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Declaration of Unity


We the people of the Earth, as world citizens, and fellow human beings, declare a state of unity!


We realize an urgency to bring people of the world together in solidarity: of all distinction and diversity, of every culture and ethnicity, of every religion or creed, of all beliefs and ideology, labor unions and trade organizations, businesses and non for profit corporations, all government officials and political parties, including all nationalities, spanning all land and territory, all: states, cities, villages, and communities; and to rapidly build a broad social network between all of our neighbors, associates, friends, and families; and participate in a grassroots movement to unify everybody.


We are willing to respect our differences, without unfair bias, discrimination, or prejudice, and offer an extended invitation to settle disagreements peaceably, with open lines of communication, and initiate constructive dialogue as a way to mediate social disputes on a basis of fairness and objective truth, to resolve global conflicts, implement holistic resolutions, and achieve a common mission to significantly improve human conditions for everyone everywhere across the entire planet.


We announce an agreement to work cooperatively and in unity to promote the common good and enhance the general welfare for all people of this world.


We recognize our co-dependence upon this planet Earth and the inter-reliance upon one another to unify in peace and harmony upon universal terms of mutual agreement and form a common alliance to ensure the sanctity of our planet, the survival of our species, the preservation of our indigenous cultures, and the sustainability of human civilization.


We announce an interdependent collaboration of efforts to synergize resources based upon natural economic principles as a balanced means to optimize the collective infrastructure, minimize investment expenses, maximize the value of production, and yield the greatest gain at the lowest cost; accomplishing the most benefit with the least burden; ensuring an abundantly fair and equitable allocation of wealth, resources, goods, and services.


We believe it to be necessary for all humankind to work together symbiotically as a globalized organization of an exponentially higher power in order to ensure the preservation of the planet, the protection of human rights, and the global reinstatement of socioeconomic balance; abiding a moral principle to “do no harm” to the planet, ourselves, or other human beings, and to “do help” contribute beneficial services and generate positive value proactively.


We regard certain virtues to be sacred, precious, invaluable, and of priceless worth; such as: truth, existence, nature, our planet Earth, energy, life, vitality, health, safety, purity, nourishment, nurturing, sex, reproduction, sleep, rest…comfort, love, affection, compassion, sympathy, generosity, benevolence, happiness…consciousness, honesty, knowledge, intelligence, wisdom, memory, idea, imagination, dreams, realization…dignity, respect, personality, spirituality, freedom, expression, creation, invention, experience, fun…friendship, family, culture, community…peace, accord, agreement, harmony…natural law, human rights, justice, equality…cooperation, collaboration, team work, assistance, support, service…protection, security, privacy, insurance, care, hospice, homestead, land, environment, resources, science, engineering, tools, technology, art, industry…abundance, prosperity, quality, luxury… actualization, success, accomplishment, triumph, achievement…and victory.


We recognize that all human beings share: the same basic needs for survival, essential resources for subsistence, and vital provisions for sustainability and development.


We consider all human beings to be valuable and share a desire to help all people to realize their greatest potential for health, happiness, success, and fulfillment and we aspire to aid and assist each other in our struggles to attain peace and wellness, and actualize virtuous ideals with honorable intentions.


We acknowledge a natural bond that is shared by all people alive on planet Earth; joined by our mutual circumstances; coexisting together in the same world.


We are aware of perilous threats on the planet whereby countless human lives are being endangered, and realize the survival and well being of many people depends upon an immediate response and coordinated effort of unified action by humankind.


We are aware that billions of people are starving without food, thirsting without water, and impoverished without a means of subsistence.


We are aware that millions of men, women, and children die every year, tens of thousands by the day, from curable illnesses and treatable conditions because they don’t receive health care and medical attention.


We are aware of ongoing wars and violent battles where millions of innocent civilians have become casualties and refugees.


We are aware that children are being kidnapped and trained as soldiers being forced to kill and torture facing the ruthless threat of corporal punishment.


We are aware that hundreds of millions of workers are being exploited and laboring as slaves.


We are aware that every day women are being violently raped and brutalized.


We are aware that underprivileged children are being deprived of education and denied the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the world and secure a prosperous future.


We are aware that poverty and unemployment leads to street violence and crime, and remember that at the present moment millions of prisoners are being incarcerated in penitentiaries.


We are conscious of the widespread human suffering, and sympathize for the victims of these terrible tragedies.


We are aware of the catastrophic destruction and pollution of the global environment that is destabilizing ecological systems, altering climate patterns, eroding a hole in the ozone layer, exhausting natural resources, and causing species of wildlife to go extinct.


We realize that such careless, reckless, and haphazard behavior cannot be sustained and can no longer be allowed to continue on another instant.


We are aware that global fisheries are being depleted, mineral resources are being exhausted, ancient forests are being cut down for timber, oil and coal reserves are being stolen, and ecological systems are being irresponsibly destroyed by industry.


We have a deep and profound respect for nature, and acknowledge that we have inherited a sacred responsibility to preserve the great bounties of the Earth, acting as caretakers of the planet. So that nature may perpetually be replenished, and natural resources are plentiful for future generations.


We are aware of the global economic crisis that includes: an unprecedented disparity of wealth, trillion dollar debts and deficits, rapid devaluations of currency, inflated interest rates, bankruptcy, wage reductions, unemployment, housing foreclosures, lost pensions, depleted social security, and rising cost of living.


We are aware of the collapsing infrastructure, in which bridges and levees are in need of immediate repair and are putting millions of civilians in constant risk of catastrophic danger.


We are aware of international disputes and significant tensions between cultures and countries; with unsettled grievances over mistreatment, territory, political doctrine, and ideological beliefs.


We are aware of armed forces and militant regimes staging coups, installing dictatorships, and using tactics of terrorization and mass murder to implement authoritarian policy.


We hereby declare a global state of emergency, and summon humanity to counteract these threats of danger, and rapidly deploy rescue teams to tactically engage in responsive action.


We recognize that these global conflicts are interrelated, affecting all people alike, and must be addressed with a unified effort by all humankind; holistically treating the socioeconomic infrastructure as a symbiotic organism and implementing resolutions comprehensively to attain a state of balance.


We recognize a need to radically eliminate the direct source of conflicts in order to relieve intolerable stresses and eradicate the diseases causing the symptomatic illnesses as a viable means to prevent the consequential effect of suffering a total socioeconomic infrastructural collapse.


We recognize that individual people and independent groups must now join forces multilaterally and interdependently in a global effort to mobilize our collective resources, technologies, and skills towards common goals and strategic objectives by working cooperatively as a team for honorable purposes.


We hereby proclaim a global state of unity, and assert an international declaration of interdependence, to boldly announce throughout the world that humanity will answer the call for help and respond with immediate and decisive action for relief; to usher an enlightened era of human civilization and manifest a utopian society of peace.



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