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Department of Education


In the future society will universally provide not only preliminary education, middle school, and high school, but also universal college, and vocational education. Education is a direct investment into the development of humankind. Unfortunately not all students are currently afforded the same opportunity for a decent education. We must subsidize the educational infrastructure to ensure that all people will be entitled to a comprehensive education and empowered with wisdom. Education is a life long pursuit and people will not be expected quit their studies once they are employed in the workforce but will be encouraged to further education and continuously advance knowledge and skills.

Revolutionizing the education system will accelerate the mental development of our species. As we increase the rate at which people are exposed to greater ideas and deeper sensations the intelligence of the entire population will be increased and in return every new invention will be of higher quality and produced in less time and more resourcefully.

We are completely revolutionizing the way people learn. WPiO University is a program where local universities will develop the latest products of educational resources. WPiO University will develop interactive courses for all subjects that will virtually instruct both students and teachers. People can learn and then use the WPiO resources to teach others. The WPiO University will be a staple to the classroom of the future.

Different people learn in different ways. Through the new education system we offer as many instructional methods as possible so that the student can choose their own way. We offer videos, textbooks, lecturing seminars, personal instruction, and especially by interactive participation in the direct field of study.

What will the modern classroom look like? What teaching resources will be available for students to utilize for accelerated learning? We have to transform every classroom into the learning environment of the 21st century. Every classroom must be equipped with computers, high speed internet, video projectors, and how about desks, chairs, books…unfortunately in many schools today the classrooms don’t have these basic resources. Many schools are without heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. The classroom of the future will be equipped with every resources required to effectively nurture the physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual development of the student. In the future schools will be fully equipped with the latest instructional resources. Teachers will be provided state of the art technology and educational materials to facilitate courses.

The future of the education system will be much less rigid than today and students will be provided with the liberty to choose their curriculum and set the path of their education. Currently, due to inadequate resources children are forced into a class system where they have no choice but to be pushed through the system. In the future the goal is to have more facilities and teachers to open new opportunities for students. I imagine that one day students will use their computers to choose the classes they want to learn and will freely travel to school as they please. There will not be just one school and one teacher in which the student is compelled to learn by. The future will offer many schools and many teachers and students will have the liberty to choose the environment and instructor of their preference.




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