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This is the CORE section of the website which contains all the details about UNITY FOR A CHANGE! This section will provide a better understanding for why Unity for a Change is like no other social organization on the planet.

Please feel free to contact Unity for a Change if you have any other questions or feedback. Thanks!


The About section describes exactly what Unity for a Change is doing as a unique social change organization.


Check out whats on the 2009 Unity for a Change agenda!


Here is the current set of bylaws for Unity for a Change as of the day of incorporation on June 21, 2007.

Constitution for Humankind

Unity for a Change is now drafting a Constitution for Humankind as a modern charter to democratically govern a globalized society.


Here you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about the organization. Also, if you have any personal questions please don't hesitate to ask.


Here you will find a list of what we aim to achieve to start off the new millennium. With UNITY we can certainly accomplish these goals and even surpass our prospects by 2015.


This section talks about the Unity for a Change mission. If you really want to know the purpose of this organization and about the job we are working to accomplish then read this!


This section addresses our organizational objectives and lays out exactly what Unity for a Change is doing on a consistent basis in order to accomplish goals, achieve the mission, and realize the vision.


The strategies section offers detailed plans of action for carrying out group objectives.


Unity for a Change is founded upon universal values that are naturally shared by all of humankind. By focusing upon the virtues of life we can clearly see that all people share the same basic needs and so in unity and agreement we can all work together cooperatively for the common good.


Our vision of the future is a world of peace and prosperity where all people are healthy and secure and every person is empowered to freely realize their greatest destiny while living in a modern utopia. This section details how various aspects of a state of the art infrastructure will function in the future and paints a picture worthy of striving to achieve. What is your vision of how civilization will ideally operate in the future?


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