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This section contains various new concepts in the subjects of philosophy, health, economics, organizational behavior, social dynamics, and political science. These ideas reveal the essence of Unity for a Change and are useful to give any person a broader and deeper understanding of various subjects of thought. In the future this section will be an open forum for public discourse. For now, enjoy a free compilation of my personal writings as a preview of my book Unify and Conquer Order out of Harmony.

Ontology / Epistemology

Ontology is the study of existence and epistemology is the study of knowledge. This section looks into the ancient question "what exists?" and seeks to understand our potential to comprehend reality.


This section discusses the concept of "God" in an effort to better understand reality and to highlight the common appreciation felt by all people when fathoming the universal source of existence. Currently there is widespread disagreement between different religions and secularists, thiests and athiests, mystics and scientists. The intention of this portal is to provide a basis of analysis as a foundation to open a constructive dialogue between people in order to reveal universal truth and help build unity between various cultures.


This section discusses the subject of cosmogony which studies the origination of the universe. Perhaps every intelligent being in the history of the universe having lived to marvel at the cosmos has wondered how such a spectacular creation could have ever come into being and has pondered over the riddle of how events just so happened to arrive at the present state of existence in the moment.


The philosophy section addresses many of the profound questions that humans have pondered since ancient times such as: what is life and death, why are we here, what is the meaning of life, how do we realize our ultimate purpose, and what is morally right or wrong.


In this section you will find everything you need to know in order to maintain a perfect state of holistic health. Applying this knowledge will provide many significant advantages for preventing disease and also will offer the greatest potential for healing. The health section includes topics such as: breathing, hydration, nutrition, exercise, and meditation and much more!


This section gives a simple overview of Natural Economics. Here you will learn the exact purpose of an economy and how to manage resources must efficiently and effectively in order to abundantly supply essential needs while minimizing exhaustion, waste, and loss and maximizing sustainability, utility, and profit. By personally and socially applying these concepts in functional practice our civilization will realize the absolute greatest potential for success and collectively we will gain the utmost benefit from our labor while expending the least amount of time and energy in the process.

Social Dynamics

This section gives a complete overview on the subject of social dynamics which simply is the study of how groups of people move together in a collective direction. By clearly defining the future destination it is possible to accurately plot a direct course of action enabling our society to move rapidly to the ideally desired location. Based upon natural economic principles the common progression of society is to develop a thriving infrastructure capable of abundantly providing for the all requirements of a modern civilization.

Organizational Behavior

The study of organizational behavior has been developed to empower citizens with a broad framework for becoming community leaders and organizing production teams of workers to interdependently accomplish needed projects that provide essential services within the social infrastructure.

Political Science

The section on political science explains the purpose and functions of government, reveals contemporary problems, and highlights innovations for a modernized political system.


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