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Clean energy is the wave of the future. Humankind can no longer continue the haphazard exploitation of the Earth’s resources and causing irreparable damages to the natural ecosystem. It is time for our society to transition from a state of dependency upon the limited fossil fuels that are polluting and destroying the planet to an age of unlimited clean energy.

In the near future we will develop the social infrastructure to provide humankind with an unlimited supply of clean energy. The technology already exists to harness energy from rays of sunshine, gusts of wind, heat from the earth, the flow of water, oils from crops, hydrogen from H2O, and algae releasing CO2. This technology is right now ready and waiting to be implemented while scientists and engineers continue to make improvements and advance performance capabilities every day.

It is our vision to make communities energy independent and to develop locally sustainable infrastructures. It doesn’t make sense to import oil from oversees for a temporary fix on an essential requirement. Importing fossil fuels has already cost more money than is needed to pay for the development of a sustainable infrastructure using clean technology. And we aren’t yet enjoying the benefits of a sustainable system. By investing into the immediate development of renewable energy such as solar, wind, hydro, biomass, and geothermal the payoff would be exponential and the benefits would last a life time. And we don’t really have the choice. Fossil fuels are quickly being depleted and soon we will have to face the reality that we can not sustain such irresponsible activity. Right now at this moment we have the ability to develop a renewable energy infrastructure that can provide more power than is required for consumption by our economy and thus the costs of power would essentially be reduced to zero. But rather policy is currently being dictated by an oil cartel that has a monopoly over natural resources and is intentionally limiting supply to create inflation while suppressing renewable alternatives to squeeze out a privatized profit. With a little work developing a sustainable infrastructure we can resolve this crisis and be enjoying the permanent benefits of free energy.

By developing a sustainable infrastructure we will no longer be dependent upon oil, coal, and nuclear power which all have negative consequences and pose a costly toll upon our natural economic system. We can successfully resolve our crisis of dependency without at all having to degrade our lifestyle. The idea is to make our system more efficient and effective. If we are smart then we can actually spend less and get more. Currently there is a lot of waste and unnecessary loss due to negligent consumption patterns and ineffective social strategies for dealing with the problems. By engineering a cohesive management system we will be able to eliminate waste of resources and minimize our requirements for energy consumption. By saving time and money by getting rid of the frivolous expenditures that we don’t need then we will have more time and money to spend on investments into developing the energy resources that we really do need.

This is what the future looks like to me: There will be no more wars over oil, territory, and the claim to exploit natural resources. Humankind must get together and build the sustainable infrastructure of the 21st century. All communities around the globe will be self sufficient with energy from a variety of state of the art technology that effectively taps the free and renewable re-sources naturally made available by our sun and planet. Homes and businesses will be equipped with solar panels. Communities will have wind turbines gracefully twirling on the horizon. Farmers will cultivate crops for biomass. Hydropower and geothermal will generate electricity for industry. We can harness the power of rivers with dams while preserving the natural flow of water currents. We can build giant photovoltaic power stations in the center of the deserts that are hundreds of miles in diameter and which can power entire cities. With the combination of all these technologies working together we can power the whole planet with clean and renewable energy for a fraction of the cost that we are now expending and indebting. In the future there will be a seamless integration of clean and renewable resources supplying the energy needs for the modern world.



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