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Department of Construction



We need to develop the communal infrastructure of the future where mega-cities are capable of sustaining the modern economic needs of millions of people. We must design new layouts for urban development that seamlessly integrates all of the latest engineering advancements into the natural environment. The cities of the future will be nothing less than works of art. The cities we build will be the enduring legacy and greatest triumph of a civilized society applying all forces towards the common good.


In the future we will put unity back in community. Right now people live in the same area but they typically do not function together as a cooperative organization of neighbors. Corporations will be designed to work in synchronicity to provide the mutual benefit of essential services required by the population rather than competing for private profits. Neighborhoods will thrive with culture. There will no longer be all the corporatized-cookie-cutter-capitalist-cities where every block is dominated by an ugly barrage of generic big businesses pompously exploiting the community to feed a gluttonous lust for consumption. The urban landscape will be illuminated with color and beauty.


The home of the future will incorporate sustainable architectural designs. Houses will be lined with solar panels and turbines to harness the power of the sun and wind for energy. Gutters will collect rain water that will be filtered through the home purification system and later heated with the sun. The layout of the house will incorporate elements that naturally keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Homes will feature indoor hydroponics systems that grow fresh food all year round and out door gardens to cultivate crops seasonally. Homes would be engineered to conserve energy, water, space, and waste. Homes will also be designed to harmonize with the natural landscape and will be built using bio-friendly materials and recyclables.

Aquifers and Irrigation

We have to envision the hydrological infrastructure of the future. We have to begin developing the massive engineering feat that will provide the fresh water demands of a growing population. This will include colossal desalination projects that will filter salt water from the ocean and seas to be channeled inland in order to provide fresh water for drinking and also for irrigation. These projects are especially critical in developing countries that are currently suffering from catastrophic fresh water shortages. Millions of people die every year from fresh water shortages around the world; in this day and age when we have the technological ability to effectively resolve such crisis this number is unacceptable. Potable fresh water is an essential need for all human beings. GOAL: It is our common goal to engineer a permanent hydrological infrastructure that is capable of providing the fresh water needs of the entire global population.

Drinking Water

Fresh drinking water will flow freely throughout the public infrastructure and into people’s homes. This water will be completely purified and without any bacterial contaminants or chemical toxins. The water will also be enriched with vital mineral nutrients. Public water fountains will be commonly accessible and citizens will be provided with reusable water bottles to carry around. The public infrastructure will maintain water reservoirs so that there will never be a shortage. There will be many water filtration plants that can produce more fresh water than is required by the local population and enough to supplement external populations in the case of shortage. Every person on earth will be ensured fresh drinking water at all times. No person will ever thirst again.




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