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What is brainstorming?

Brainstorming is a preliminary writing process that helps record the raw thoughts and ideas an author has upon a subject. Before beginning to outline and to write the final product of an essay it may be helpful to get ideas flowing by brainstorming. You can either use a sheet of paper or a computer. Start by focusing on the topic and begin jotting down thoughts just as soon as they come to mind. Get out all of the ideas you have on the subject and materialize them on the page. The brainstorming phase doesn’t have to look pretty. The essential purpose is to capture ideas in the written form without loosing any of the thought processing by the wayside of forgetfulness. Once you have all the ideas written down you can go back later on and clean things up.

Free flowing writing is an exercise that helps build a direct connection and harmony between the mind and body as thoughts are being transcribed into a material form. Write as you think and think as you write. You may just want to keep free flowing as fast as possible without any taking any breaks at all. Its all up to you. Once you have the ideas jotted down you can then take the time to begin categorizing the various concepts in a particular organization that can be further developed.

You are brainstorming to produce the raw material that later can be shaped into a refined piece of literary artwork. Get the bulk of the ideas stored in your head out and solidified on the page.

Write down anything that comes to mind which is relatively significant. At the early point in the project you will have fresh inspiration that allows you to visualize new ideas creating new paradigms. Make a note of your contemplations while the thoughts are fresh and new. Writing down your ideas will help ensure that you keep track of them and that you don’t forget the important findings you have made. Sometimes when an idea gets old it gets stale and you might overlook something which initially had sparks of great significance. It is good to immediately make note of all the ideas you have in the brainstorming phase. You can then pick and choose at your own discretion which concepts you want to include or omit from your final draft.

It helps to write down a list of questions that you will want to answer in your paper to help you get focused.


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