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Department of Industry


Each region will be equipped with or supplied all of the industrial facilities, tools, and materials required to process and manufacture all the materials and goods required for the region. Each region will be entirely self-sustainable. The size of the region that is to be covered by a certain manufacturing facility is dependent upon the demand / requirement of the product as compared to the rate at which it can be produced. For instance, if just one factory can supply the demand for the entire planet then the one factory covers the global region. Yet other products may require multiple factories in many places around the globe covering localized regions to optimize production.

The Department of Industry will manufacture products in abundance and supply all operating resources for the national infrastructure. Any tool, machine, material, or supply will be manufactured by the cooperative enterprise and supplied at the lowest cost possible to the pubic.

All public programs existing within the national infrastructure will be subsidized with all of the material resources required for them to function at maximum productivity. Special factories will be built to manufacture comfortable and durable work outfits, quality tools and machinery, clean fuel, office materials, electronics, vehicles...

As a measure of protocol all materials manufactured by the national infrastructure will be engineered by a process that is ecologically safe and biologically friendly.


Bureau of Industry and Security



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