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Department of Health


In the future disease will be a tragic tale of the past and all people will naturally be healthy, vitalized, and live happily to a ripe old age. The first step to ensure the health of the population is with preventative medicine. The government will ensure that all people are provided with clean air, fresh drinking water, nourishing food, and an environment free of hazards. People will have the means of maintaining a completely balanced lifestyle by eliminating all factors that pose harm and implementing holistic measures to enhance wellness.

Society will develop a state of the art health and medical infrastructure. This begins with developing cutting edge medical facilities and training a workforce of doctors, scientists, and medical professionals.

People will be offered comprehensive physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual examinations by certified professionals. It is more effective to offer free tests in order to identify signs of problems in an early stage and issue treatment before the ailment regresses to a serious condition. Any person can easily run over to their local medical center and get a routine check up. It will be standard practice to issue procedures such as: MRI, CAT scan, x-ray, and blood / DNA tests.

All people will be offered free health care and medical service (including therapy and dentistry). There will be no negotiating with insurance companies to determine whether or not a patient is eligible for treatment. Private capitalist insurance companies will be eliminated from the health care system and out of the picture. Patients will naturally be provided with the best possible treatment with no questions asked. No longer will the pharmaceutical industry deny patients holistic treatment while pushing harmful and addictive drugs to ensure repeat customers that suffer from chronic illness. The goal of the society will be to ensure that each person is healthy, happy, able, and active.

The day when doctors would make personal visits will no longer be just a legend of the past but a common service in the future. There will be adequate home care for those who are disabled or just too sick to get out of bed. People with disabilities will also be provided with assisted living services. There will be assisted living communities that will give superior treatment to those with disabilities and the elderly so that all people can live with dignity. No longer will those who are old and disabled be neglected, mistreated, and left to suffer and die alone. We will develop a top of the line system that treats people with compassion and puts the care back into health care.


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