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Millennium Goals – To be achieved by Dec 21, 2012


Humankind is right now transcending into a new age in which unprecedented events are occurring. We have been predestined with the unique privilege of being alive during a time period that is unlike any other generation in all of history. As the inheritors of this extraordinary circumstance we have also been issued an incredible responsibility to use these awesome powers in the common interest of peace and prosperity.

Unity for a Change is bringing people together to envision an ideal civilization and is striving to achieve the highest standard of excellence by setting ambitious goals as benchmarks for progression. It is in the interest of all people alike to be provided with vital resources and provisions of beneficial services and right now it is within our capability as a technologically advanced civilization to abundantly supply these essential demands for all humankind.

The ultimate goal is complete self subsistence and the development of globalized infrastructure that is capable of sustaining living provisions for a projected population of 12 billion people.


1.      Promote fine arts and subsidize local artists with craft materials, production studios, and educational programs

2.      Design and engineer architecture and technology to be beautiful, comfortable, innovative, and inspiring

3.      Preserve a harmonious continuity between nature and urban developments


1.      Convert 100% of farms to employ sustainable practices of organic permaculture

2.      Eliminate usage of GMO’s and petrochemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and preservatives

3.      Maintain a public seed bank to preserve all species of plants and supply agriculturalists

4.      Eliminate the private patents of natural organisms

5.      Build irrigation systems to channel fresh water to all regions

6.      Provide enough fresh organic produce to eradicate hunger and nourish the global population

7.      Develop an agricultural infrastructure capable of supplying the industrial needs


1.      Ensure free and fair trade for the entire global market

2.      Develop the most effective system for exchanging and transacting commodities

3.      Appraise the value of goods and ensure the lowest cost for both producers and consumers


1.      Provide all people and communities worldwide with access to telephone, internet, radio, and television technology for personal, municipal, and public use.


1.      Provide all citizens with a personal laptop computers with free software installed and access to a high speed wireless internet service.


1.      Make all local and regional areas entirely self-sustainable

2.      Provide all communities worldwide with access to fresh drinking water and irrigated land.

3.      Develop a residential infrastructure that will house the global population

4.      Develop an industrial sector capable of providing the technological requirements needed to

sustain human civilization


1.       Universally ensure access to preliminary, primary, high school, college, vocational, and home-school education for all people

2.       Develop a state of the art digital education system that offers high quality instructional multi-media on all subjects of study for free

3.        Classrooms will be manageable with no more than 20 students per teacher

Emergency Response

1.       Ensure the effective health and safety provisions for all people in the event of any natural or unnatural disaster

2.       Provide expedient and effective emergency response services to all areas of the world including: urban, rural, and remote.



1.       Eradicate unemployment for all able and willing workers


2.       Ensure safe working conditions for the entire labor force


3.       Introduce state of the art technologies to minimize the work burdens of manual labor




1.      Power all machines worldwide by clean, renewable, and ecologically safe resources


2.      Provide enough clean energy to supply the demand of the global population




1.       Eliminate all sources of pollution and causes of destruction to the ecosystem and its biodiversity


2.      Revitalize the integrity of all biomes and restore the biodiversity of all ecological systems including: atmospheric, terrestrial, and aquatic


3.      Ensure naturally clean air, potable water, and fertile soil


4.      Extensively monitor, analyze, and evaluate all ecological regions and subsystems




1.      Eradicate malnourishment


2.      Provide universal health care that freely includes


a.   Exams: reflex, audio / visual, blood test, X-ray, MRI

b.   Emergency care- including medevac transportation and surgery

c.   Hospital visits and house calls


3.      Prevent disease by promoting holistic health care


4.      Develop cures and treatments for major diseases and disabilities such as: cancer, aids, blindness, paralysis…




1.      Manufacture all of the technological elements required to sustain and develop the global infrastructure


2.      Ensure that 100% of global industry is non-hazardous, non-destructive, productive, and functioning under cooperative principles


3.      Utilize all byproducts of industry




1.      Provide communities with state-of-the-art public access outlets for television, radio, and internet


2.      Ensure that a diverse range perspectives and information are disseminated across the public channels with high integrity




1.      Provide state of the art sewage purification and waste disposal systems for all communities world wide




1.      Ensure the protection of life, health, safety, security, environment, property, privacy, and personal freedoms for all people on earth and for all generations to come








1.      Provide people, businesses, and industries with the latest




1.      Provide a state of the art transportation system for land, sea, and air, and outer space that is safe, convenient, quick, and accessible for passengers, science, and industry


2.      Connect every city on earth with a modernized transportation grid




1.      Generate an inventory of all resources including: natural materials, technological products, facilities, and human services







1.     Generate a comprehensive account of all resources: natural materials, technological products, and human services


2.     Balance the budget for expenditures of revenue and distribution of assets




1.      Analyze data


2.      Interpret information




1.      Minimize the consumption and exhaustion of natural resources


2.      Ensure that resources are not exhausted at a rate that can not be regenerated


3.      Reuse and recycle all used goods and industrial byproducts


4.      Minimize waste products




1.      Ensure government operations are abiding the law, upholding the code of conduct, and following operational protocol


2.      Ensure government departments, committees, agencies, and representatives are held accountable for actions




1.     Economize the revenue of the entire public infrastructure and all communal assets

2.     Ensure economic balance and perpetual gain by maximizing: resources, supply, production, utility, use, reuse, functionality, sustainability, efficiency, effectiveness, success, profit, and abundance

3.     Eliminate economic imbalance and regressive losses by minimizing: requirements, demand, consumption, futility, disuse, refuse, waste, exhaustion, inefficiency, ineffectiveness, failure, deficit, and deficiency

4.     Ensure an equitable balance of: trade, exchange rates, savings, and spending




1.     Develop state of the art engineering designs and proposals for infrastructural development




1.     Facilitate a dialogue on social morality and ethics


2.     Ensure that operations are ethical




1.      Eliminate debt for all people and nations


2.      Introduce a global currency with an affixed value


3.      Offer interest free loans for people and businesses in need of essential resources


4.      Produce a comprehensive budget totaling all expenses required to develop and sustain the global infrastructure


5.      Generate tax models to allocate resources quickly and effectively in a manner that will provide the most good for the greatest number in the least amount of time.


6.      Subsidize projects


Global Relations


1.      Facilitate international dialogue


2.      Cease aggressions and put an end to all wars forever


3.      Provide arbitration for social disputes, resolve grievances, and bring all conflicting parties to terms of mutual agreement


4.      Share natural resources equitably and work cooperatively




1.     Maintain historical records


2.     Correlate past, present, and future events




1.      Gather feedback, votes, and polling data from 100% of the population


2.      Extensively survey every aspect of the global socioeconomic infrastructure


3.      Establish a universal system for collecting and cataloguing data


4.      Effectively archive and integrate information into a universal database


5.      Synthesize data into various multimedia formats that are freely accessible to the global population


6.      Universally provide public libraries and unlimited public server space to store recorded data




1.     Understand the laws of nature and develop a social law accordingly




1.      Establish a modernized system of government that enables all people worldwide to have an equal and effective influence in deciding social policy, determining community issues, and guiding the public infrastructure via direct participation in global democracy












1.      Ensure that all technological products are engineered to be entirely safe and non-hazardous to humans or the environment
















1.     Develop operational systems that optimize dynamic interactions and maximize performance capacity


2.     Integrate the evolution of systems into the public operational protocol and code of conduct







By setting our final goals we can generate an accurate assessment as to how far we are away from achieving them. By setting goals lower than what we can deem to be satisfactory our results become deceiving.


-Take hunger for instance. The final goal is to have 0% of the population suffering from hunger and 100% of the population nourished with food. If, like the UN, we say that we want to eliminate hunger by half, then suppose that there has been a 75% success rate based on that goal; it would appear that the global hunger has been significantly reduced. In reality only 37% of the global problem has been resolved and the overwhelming majority of the problem still exists; this condition is completely unacceptable.


Aim for 100% resolution.


Aim for 1,000% resolution; whereby the condition is 100% resolved and 100 times improved.


In order to accurately measure our displacement from our current situation to our final goal we must aim for our target directly; no rounding, no estimates. By employing scientific scrupulousness we can achieve repeated success with great precision.


United Nations Millennium Goals

Millennium Goals (World Bank)



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