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Department of Global Relations

It will be the job of the Department on Global Relations to open lines of communication between people across the planet and initiate a constructive and progressive dialogue based upon universal values, cooperation, and principles of mutual agreement. This department facilitates international relations as a means to attain development goals and advance the common good for all people.

We are developing a system that enables people to communicate directly with each other. Currently international dialogue is being controlled and filtered by dominant groups who leverage affairs for private interest. Many nations are being controlled by ruthless dictators who have hijacked power through a dishonest means. The Unity for a Change Department of Global Relations essentially bypasses these people and takes them out of the picture by providing a new alternative pathway in the political circuitry. Citizens of the world will be directly connected to each other and empowered to communicate personally.


In the future people around the world will no longer alienate and distance each other with labels such as “foreigner” but will work together cooperatively as friends and neighbors. I imagine a day when humankind functions harmoniously as one interconnected society of people collaborating resources in order to exceptionally provide for the common good. By synergistically incorporating the remarkable strengths of all nations every area of the world will be transformed into paradise and all people will be provided with an extraordinary quality of life. There will be no more wars and hardship but only a state of global peace and justice. Human rights will be preserved around the world and all people will naturally be guaranteed safety and security any place they inhabit or visit upon travels. The world will be an open frontier and genuinely free. People will no longer consider themselves “nationalists” of an isolated country but “international citizens” in a globalized world. Conflicts will be resolved only through peaceful diplomacy and military force will never even be considered as an option.


-Resolve all ongoing violent conflicts and initiate peaceful settlement between feuding nations

-Provide international mediation, arbitration, and negotiation to progress the harmony of global relations

-Develop an effective communication system that enables people around the world to interact directly and work cooperatively for the common good

-Provide humanitarian aid to impoverished people and offer international assistance to developing countries to enhance the common wellbeing as a global community


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