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The purpose of this overview is to detail the fundamental concepts and principles for sustaining health and overcoming disease in order to give the reader a proficient paradigm for making intelligent life choices that will ensure the holistic well being of the human body.

Why live in pain? Why should we spend our lives suffering from ailments when such problems can naturally and quite easily be avoided? How can any person manage to live their lives to the fullest potential while suffering from physical ailments which are constantly bothersome and which incapacitate their abilities? It is unimaginable to think about how many people constantly live in a world of discomfort. It is sad and unfortunate that many people must suffer from physical trauma in which they live constantly in pain and / or are permanently disabled. Those who live in perfect health have been given a true blessing. It is a beautiful gift to be able to experience the world with such great livelihood and agility.

Our bodies are amazing machines which remarkably maintain a complex and delicate balance with incredible precision. The stress tolerances in which the human body has been shown to endure is astounding. In many cases the body has been shown to tolerate unimaginable trauma: people have survived from falling out of planes, being stranded in the freezing cold for days, and even dieing and coming back to life. Many people for days, weeks, months, and years will poison their bodies with junk “food” void of nutrients and laced with chemicals and along with illegal drugs, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, and cigarettes and may still survive for many years. This is pretty amazing that the body can tolerate such punishment. People will spend days binging upon these poisons and after enduring a slight hangover the body resets back to a state of normal and the person can carry on. What other machine can endure such punishment and not break down? Almost any other technology on the planet would be decommissioned by similar stresses. We should be grateful for being given such extraordinary devices for our own personal use and respect the biological technology that is our human body.

Although the body can survive a high level of injury doesn’t mean we should endure such trauma. This behavior poses a tax upon the system and detracts from the immaculate pool of life energy. We can either live in a state of brilliant vibrancy or a state of dismal struggle. We should aim to eliminate any factor that will contribute stress to our life force and alleviate any condition which reduces our supply of energy. We should then aim to assimilate into our lives every factor that will contribute vibrant energy to our life force and which will promote the quality of our state of wellbeing. It is a simple solution for health: do no harm and promote wellness.

Those who are born with the privilege of living in health are truly blessed. So many people are born with defects such as handicaps, deformities, mental illness, cerebral palsy, dwarfism, and many other permanent life altering factors. These people enter the world facing a lifetime of challenges. Some people have no choice to maintain perfect health. They were born with their afflictions or have been damaged by some uncontrollable force. Think about the innocent people who are victims of war and who are permanently disfigured and dismembered. These people are experiencing a nightmare that will not end when they awaken. Many children are unnecessary casualties have been burned alive, scarred over their entire bodies, and have lost limbs. They will spend their entire lives at a disadvantage because of something that they had absolutely no control over.

Those who are healthy, able, and active are blessed with a beautiful gift. It is an amazing privilege to be capable of living life with health and vibrant energy. It is unfortunate that many people spend their days in suffering and agony. For many unfortunate souls they are trapped inside of a bodysuit that for their entire lives they will be struck with constant pain. It is unfortunate and sad that many people are uncomfortable just being inside their own body.

Yet some people suffer from pains and illnesses that are caused by their own choices and volition. Many people are eating junk “food” that will give them stomach pains, ulcers, diabetes, eczema, allergies, obesity. People will smoke cigarettes and suffer from lung cancer, emphysema, and heart disease. Other people poison themselves with chemicals and drugs like alcohol, cocaine, crack, and prescription pharmaceuticals which deteriorate the nervous system and the ability to think. Many people don’t realize that many of the illnesses, diseases, and pains they endure and suffer can be entirely avoided, prevented, and eliminated through proper care and simple nurturing of basic physiological principles. The body is designed to remarkably re-stabilize itself once provided with the conditions required to favor healing. Hundreds of millions of people suffer from irritable symptoms and painful ailments which can quite easily be avoided and entirely cured.

I know from personal experience that I can’t stand to have the slight pain of a headache, or the mild discomfort of a stomach ache. Yet some people suffer from constant nausea, debilitating illness, and agonizing pain. I know how I get when I am slightly discomforted. I can only imagine the suffering that some unfortunate people must endure from day to day. Sometimes we don’t realize how valuable and precious our health is until it is taken away and we are ill, injured, and forced to undergo trials of suffering and discomfort. Every time I get sick or injured I am reminded how precious and essential health is for our life experience. Health is a blessing worthy of appreciation.

Contemporary medicine

In today’s backwards world of medicine doctors commonly look towards drugs and technology to treat illness without ever addressing the natural way in which the body sustains health and rejuvenates from disease. Many times this results in one temporary step forward and 10 permanent steps backward. It seems as though our most basic knowledge of how to maintain the health and wellbeing of our body has been lost and forgotten. It is time we go back to the natural way. We must begin nurturing the basic components of health by promoting forces that contribute to the wellbeing of every aspect of our organism and eliminating any forces which pose harm. We must learn to use the natural elements of the earth to replenish our body with vital energy and potent life force.

Modern medicine will try to cure disease with disease under the assumption like can cure like. This is the fundamental theory of "homeopathic medicine". It is common for doctors to prescribe patients with treatments that in larger doses would actually manifest the disease itself. All the while patients are never instructed on how to maintain health naturally. These elements which cause illness in a person who is healthy have no potential to bring health to a person that is sick. In reality only measures of health can cure disease and restore wellness. Only a positive balance can equalize a negative imbalance. The very first step is naturally to prescribe treatments that manifest health and wellness and eliminate any factors which might cause disease and illness.

Instead of getting caught up in the fad remedies for treating an illness it is best to learn how the human machine naturally operates and promote the holistic wellness of the entire organism by putting the entire body into a complete state of balance which universally favors the healing from illness and sustainable health. By maintaining the simple processes which naturally promote health the body will be put in an advantageous condition that favors healing of all types of illness and disease. This is not a treatment plan that is designed to remedy only one specific affliction but it is a holistic treatment designed to balance the entire organism and promote sustainable wellness and empower the body to recover from the cause of all symptoms of illness.


Health is the condition of a complete symbiotic balance in which all components functioning within all systems composing an organism are operating at full capacity and working together in harmony. Health is the cause of wellness which is the effect of proper balance.

Health is a complete balance of the entire electromagnetic energy field as generated by the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Any negative electromagnetic vibe is disease within the system and will manifest symptoms of illness. We must attune our entire personal entity by amplifying positive vibrations of light energy throughout our entire electromagnetic field to the point where we are completely engulfed in light energy and imprinted in a positive state of balance and harmony. We must eliminate all sources of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual disease which are imprints of negative vibrations upon our personal entity. To get rid of a negative imprint you must provide a greater imprint of a positive vibration. This takes powerful positive focusing over extended periods of time. We must cleanse our body, purify our emotions, clear our consciousness, and focus our spirit.

Holistic health includes all aspects of the human being including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Health includes adequate provisions of physical needs: circulation, respiration, hydration, nourishment, digestion, excretion, sanitation, sleep, hygiene; emotional needs: trust, security, joy, love, happiness; mental needs: cognition, perception, awareness, intelligence, knowledge, focus, memory; and spiritual needs: freedom, will power, experience, expression.

Health is the foundation of harmonic balance that is cause to holistic wellness, vibrant energy, and prolonged vitality. Health is positively sustained by providing a complete balance of all essential needs.


Disease is the condition of an antibiotic imbalance in which components or systems composing an organism are functioning improperly and operating in a state of disharmony. Disease is the underlying cause of symptoms which are the effects of the fundamental imbalance.

We must not only think in terms of balancing our bodies on the molecular level but in terms of the fundamental quanta of energy affecting the molecular and cellular structure of our body. Health is the condition of potent energy balanced in a state of harmonic synchronicity. Disease is the condition of energy being imbalanced in a state of disharmonic incongruity. We must attune our energy field to a state of complete and pure harmonic resonance. Any disharmonic oscillations within our energy field must be silenced. We must work to balance the entire spectrum of our personal electromagnetic energy field.

Any type of imbalance that has a negative impact upon the system is a source of disease. There are diseases that impact every state of the human being including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Malnourishment, dehydration, and toxicity are forms of physical disease. Hate, depression, anxiety, and regret are forms of emotional disease. Ignorance, stupidity, lies, and amnesia, are forms of mental disease. Enslavement, domination, and alter ego are forms of spiritual disease.

The disease and fundamental cause of illness is an imbalance within the system. This imbalance will be the source of subsequent signs of illness which begin to surface. The condition of imbalance weakens the body’s immunity and resilience and opens the door thus allowing a variety of problems to take root. These problems will continue to manifest as long as there is the initial cause of imbalance. The way to eliminate the negative imbalance of disease is to provide the essential positive substance required for balance. The only cure for the disease is to restore balance and provide a supply of the essential human requirement that is lacking from the total equation.


Symptoms are not the disease itself but are the observable effects of disease. The body being in a state of imbalance can cause the manifestation of many different symptoms of illness. Symptoms include: aches, pains, nausea, fever, rash, irritation, bleeding… One must focus upon remedying the cause of imbalance (disease) and not upon alleviating the effects of illness (symptoms / the manifestations of the imbalance). By eliminating the cause of imbalance then all surfacing effects of illness will cease. By alleviating only the effects of illness and not eliminating the cause of imbalance then the imbalance will remain and continuously produce more effects of illness. Therefore when trying to revitalize health one must not focus upon alleviating the symptoms but rather must focus upon rebalancing all physiological systems within the body. By rebalancing the body, disease will be eliminated and all symptoms will go away. It is futile to try to relieve symptoms without working to rebalance the entire physiological condition of the body. Even if the symptoms are temporarily relieved if the underlying condition of imbalance is still in place the symptoms will continue to manifest.


A cure is to eliminate the cause of disease by balancing the imbalance. A cure is specifically what is needed in order to completely rebalance the physiological system. Only the body is capable of healing the body. There is only one cure for disease: balance. The body can only heal itself when it is in a state of balance. The only cure for disease is the rebalancing of the body’s entire physiological mechanism. One may help the body in the healing process by implementing measures that will contribute to balance and eliminating factors that will cause imbalance but only the body can cure itself. Doctors cannot induce cures; doctors can only help to put the body in a state of balance that will favor healing. When the body is in a state of balance and harmony healing will naturally take place. Our body is a machine that is naturally programmed to heal once it is provided with the essential condition required to facilitate such healing. Therefore one should not look for external cures for the symptoms of illness but rather one should work to attain holistic internal balance of the entire physiological system.

The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule for sustaining holistic health simply is DO NO HARM: Don’t ingest, inhale, absorb or embody any substance that will detract from the integrity of your body and thus put you at a disadvantage; and the counterpart being DO HELP: Only ingest, inhale, absorb and embody substances that will enhance the integrity of your body, mind, and spirit and propel you towards achieving your fullest potential for health, happiness, enlightenment, and success. Give your body every possible advantage to heal. Eliminate any factors which will pose resistance to the healing process and remove every obstacle that stands in the way. By removing all factors that harm the body and introducing all factors which heal the body you will greatly increase the probability to revitalize health.

The fundamental principle of holistic medicine is to do not contribute any further harm and only promote that which is entirely good. The first step to getting on the fast track to health is to first eliminate any factors that are causing negative stress upon the body. With these distressing elements removed there will be a stable foundation to nurture regeneration. Introduce into the physiological system every essential and life giving substance that will naturally revitalize your body with potent nourishment and vibrant energy.

Benefits of health and drawbacks of disease

Health provides every advantage that enables us to proficiently experience this existence, develop our capacities to the fullest, realize our potential, accomplish our missions and goals, and achieve personal success in this fleeting time we have on this earth. Health empowers us with an incredible ability to achieve any objectives in which our own free will desires. Thus it is essential to sustain a state of perfect health i.e. homeostasis. It is senseless to try to function otherwise because we will never fully be able to experience life without restraint and we will always be impaired in our efforts to realize our fullest potential. It is essential in life to maintain a complete state of balance: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. With proper balance we will accelerate towards our goals and achieve success in life. It is important to remove every obstacle which may impede our success and provide ourselves every advantage possible. If our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual health is imbalanced and unstable then we will be restricted, obstructed, misguided, impeded and lost in our mission to realize our fullest potential and our time on this earth will not be as enjoyable or productive.

Naturally sustaining holistic health

The way to sustain holistic health is through properly nurturing and balancing the entire organism. Holistic health cannot be attained by focusing only upon alleviating the symptoms which are the effects of a precursor imbalance. By eliminating negative factors of imbalance and promoting positive factors of balance the disease will be cured, the organism will heal, and symptoms of illness will cease to manifest.

Many people mistakenly think the surfacing effects are the problem and try to treat the symptoms with a topical remedy that does nothing to eliminate the underlying cause of disease. It is pointless and futile to attempt to eliminate the effects of illness without ever addressing the fundamental cause. This methodology will only prolong the suffering that could otherwise be treated. Even worse, this practice may cover up the important warning signs that there is a serious problem making the pain more tolerable while condition is actually worsening. Many people don’t realize the ailments they suffer from daily can be completely cured.

In order to sustain holistic health all negative forces that contribute imbalance to the system must be completely eliminated and all positive forces that promote balance must be fully employed. Health is a balance of the entire magnetic field as generated by the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Any negative electromagnetic vibe is disease within the system and will manifest symptoms of illness. We must tune our entire personal entity by amplifying positive vibrations of light pervasively throughout our entire electromagnetic field to the point where we are completely imprinted in a positive state of balance and harmony.

We must eliminate all sources of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual disease which are imprints of negative vibrations upon our personal entity. To get rid of a negative imprint you must provide a greater imprint of a positive vibration. This takes powerful positive focusing over extended periods of time. We must cleanse our body, purify our emotions, clear our consciousness, and focus our spirit. Embody a balanced, harmonious, and positively charged energy field of existence. Eliminate imbalanced, discordant, and negatively discharged voided space of nonexistence.

Air - Breathing

Oxygen is such an essential component to living that if you stop breathing for less than just a few minutes you will die. The air that makes up our atmosphere is only 21% oxygen. Of that small percentage of oxygen in the air we inhale, due to the inefficiencies of our lungs we actually only absorb a fraction of what was inhaled even when breathing properly, and 16% of the oxygen is exhaled. Thus we must take good care of our lungs to maximize the absorption of oxygen from the air we breathe and ensure that we are breathing fresh air at all times. Oxygen helps to alkalize the body and is a primary element in the metabolic function.

There are some common problems that restrict oxygen respiration which can easily be resolved; typically: shallow breathing and smoking. Many people fail to take deep breaths throughout the day and will unconsciously breathe very shallow. Many people smoke cigarettes and other chemicals which destroy lung tissue and impair the body’s ability to effectively absorb oxygen.


THE BEST ADVICE: Don’t smoke. Take care of your lungs. Take deep breaths of fresh air, from the diaphragm, inhaling as much and exhaling all the way, in a continuous circular rhythm. Breathe until your body starts to tingle (this means it’s working; but be careful not to over do it).


Take a few minutes throughout the day to practice some deep breathing exercises. Inhale fresh air deeply with your diaphragm (ballooning your stomach) and filling your lungs all the way. Exhale long breaths of air forcing a gust of wind with your diaphragm until your lungs are entirely empty. Practice breathing in different rhythmic cycles such as 4, 6, and 8 second intervals of inhaling / exhaling. To exercise the diaphragm practice taking deep breaths while performing physical exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, leg lifts, pull ups, and jogging. To increase your lung capacity practice sipping in breaths of air after you inhale to further expand your lungs.


You will notice a difference after practicing such breathing routines; every breath you take will be a little bit easier. You will find it easy to take deep breaths and yawn. Also such breathing exercises will improve your speaking and singing abilities in areas of tone, clarity, and projection. By strengthening your diaphragm and increasing lung capacity you will be less winded while performing physical work and exercise; you will also have increased stamina and endurance. By practicing breathing exercises and maintaining proper breathing techniques throughout the day you will ensure the health of your respiratory system; one of the primary organ systems that maintains the health and functionality of your entire body.


Water – Hydration

Our friend water, good old H2O, is so important to our health that we couldn’t even live more than a week without a drink. Water makes up over 60% of our body and 75% of our muscle mass. Water also helps regulate body temperature, transports nutrients, and helps dispel waste.


The quality of water we drink is vital to maintaining health. Not all water is the same even though it may appear to be. Water can be stagnant, stale, lifeless, acidic, contaminated with bacteria or parasites, void of essential minerals, and even toxic with lead, PCB’s, chlorine and other free radicals. The purity and integrity of the water we drink has a significant impact upon our body. The best water is: circulated, fresh, energized, purified, alkalized, and mineral enriched. Pure water in its natural state is sweet to the taste and has a slight electric charge that can even be felt on the tongue.


Drink about 8-10 glasses of water a day; starting when you wake up in the morning and then in-between meals (but not during). It is best to separate beverages about 30 minutes before or after meals so as not to interfere with digestion. For added nutrition and flavor juice a whole lemon, lime, or orange into a glass of water throughout the day.


Food - Nutrition

Now, let’s talk about eating. Proper dieting is one of the most critical factors in balancing the body and conquering illness. The foods being eaten and beverages consumed, aside from providing basic nourishment, will alter the environment of your digestive system and body as a whole (either for the better or for the worse). It is essential to maintain what you DO eat and what you DO NOT eat.



+ You DO want to eat:

1. Organic
2. All natural
3. Living / bioactive
4. Fresh
5. Unprocessed
6. Raw (or cooked at low temperatures)

- You DO NOT want to eat/ drink:

1. Synthetic / petrochemicals
2. Chemical additives / artificial ingredients
3. Dead
4. Old / stale
5. Processed / refined
6. Frozen or superheated


+ DO eat / drink: Drink: purified water, fruit / veggie juice (lemon, lime, wheat grass) Eat: fresh lettuce, spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, carrots, squash, sprouts, green/ red/ orange/ yellow bell-peppers, olives, green beans, avocado, apples, cranberries, prunes,), oranges/ grapefruit, almonds, brazil nuts, hazel nuts, brown rice, lentils/ beans, olive oil, flax seed oil, almond butter, sprouted wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal, sea-salt, pepper, garlic, green onion, meat

These foods will provide the essential nutritional value that your body requires to function at the highest capacity. These foods will also improve the health of the digestive tract and enable greater nutrient absorption by balancing the internal environment the body.

-DO NOT eat / drink: soda pop, fast food, fried foods, junk food, sugar/ simple carbohydrates, sweeteners, condiments, powdered mixes. Avoid: milk, mushrooms, yeast, and products made with white flour (white bread).

These foods, aside from the fact that that provide your body with little nutritional value (that can easily be acquired from better sources), also adversely alter the environment within your digestive system. Internally this may commonly result in overgrowth of harmful bacteria and the destruction of the body’s helpful probiotic bacteria. These foods destabilize the digestive system and decrease the body’s ability to digest food and assimilate nutrients.


Eat only what is natural and that which will provide your body with substantial nourishment and energy. Do not eat anything that is unnatural nor that which will introduce toxins into your body and consume your body’s energy.


PRINCIPLE: Only introduce elements into your system that will enhance your health. Introduce no element into your system that will detract from your health; nor even elements that are neutral.


Okay, so now you have a basic idea of what you do and do not want to eat. The first thing that you will want to do is get rid of all the junk food in your house. Eliminate all of the foods from your refrigerator and pantry that are not beneficial for your health; then, stock your house with revitalizing / life-giving foods.


Food variety and combining

The next thing you have to know is that even though you eat the right foods if you eat them in the wrong combination they can have an adverse affect. The idea is that you want to eat a wide variety of foods throughout the day and week in order to get all the required nutrients, but, only eat a simple/ similar combination of foods in a given meal in order to properly digest.


1. Eat a variety of different types of nourishing food throughout the day and week to get all the essential nutrients that are required by the body. Change up the meals throughout the year and eat produce that is in season.


2. Eat simple combinations of food during a single meal. Separate protein and starches. Take different types of food as their own meal to maximize digestibility. Make vegetables a meal, fruit a meal, protein a meal, carbohydrates a meal, and dairy into a meal. The exception with food combining is that you can eat a fresh raw vegetable salad with every meal. Don’t eat complex combinations of food because the body has only a limited capacity for digestion. If food isn’t being digested then you are just expending work to pass it through and aren’t getting any nutritional benefit in return. Same goes for beverages which are best to be spaced about 30 minutes before or after a meal or drank any time in between.



The human body needs to maintain a pH level of 7.34; which is just slightly alkaline. This is a primary balancing point; if this is off, and you are too alkaline, or too acidic you’re in for some serious trouble. You can test the pH level of urine, saliva, or blood with litmus paper. Due to improper dieting many people are likely to be highly acidic and suffer from the condition of acidosis. Proper diet will help to rebalance the body’s pH level.


Eat foods that will have an alkalizing affect on the body. The combination of food you eat at any meal should be at least 80% alkalizing. I would recommend right now you go on an immediate cleanse where your diet is 100% alkalizing / pure/ nourishing. The best alkalizing foods are raw green vegetables. Fresh / raw green vegetables are also one of the best / most direct sources of the suns energy (chlorophyll) which is an important tool in life and healing.


Light energy

Light energy is the life force of the universe and vital substance of nature. The only way to be alive is by utilizing the resonant frequencies of light. Embodying what is void of light energy will void the force of life. To embody light is to be alive. We can physically ingest the power of light via consumption of living foods. Plants store light energy in the purest and most effectively assimilated form in the chemical bonds of chlorophyll. Plants are the most direct and easily consumable source of the sun’s light energy. The colors of the fruits and vegetables are indicators of the spectrum of light energy stored within the chemical bonds of the plant. The power and embodiment of Light can be recognized by the timbre and quality of sound vibration carried by the molecular structure. The chemical bond of the chlorophyll molecule actually stores a photon of light energy. The geometric shape of the electromagnetic field contained in chlorophyll is able to store the light of the sun in a way that can be effectively transferred to the human body. This natural source of energy can be quickly utilized by the body. It is in our interest to embody the greatest quality and quantity of light energy. We must maximize our intake of vital nourishment and refuse all substances that are void of light energy.



The mind is a powerful tool that we must learn to control with discipline. Throughout the day our mind becomes occupied with countless thoughts and ideas that come streaming in and out of consciousness. It would be quite overwhelming if we didn’t have the ability to put such thoughts to rest. The mind can easily get cluttered with random ideas and it could be quite difficult to concentrate and find the desired point of focus. Probably the fundamental step to clearing the mind is to proactively work to NOT introduce any useless thoughts into the cognitive cycle in the first place. But perhaps inevitably some random ideas are going to make their way into consciousness willfully or not.


Meditation is a practice of silencing the mind, releasing all thoughts, and clearing the mental focus. By stopping all the random thoughts the mind is enabled to think clearly. Meditation actually slows down the cycles of brainwaves from beta state (13-30 cycles per second) to alpha or theta (7-14 or 4-7 cycles per second) the same state as lucid dreaming. This period of a silenced mind works to deactivate the active electrical currents running through the brains circuitry and enables a period of neutrality whereupon new circuits of ideas can then be activated, opened, and channeled at will.


Meditation is a skill that requires practice like anything else. The silencing of the mind is attained through willful concentration and relaxation. But concentration is sort of a thought process all in itself that must be stopped in order to truly silence the mind. There are certain methods that can be used to help silence the mind such as focusing on breathing rhythmically or the sound of “ohm” or any sort of monotone (or monotonous tone) that resonates deeply within the body and mind. A good way to start is to stretch out and loosen the body and then position yourself in a way that you can be completely relaxed without feeling and being conscious of your body. When you have found the position, loosen all the tension in your body from head to toe and make sure that every muscle and tendon is completely relaxed. Begin a slow and rhythmic cycle of deep breathes from the diaphragm. Forget your body and find the center of your consciousness.


Meditation helps to balance the power of the mind and stabilize mental health.


Prayer is the process of consciously attuning ones energy spectrum to pure balance and the harmonic tone of God and then willfully focusing the powers of mind to look within the Source for truthful answers and optimal guidance. Prayer is spiritual communion and conscious communication with Divine intelligence. Prayer is about disconnecting oneself from the body, emotions, and mind and completely connecting to pureness of spiritual reality. Prayer is taking a step out of the physical world to enter the spiritual domain. One must release all worldly physical, emotional, and mental attachment and only embody the pure spiritual essence which is the light of absolute truth.

Prayer is concentration on a thought while holding the willful intention of manifesting such powerful visualization in reality. To pray is to focus the creative mental energies towards propelling a great concentration of the imagination while holding the willing intention of manifesting that image of reality in your life. This image becomes imprinted in your conscious, embedded in your mind; the idea becomes your mold, your model, your paradigm. You instinctively react according to its features; your conversations, path, and actions resonate harmoniously and naturally follow the path. The prayers you construct should lead you to your ideal balance of health, love, sustenance, and happiness. Extend deeply your concentration. Exercise your focus. Develop your visualization.

Every moment is prayer; concentrate. Prayer is focused spiritual projection that guides you in your physical reality. Prayer tunes the spirit and focuses the mind. Just as staring at a bright light will imprint an image on your retina, holding thought has an imprint on your memory. Thoughts have mass, inertia, and gravity that pull you in certain directions, and have unique reactions with newly introduced information. It is important to maintain pure imprints so as not to weigh your mind in any wrong direction. Become skilled at constructing and holding pure and elaborate imaginings that will react harmoniously with your true desires. Saturate your mind with awesome ideas capable of attracting you to a great future. Filling your day with positive activity will fill your mind with positive memories and will help you concentrate upon pure thoughts during prayer. End each prayer willing yourself to fulfill your duties and act out the steps visualized in your prayers. Pray that you may use your inherent power to bring greater peace into your life and unto the world.

Prayer will direct you upon your path. The physical actions of the body are to a large extent directed by the thoughts a person focuses upon. Prayer focuses a strong concentration of cognitive energy and stores a memory imprint that acts like a paradigm in guided behavior. Humans have an incredible ability to imagine scenarios and complex operations with multiple elements interacting in a sequence. We are able to invent methods of interaction in our mental simulator of reality. We can test possible scenarios and see how they play out. The way we focus our energy will manifest actions in the world. We will think through the necessary steps required to achieve an objective and be prepared with the insight and foresight required to deal with issues as they emerge in reality. So what is the difference between contemplation and prayer? It is necessary to focus such energies while in a state of balance and harmony in order for such mental processing to have the optimal harmonious properties that will formulate accurate bearings upon the real world. This is the reason one should pray to God. God is the infinite consciousness of absolute harmony. To connect with God one attunes their spiritual energies to the virtuous attributes of divine power. When embodying the spirit of God the mental energies will produce vivid scenarios that will harmoniously lead to success. If one focuses the mental energies with a negative overtone then such thought processing will amount to a mental imprint that will react discordantly within the world. Prayer empowers the spirit and mind with a powerful force that pulls a person to the desires of their imagining. In order to work harmoniously with the universe and instinctively respond to the will of nature embody an enlightened spirit.

Think of your personal energy field as a radio transmitter and receiver that is constantly sending and picking up electric signals from the universe. Purify your entire being so that you may be worthy and capable of accepting and receiving Divine transmissions that are eternally being broadcasted. You must be properly attuned. Be humble, modest, patient, selfless, pure, dignified... Bring the essence of your being into full harmony so that you may resonate with Light. Purify your body, emotions, thoughts, desire, behavior, environment, and spirit. The more you concentrate this purity the stronger the resonant tone will reverberate with your spirit and the more you will become connected to the ultimate Spiritual Truth. Cleanse yourself of impurities. God is the absolute perfect embodiment of all virtues. When focusing upon God during prayer visualizations are attuned to an absolute pure focus. By praying to God the prayers are concentrated and imprinted upon the mind when the spirit is attuned to a focus of virtuous perfection. Spiritual attunement is the optimal state of being for mental imprinting.

Prayer is for the health of the spirit. Within the day our spirit may be stained with impurities from negative energy we embodied. Prayer is for the purification of the soul. Any negative vibration must be overpowered by a positive vibration. One must counter negativity with intense positive focus.

In prayer imagine the light of God flowing through your being, expanding, and shining upon the whole planet, and exploding through you to the stars and the outmost regions of the universe. Imagine the light cleansing yourself of all impurities and nourishing you with the essence of life. Pray for health and will to have the power to heal the world and bring peace upon the earth. Imagine yourself being the force that will end all suffering.


Cleansing is a period of time when a person makes a strict effort to not ingest any type of harmful substance in an effort to flush all toxins out of the body so that the system can be rebalanced. Cleansing the body is an essential step to healing and maintaining holistic health. During a period of cleansing a person will eliminate contact from all elements which are harmful, degenerative, and damaging to the health; a cleansing of the entire self including: body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Cleansing is a way to reset your system. To clean out your entire personal entity, flushing out all toxins and impurities, and rebalancing your life in a positive state.

Cleansing includes a period of fasting. This may be a period of strict fasting with only water and without any foods or a period of fasting where the diet is limited to purely nitrified, alkalizing, anti-oxidizing, and life giving foods with the elimination all other foods that do not meet such standards.

No human is infallible and all are with blemish; throughout our lives we stain our bodies, emotion, mind, and spirit with impurity. A cleanse is a period of abstaining from impurity; allowing our stains to be cleansed by a period of purity. The longer the period of purity the deeper the cleansing and the more our body, emotion, mind, and spirit will be attuned to resonate with the divine light energy.





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