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The information section is intended to empower people with knowledge, ideas, and wisdom that will enable the personal and social transformation to a greater state of sustainable peace and prosperity.


The concepts section offers new and powerful ideas for various subjects including: Ontology, Theology, Cosmogony, Anthropology, Philosophy, Health, Economics, Social Dynamics, Organizational Behavior, Political Science.


The infrastructure section is composed of 20 essential programs that compose modern civilization. The contents of this section will present a comprehensive model for developing a state of the art social infrastructure capable of providing all human requirements in the coming era. The 20 Infrastructure Departments are: Aesthetics, Agriculture, Commerce, Communication, Computers, Construction, Education, Emergency Response, Employment, Energy, Environment, Health, Industry, Media, Sanitation , Security , Services, Technology , Transportation , Resources


The subcommittees are an integral part of the highly innovative Unity for a Change system of government. For each of the 20 infrastructure departments there are 20 subcommittees that provide further oversight and micromanagement. The 20 Management Subcommittees are: Accounting, Analysis, Conservation, Correspondence, Economics, Engineering, Ethics, Finance, Global Relations, History, Information, Law, Management, Mathematics, Philosophy, Safety, Science, Sociology, Statistics, Systems


This section deals with common social issues and government policy. This is also a place where people can come together and discuss important topics constructively.

Abortion, Abuse, Accidents, Aids, Animal Cruelty, Bankruptcy, Climate Change, Colony Collapse, Conspiracy, Corruption, Crime, Debt, Deforestation, Disabilities, Disarmament, Discrimination, Disease, Disputes, Drought, Drugs, Famine, Gangs, Genocide, GMOs, Gun Control, Global Warming, Homelessness, Hunger / Malnutrition, Infestation, Injury, Illiteracy, Malpractice, Natural Disasters, Overpopulation, Pollution, Poverty, Prisons, Racism, RecessionRefugeesSuicideTerrorismTortureUnemploymentViolenceWar



This section deals with public policy and is a communal forum for developing common social procedures and operational protocols.

Aid, Ammendments, Banking, Bidding, Budget, Census, Citizenship, Code of Conduct, Contracts, Court, Currency, Democracy, Distribution, Districts, Elections, Environmental Protection, Food, Health Care, Human Rights, Identification, Immigration, Incorporation, Insurance, Investment, Juries, Justice, Law, Licenses, Loans, Pension, Petitions, Plebiscite, Production, Property, Proposals, Records, Referendum, Revenue, Social Security, Taxation, Territory, Trade, Transparency, Treaties, Voting, Wages, Water



The guidelines section provides useful “tips and tricks” for accomplishing the various objective tasks that are commonly used in the cooperative production. This will house a compilation of instructions that have been created to assist people in accomplishing project related tasks. The idea is to empower individuals with the capacity to take initiative and effectively realize success. There are many skills related to the social change movement that are typically acquired through years of active participation; it is our intention to process this knowledge into easy to utilize guides in order to assist newcomers. We aim to turn every citizen into a potent and mobilized social activist. These templates will offer direction and help people to quickly get up to speed with the production.

Action, Balance, Communication, Demonstration, Festivals, Leadership, Management, Meetings, Minutes, Networking, Organizing, Public Speaking, Recruiting, Research, Writing



In the future the news section will work as a cooperative outlet for public journalism and independent media. For now, enjoy some links to various alternative and mainstream news networks.


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