body designed to accomplish mission objectives and realize a greater collective vision for social wellbeing. Workers are permitted to form unions to collectively negotiate the conditions for employment.

All people who contribute services to maintain society are equal. There is no superiority of any worker; management is not above any employee but rather provides an equally valuable service. There will be no hierarchical structure of power but the employment system will be egalitarian and based upon a meritocracy. Whether a person is sorting recyclables or managing an organization of hundreds of people all jobs are equal in that they provide an essential service to society in which the infrastructure and our civilization could not function without.

Every worker whose job contributes to the national infrastructure will be provided with basic living requirements such as water, food, clothing, housing w/ utilities, health care, education, and transportation. There should also be activities set up to encourage learning about the environment and area, native history and culture, shows, social clubs, with exhibits / tours, hikes and climbs. It is important for people to keep the mind and spirit progressively active.

If people all get together with the program at once and choose not to pay for trivial accessories anymore but rather invest into substantive programs, there may be many companies that consequently will have to lay off workers. Take for instance the cigarette companies. How will those companies react if the whole country quit smoking tomorrow. There will be no more demand for them which is a good thing because people will be healthier. Businesses that contribute negatively should be phased out. It is of importance that all individuals employed within such companies find productive jobs. We have to be able to guarantee any individual who is willing to work an opportunity. There is much work that needs to be done on our infrastructure.

What is the purpose of working? Is it not to perform a service for society? How come so many jobs today are performing a disservice for society?

If people are employed in the essential positions that provide a valuable and productive service to society more would be accomplished and the work burdens would decrease. Maintaining is easy; building and developing is what takes all the effort. Once a solid, sustainable, infrastructure is developed it will take minimal effort to maintain. People will be able to work less hours in a day and have a greater payoff because of the enhancements. I imagine the future workday devoted to society to be about five hours; five days a week; with breaks and perhaps a week vacation every month. If our infrastructure is built efficiently it will only take a small fraction of the population to maintain the operation at any given time. There can be 6 shifts rotating every five hours.

If you are working for the social infrastructure you are providing a “service”; if not you are just providing an “occupation”; occupying valuable time, work, and money without contributing anything to society.

In the future technology will replace manual labor and human workers will no longer need to exhaust themselves for many hours in order to make a living and sustain the operation of society. We live in an age of robotic engineering where machines run by computers will replace manual labor. Our vision is to design a highly advanced infrastructure that will be sustained with the least amount of physical labor by human beings.


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