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Get Involved!


Join Unity for a Change:

Sign up to :::UNITY FOR A CHANGE:::

2. Create your own personal profile

3. Show support by joining Unity for a Change on major social networking sites:

     -Unity for a Change on Myspace

     -Unity for a Change on Facebook

     -Unity for a Change on Ning

Get informed: Learn more about Unity for a Change and get educated on global events.

1. Check out the philosophical concepts that form the basis of the organization

2. Watch some radical videos

3. Keep up to date with the news

Get active:
Participate in some of the many ongoing events and activities

1. Attend the Chicago Peace Fest @ Lincoln Park, June 19-21

Share your ideas:
Participate in the many ongoing discussions.

1. Join the forums on Unity for a Change or the forums on Ning.

2. What's on your mind? Feel free to express yourself!

     -Detail your vision of an ideal civilization

     -Set a goal to be achieved by society

     -Talk about important issues

     -Discuss social policy

Research: Help the project develop by conducting research.

1. Compile links: find relevant stuff on the web and connect it with a hyperlink.


     -Grassroots / nonprofit organizations / coalitions

     -Government agencies / departments

     -State / county / city / local leads

Recommend: articles, magazines, news clips, books

Collect facts / statistics


Help by writing articles and contributing intellectual content.

1. Outlines / fact sheets

2. Summaries / synopsis

3. Ideas and opinions

4. Poetry,
short stories

Metaphors, analogies, parallels

6. Idioms, famous quotes, and popular expressions

Help by proofreading the articles on the website and offering constructive feedback

1. Please let us know if any hyperlinks are broken, or if there are any typographical errors

2. Offer personal suggestions to improve content

Web Design:
Help us to get the interactive features of the site up and running

1. chat-rooms, message boards, forums

2. donations

3. personal profile

Graphic Design:
Help by designing graphics for the web page

1. Help to design the unique headers, menus, templates, and stylize each subsection

2. Collect pictures and images to add to the site

     -Check out open source sites:     




Help by getting other people socially involved and reach out locally to your community

1. Contact your friends and family

2. Network with people in your community

3. Reach out and involve different groups and organizations

Volunteer: Help by offering support for a good cause

1. Participate in a local project

2. Incorporate your skills by filling a job position

3. Help accomplish some of the tasks on the agenda

Meeting space: Help by providing a space to organize group meetings

- Help by donating resources, money, or services



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