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Department of Commerce

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The Department of Commerce oversees the entire socioeconomic market in order to facilitate trading, transactions, and exchanges of commodities such as: natural resources, raw / processed materials, goods, and services. The Department's primary objective is to ensure that people, communities, and industries are continuously provided with an abundant supply of all required commodities that are priced at the lowest cost, produced of the highest quality, and delivered most expediently.

Vision for the Future

In the future commodities will be easily obtained and every citizen will be generously provided with the supplies they need to maintain and promote their personal livelihood. There will no longer be any scarcity of resources and all goods and services will be provided in abundance for all people on earth. Resources will always be affordable and accessible and there will never be any shortage of supply. Commerce will be transacted globally with speed and precision and people of the world will truly have a free market.


A New System: The Unity for a Change infrastructural management system is a new and improved method for compiling socioeconomic data in order to determine the actual need of the population for all commodities on the global market and optimally provide the required supply of resources and services with the highest degree of precision for maintaining exact specifications for production and distribution. By compiling essential population demographics the Department of Commerce will be able to measure the exact requirement for specific commodities in terms of quantity and quality and direct the Infrastructural Departments to produce a supply of resources and services to meet the actual demand of people, communities, and co-operations. The result will be a high degree of efficiency and a lot less waste. The socioeconomic management system will democratically oversee Infrastructural Production in order to supplement real needs of people. The system is designed to fulfill actual specifications for goods at the lowest possible cost as opposed to the current practice of arbitrarily manufacturing commercial items to try and extract the highest monetary gain. In the natural economic system, the profit translates directly into the greatest ACTUAL PROFIT; real goods and services being abundantly provided at the lowest possible cost without needless waste and unnecessary losses in the socioeconomic system.

By means of the personal profile people will be able to register possessions and necessities in a database that compiles demographic information to improve economic management and maintain public records for insurance purposes. This information will compile an accurate model of the social economy enabling computers to make precise calculations for market transactions. Upon compiling demographics the Department of Commerce will be able to produce an accurate model of the economy, measure the real need of the population, and upon subjective approval of citizens or objective authority of the social government the communal infrastructure will be directed to supply the exact provisions required to supplement the actual specifications. This process will facilitate the transaction of every type of commodity on the market. The Department of Industry will be notified as to the exact specifications for engineering, manufacturing, and distributing the commodities as directed by the population. The Department of Services will be notified as to what social services are required and will work alongside the Department of Employment to ensure a full enrollment of adept workers. Then the Department of Education will work alongside with professional organizations to offer vocational training programs and internships in order to empower people to work cooperatively as a proficient workforce to multiply the potential of social dynamics. This process will maximize the production capacity of the global infrastructure and translate directly into added socioeconomic value that will naturally be inherited by all people, equitably affording great riches to all generations of humankind.


Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation (Senate)

Committee on Energy and Commerce (House)

Economic Development Administration

Economic Indicators

Electronic Commerce Legal Issues (USDOJ)

Department of Commerce

Federal Business Opportunities

Office of Space Commercialization



Ohio - Department of Commerce

Oklahoma - Department of Commerce

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