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It is in the interest of human beings to be consciously aligned with the cycles of nature and intuitively synchronized with the precession of the cosmos. It is healthy to properly attune biological rhythms and go with the flow of the astrological currents. Our current calendar system is not aligned to the cosmos and is not synchronous with the natural orbital cycles of the Earth and therefore people are out of touch with the natural biological rhythm. Having a calendar that is aligned with the solstices and equinoxes will synchronize our schedules with the orbital cycle of our planet. Having a year composed of 13 months, all equal to 28 days, will align our months to the orbit of the moon; the lunar month is attuned to the natural biorhythm of the female menstrual cycle. The rotational direction of the calendar will depend upon the hemisphere, and will follow the same path that water takes flowing down a drain. The new millennium begins Dec 12, 2012.


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