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-The US is the world’s largest consumer of cocaine. (CIA fact book)";}



Afghanistan's Opium Trail
American Drug War: The Last White Hope:
Cocaine, Contras, DEA and Marc Emery
Cocaine, Contras, DEA and Marc Emery (Part 2)
Grass the History of Marijuana
History Channel - Illegal drugs and how they got that way
Magic Weed - History Of Marijuana
Noam Chomsky on Marijuana
Plan Colombia-Cashing In on the Drug War Failure
Reefer Madness - Classic 1936 Government Propaganda Film
Terence McKenna - Psychedelic Society
The New World Order Golden Triangle of Intrigue


DEA Federal Trafficking Penalties
Narco News
Illuminati News - Drugs
International Coalition for Drug Awareness
EducateYourself.org - The Drug Story
Foreign Policy in Focus - History of CIA Involvement in Drug Trafficking
America's Blind Eye - Afghanistan

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