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If you would like to feature your organization on the Unity for a Change website please contact us.



Abolish the Death Penalty

Against Censorship

Against Domestic Violence

Against Trafficking of Women

AIDS    AIDS Worldwide

Alternative Community Schools

Alternative to the Drug War

American Environmental



Beyond Factory Farming

Biological Ecological Sciences

Cancer    Cancer Prevention

Cannabis     Cannabis Business     Cannabis Defense

Citizens Environmental

Clean Air

Clean Energy

Clean Fuels Development

Clean Water

Community Education

Community Food Security

Consumer Health

Creative Music

Cultural Arts

Darfur    Save Darfur



Dialogue and Deliberation

Economic Justice

Economic Survival


End Child Poverty

Environmental Health

Elder Justice

EJC     Equal Justice


Food and Agricultural Research

Food Trade and Nutrition


Free Muslims

Free Speech


Gender Public Advocacy



Gulf Coast Aerospace and Defense


High Speed Rail


Homeless Veterans

Hunger and Health

Illinois Community Technology

Inclusive Fitness

In Defense of Freedom

Interfaith Coalition

Interfaith Coalition on Energy

Interfaith Coalition for the Environment

Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights

Interior Design Freedom

Internet Freedom

Journalists for Open Government


Juvenile Justice

LGBT Health



Marijuana     Medical Marijuana

Marine Conservation




National Family Farm

National Health Freedom

National Neighborhood

National Organic

National Recycling

National Urban and Community Forest

Open Internet


Peace and Justice

People's Justice

Preemptive Love



Religious Freedom

Responsible Sex Ed


Safe Community

Save Net Radio

Save the Internet

Self Defense

Social Justice

Stop Big Media

Stop the War

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy and Economic Development

Sustainable Forest Solutions

Sustainable Living

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Production and Consumption

Sustainable World

Transportation Choices

Tropical Rainforest

Truth and The Whole Truth

United for Peace and Justice


Web Standards

World Peace



American Internet Radio

American Patriot

American Patriot Friends

American Peace

Cannabis Lifestyle

Clean Water

Community Conservation

Conscious Media

Culture of Peace News

Drug Policy Alliance

Earth Day

Earth Energy

Earth Friendly

Earth Hope

Earth Intelligence

Earth Journalism

Earth Liberation Prisoners Support

Economic Freedom

Energy Justice


Environmental News

Evangelical Environmental

Feminist Peace

Food Industry Environmental

Freedom USA

Global Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

Global Communications for Justice

Global Energy

Global Peace

Global People Living with AIDS

Global Rivers Environmental Education

Global Water

Green Earth PR

Holistic Health

Industrial Hemp Information

Imagine Peace

Indigenous Environmental

Interfaith Earth

International Dances for Universal Peace

International Engineers and Scientists Against Proliferation

International Human Rights

International Interfaith and Peace

International Justice

International - Personal Meaning of Life

International Sustainable Energy

International on Water, Environment, and Health

Inter-Religious Eco Justice

Justice and Peace

Local Government Environmental Assistance

Local United to Combat Hunger

Love Earth

Marijuana and Hemp

Marijuana News

Marine Fish Conservation

Media Action Grassroots

Middle East Peace Dialouge

One Earth

Peace Action

Peace Through Dialogue

People Helping People

Polar Earth Observing

Pray for Peace

National Abortion Funds

National Artists Placement

National Collaboration

National End Domestic Violence

National Juvenile Justice

Network for Peace

Rape, Abuse, and Incest National

Sacred Earth

Science and Environmental Health

Sisters 4 Peace

Shared Earth

Sustainable Hemp

Tax Justice

Tax Justice USA


UN Crime and Justice Information

Universal Human Rights

US Human Rights

Wildlife Conservation

World Business Peace

Youth Peace



American Conservative Party

American Independent Party

American Revolutionary Party

Communist Party

Conservative Party

Constitution Party

Democratic Party

Democratic Socialists of America 

Earth Party

Expansionist Party

Independence Party of America

Independent Party

Green Party

Humanitarian Party

Labor Party

Libertarian Party

Light Party

Moderate Party

Natural Law Party

New American Independent Party

New Union Party

One Earth Party

Peace and Freedom Party

Populist Party

Progressive Labor Party

Republican Party

Revolutionary Communist

Socialist Party

Socialist Party USA

Unity Party

Workers Party

Workers World Party

World Socialist Movement

World Socialist Party



American Baptist Churches

American Pagan Church



Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon)

Church of Lucifer

Church of Satan

Council on American Islamic Relations

Evangelical Church

Evangelical Church Alliance

Evangelical Baptist Church

Evangelical Lutheran Church

Evangelical Presbyterian Church

First Church of Atheism

First Satanic Church

Hindu Students Council

Islamic Supreme Council

Interfaith Network on Population and Development

International Catholic Stewardship Council

International Interfaith Network

Midwest Pagan Council

National Council of Churches

Nation of Islam

National Network of Youth Ministries

North American Interfaith Network

Orthodox Presbyterian Church

Pagan Meetups   International

Pope Benedict XVI

Presbyterian Church

Presbyterian Church in America


Raelien    Raelien Groups


Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Supreme Council on Muslim Affairs

United Methodist Church - UMC

United Pagan Church


Vishwa Hindu Parishad

Workers Interfaith Network

World Bishops Council


Unions and Labor

American Federation of Labor - Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)

Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)

Interfaith Union

International Trade Union Confederation

Labor Groups






Palestine    United Nation's Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees





Illinois Campaign for Political Reform

Illinois Reform Commission

Schaumburg Freedom Coalition



Chicago Grassroots

Area Chicago - (Arts, Research, Education, Activism)

Center for Neighborhood Technology

Chicago Artists Coalition

Chicago Center for Green Technology

Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism

Chicago Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor

Chicago Coalition for Inter-Religious Learning

Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

Chicago Coalition of Welcoming Churches

Chicago Conservation Corps 

Chicago Free Speech Zone

Chicago Green Party

Chicago Indy Media

Chicagoland Environmental Network

Chicago Media Action

Chicago Peace Fest

Chicago Social Forum

Chicago Socialists

Chicago Veterans for Peace

Coalition for United Community Action

Green Net Chicago

International Solidarity Movement - Chicago Chapter

M20 Coalition

National Lawyers Guild - Chicago Chapter

No Games Chicago


Chicago Cultural

Native American Indian Center - Chicago

Puerto Rican Cultural Center - Chicago


Chicago Religious

Buddhist Temple of Chicago

Midwest Buddhist Temple of Chicago

Nation of Islam - Chicago

Raelien - Chicago

Scientology - Chicago

Zen Buddhist Temple Chicago


Chicago Unions

Chicago Teamsters

Teamsters Local 142

Teamsters Local 179

Teamsters Local 325

Teamsters Local 330

GCC/IBT Local 458M

Teamsters Local 705

Teamsters Local 710

Teamsters Local 714

Teamsters Local 726

Teamsters Local 734

Teamsters Local 743

Teamsters Local 744

Teamsters Local 781

Teamsters Local 786

District Council #4 Graphic Communications Union


US - Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods United

United Neighborhood Houses


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