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Anthropology - The Study of Humans

Humans are the most astounding creatures on this planet and are vastly superior to all other species.

There are four basic categories which are useful for analyzing the various aspects of human beings: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The features of the: body, emotions, mind, and spirit also have direct correlations to the four separate states of matter being: physical, chemical, electrical, and magnetic.


The human body is a product of supreme biological engineering and an organic apparatus like no other device on the planet. We are contained within this space ship that is our vehicle for existing within the material realm. Everything in the universe is a composition of energy and we each have our incredible body-of-energy that belongs entirely to us. Our spiritual essence is locked into this fleshy shell that is our dwelling to inhabit for a lifetime. This organic bodysuit is a profound instrument of biotechnology and precision machinery that is being operated at the will of our personal consciousness.

Many people seem to take for granted the intricate mechanism that devotedly works to keep us alive. A profound code is stored in a molecule of DNA that guides a seamless chain of electrical and chemical reactions in astounding precision to self-replicate 75 trillion microscopic cells composing a multifarious variety of organs all working synergistically together in perfect order. As long as we take care of ourselves it requires little effort to keep this process going for nearly a hundred years.

The human body is specially designed to symbiotically coexist with the natural environment of this planet Earth. Astoundingly, this complicated machine is able to sustain vital functions just by consuming the three simple elements of: air, water, and food.

The human body is amazing and comes standard equipped with many awesome features. The body has remarkable capability of agility, flexibility, endurance, dexterity, balance, strength and mobility. With physical conditioning it is possible to: bend over backwards, walk on the hands, jump and kick, cartwheel and flip, swim and climb, compete in sports and dance. There are many aspects that make humans especially unique. The fact that humans walk upright enables our arms to be used for greater purposes. The human hands are like no other creature’s and enable the operation of tools and even precision instruments such as a piano, violin, guitar, or harp. We have intricate mouths and vocal chords that allow us to produce a variety of sounds and sing aloud.

We have keen senses of sight, hearing, scent, taste, and touch. The human eye can sense millions of different colors, with 126 million pixels of resolution, and can even detect a candle in the dark 14 miles away. There are 45 miles of nerves in our body racing electrical impulses head to toe at 248 mph.

The human body is one of the most remarkable life forms in the entire known universe and the brain is probably the most amazing feature. The human brain is a biological supercomputer. The conscious mind is a product of countless electrical impulses traveling simultaneously through an incredible network of cellular circuitry at speeds of up to 260 mph. There are more than 100 billion neurons (nerve cells) in the brain. Each microscopic neuron has thousands of different protein channels in the cell membrane which work as “gates” that allow different combinations of ions (charges) to pass through. Each neuron is connected to as many as 15,000 other neurons. Scientists have speculated that this superstructure of neurons, that form the human brain, may have more pathways to send information than there are atoms in the entire universe. And to function, the brain only requires about enough energy to power a 10 watt light bulb. The brain is quite an efficient machine with remarkable capabilities. The human brain is capable of processing 100 million calculations per second and is the most powerful supercomputer on the planet that comes along with the supreme power of intelligence and the capacity of abstract imagination. The human brain is vastly superior to the brain of any other creature on earth. Humans possess extraordinary cognitive powers: perception, pattern recognition, memory, replication, invention, intuition, rationality, imagination and dreaming. It all magically works and with great precision. Humans have the mental capacity to play musical instruments, compose symphonies, build skyscrapers, perform brain surgery, engineer particle accelerators, voyage to the moon, and even send spacecrafts to mars.

We are fully equipped mentally and physically with ample tools that empower us to fully experience and interact within this reality to an extraordinary degree. Although our bodies have an amazing ability to regenerate from illness and injury there is a point where our physiological machines will break down beyond repair; the tragic result: death. When our bodies are decommissioned the opportunity we were given to experience this beautiful world is over.

Life is valuable! Our bodies are amazing machines and we only have one of them. Our body should be valued and appreciated more than any other material object that may be possessed. Our experience upon this planet is dependent upon the health of our body and the machine’s ability to function at peak levels of performance. To keep our vehicle operating it is important to quickly diagnose problems and always stay holistically “tuned up”.



Emotions are sensational feelings that are a byproduct of the mind. The physical senses are the direct sensation and feeling of the material world. Emotion is the sensation and feeling of the world being interpreted by personal consciousness. Emotions are useful devices that allow humans to experience a deeper part of reality than which the senses alone can perceive. Emotion directs behavior compulsively and is a byproduct of latent cognitive programming being catalyzed by a physical impulse. Electrical signals from the brain stimulate the endocrine system to release different hormones into the body that produce sensational feelings. Therefore, emotions are a perceptual awareness of reality that exists within the chemical range of personal experience.

All emotions whether classified as good or bad, and positive or negative, are useful and good in the sense that they open the perception to a wider range of existence and enable the experience of a broader spectrum of reality. Although we may think it is inherently bad to feel a negative emotion such as fear, if we did not have such emotion we would not be aware of danger and instinctively prepared to react. By not having these negative or “bad” emotions we would be desensitized to the real world and at a disadvantage to react accordingly. Negative emotions compulsively lead us away from harmful experience and positive emotions compulsively attract us towards beneficial experience. It is necessary to experience the full range of emotions in order to gain the fullest comprehension of reality.

It is important to maintain emotional health and balance in order for emotive behavior to be compulsively directed in a beneficial and productive way. A state of emotional balance will empower the body to emotively respond in a manner that is harmonious with reality and will render beneficial results. Emotional imbalances will cause emotive responses and behaviors that react discordantly, destructively, and unproductively. When in a state of emotional balance, the sensation and feeling of a negative emotion is a signal that there is a causal imbalance in reality and provides an important awareness of something being wrong which has a desire to be eliminated and needs to be resolved. We can not fix the cause of imbalance by enacting the exact same negative feeling that results as an effect of the imbalance and by doing so it will only direct our energy in a way that perpetuates the identical imbalance even further. Emotional control is the ability to be sensitive to the entire range of positive and negative emotions while willfully enacting only behavior that has a positive emotive force.

Fundamentally emotions can be divided into two basic categories of positive and negative or good and bad. Humans experience feelings of goodness and badness and at varying levels of intensity. This emotive feeling takes shape due to different thought catalysts or cognitive triggers.

Emotions can be grouped into four general categories ranging from primary to complex: 1) innate/ instinctual, 2) conditioned/ habitual, 3) learned/ rational, and 4) willful/ spiritual. Complex emotions may also be a product of two primary emotions combined. Every emotion has an opposite counterpart and ranges on a scale of intensity that can be arbitrarily quantified from -10 > 0 > +10 with -10 being extremely bad, -1 being mildly bad, 0 being neutral, +1 being mildly good, and +10 being extremely good.

Emotions can be distinguished by the overt reactions and behaviors exhibited as well as the introverted experience and sensation being perceived.

1. The first and foremost category is composed of the most innate and primary emotions that are essential for survival and which are naturally instinctual and impulsive in all human beings.

2. The second category is composed of conditioned and habitual emotions which are adapted over time by formulating emotive associations through repetitious behavior.

3. The third category is composed of learned and rational emotions which are the product of intelligence and reasoning rather than just conditioned behavior.

4. The forth and most complex category is composed of willful and spiritual emotions which are not instinctive, conditioned, or learned but are freely desired and embody the true character of personality.


The human brain is the organic hardware of a biological super computer. The mind is the programming (software) that is installed and information saved and stored upon the memory banks of the brain. The brain (or hard drive) is completely blank at birth. We engage in a process of programming the mind by directing concentration at will. Every thought we have directs a current of electricity that etches a pathway in the cognitive circuitry. The pathway becomes stronger the more an idea is concentrated upon and with repetition of mental processes. Pathways begin to channel electrical signals impulsively and with less resistance the more they are etched into the circuitry. It may take a great deal of focus and concentration to build a pathway but once the pathway has been opened and the circuit is connected the electrical impulse can flow with ease upon will or instinct. The mind is the total composition of electrical impulses being stored on the mainframe of the brain.

As newborns the mind is completely blank and ready to be uploaded with information. The cognitive paradigm is built by the introduction of information through sensory stimulus. Humans interpret information and make cognitive associations to build a personal model of reality and generate a working frame of mind. Humans have the ability to recognize relationships such as: equality and inequality, congruency and incongruence, similarity and dissimilarity, parity and disparity, accuracy and inaccuracy, correct and incorrect, right and wrong, good and bad. Formulating accurate relationships that correspond to reality can develop a cognitive model that is quite proficient. Children may struggle with simple arithmetic problems but after repeating the different processes even the answers to complicated equations can eventually be calculated without hesitation. The ability to recognize relationships and formulate associations generates the core structure of cognition that composes the binary circuitry of our personal computer and electrical programming of the mind. By recognizing truth and programming accurate relationships upon the neurological circuitry of the brain the processing capacity of this biological computer increases and the mind is empowered to perform even more complex calculations and functions in which further enhances the power of cognition and the ability to actualize success in the world.

It seems difficult for me to describe and articulate the awesome nature of this unfathomable entity known as consciousness; which is strange because for the most part I have constantly been experiencing it continuously throughout my entire lifetime. Consciousness exists beyond the realm that we can touch and sense and yet consciousness is our direct experience of all that is being touched and sensed. Consciousness is immaterial and we can not hold onto it and yet it is all that we can ever truly grasp. The physical senses are an indirect experience of reality being stimulated by electrical impulses that are simulated as an idea in the brain. Consciousness is our direct awareness of reality. We may be separated from the physical world to a degree but there is nothing that ever separates us from our consciousness. Consciousness is our actual experience of existence; and to us it is all that is absolutely real. Our consciousness is the core and primal essence of being alive in the universe. Consciousness is who and what we really are. Our material human body is constantly decaying and regenerating and every few years we physically are completely different people. Our consciousness is perpetually retained; the permanent state of awareness that never leaves our presence for as long as we live. Consciousness is the collective ideas of mind being actively experienced through a selective focal point of awareness.

We are ultimately in power of our consciousness and are in control of programming our own minds. We can accept or reject information. We can assimilate ideas or expel them. We can choose whether or not we retain conceptual diagrams that are true or false, correct or incorrect, and right or wrong. We have the free will to directly participate in the process of programming our mind. Our mind is malleable yet the more we repeatedly process certain ideas the more the ideas build permanent pathways in our cognitive circuitry. The more powerfully we direct the cognitive impulse the greater the idea becomes etched onto the brain. By repeatedly accessing certain ideas we can gradually perfect many skills or regress into faulty habits.

Our consciousness is strapped into our body and we never leave it. Although some people do claim to have had out of body experiences; we may leave the body but we don’t leave consciousness. Consciousness feels like it is centered in the head somewhere in the middle between the eyes and ears. Apparently this is the physical realm in which our consciousness dwells.

Consciousness is a product of the brain which retains the energy field of cognitive power. Consciousness is the least physical aspect of the human being and is controlled by will of the spirit which is nonphysical. Consciousness provides the medium for the spirit to operate in the physical world.

Humans naturally seek to broaden the realm of consciousness and expand personal awareness of reality. It is essential to focus the mind upon pure truth and eradicate any fallacies in order to maximize the cognitive power.

Our mind is able to fill in the detail that our senses can not detect. For instance there are scientific postulates that describe phenomena of reality which exist outside the range of sense perception; although our body can not detect such phenomena our mind can develop paradigms which understand the phenomena and allow us to conduct experiments that produce predictable effects which can be detected using technology. Our mind can produce a more defined model of reality then which can be constructed through sensory perception alone.

The mind is like a microscope or a telescope in that it has an incredible ability to capture the image of very small or very large objects if properly focused. The vision is only as clear as the focus. You can have the best instrument in the world but it won’t show you the different dimensions you are looking for if it is not focused properly. You won’t see the stars if the telescope is pointed at the ground or if the lenses are backwards. You won’t be able to see the microscopic if you don’t fine tune the focal point. If your mind is properly focused you can produce precise visualizations with incredible resolution. Your knowledge, intelligence, and all the ideas stored in your mind form the paradigm in which you use to perceive the world. Every memory and thought is a lens you look through. You use these lenses to see (imagine) the future and line up your path accordingly. All your memories and thoughts that are concentrated in your mind become aligned and a resultant image is produced. This is like billions of electrical lenses being aligned together. You have to know exactly what it is you are seeking, then you must be pointed in the right direction, then you must fine tune the lenses. If any part of the paradigm is distorted or diluted so will be the overall effect of the visualization. We must learn to focus our minds. If the paradigm we have is accurate and well developed then by focusing the electrical impulses of our minds we will stimulate incredible visualizations that will enable us to creatively interact with all universal phenomena.

The success of human behavior depends on the minds ability to correlate actions with what is real and what is true. A healthy paradigm is one that truly reflects reality. If our paradigm does not reflect reality and is composed of fallacies then our behavior will not correlate with the real world. It is imperative that we seek truth and determine what is real. Truthful paradigms will exhibit great success within the real world. Truth is what is real. A strong understanding of truth will enable the mind to clearly distinguish elements that are not real. If our beliefs don’t strongly correlate with truth then our overall paradigm will be weakened and we will lack intuitiveness and the ability to act decisively in a way that will render ideal results. If our paradigm is focused upon truth then our mind will be in natural balance and will resonate clearly with reality.

The wellbeing of our society is dependent upon strengthening a paradigm that is structured upon truth. This will develop a collective vision and focus that is harmonious with reality. If the mind of the population is properly focused with extensive knowledge of fundamental truths then the collective paradigm will be mentally attuned and empowered to realize the greatest potential as a civilization.


This body we inhabit is not really who we are. Our physical body is only a temporal device in which our conscious spirit utilizes to operate within the material world. Our material bodysuit is but a shell that enables our spirit to exist within 3-dimensional space and experience physicality. Our body is ephemeral and temporary and usually will last no more than a hundred years. Actually, our physical body is constantly dieing and rebirthing. After about 7 years every cell in our body has been completely regenerated and physically we are completely different people. Yet our spirit is still retained, intact, and internalized. Spirit is what we ultimately are as life forms. Spirit is contained within this vehicle of the flesh and blood and experiencing the world with consciousness. We are locked into this body and strapped in for the ride of a lifetime. The physical body will eventually die. The spirit is without the physical limitations of space or linear time and is ever-present.

Spirit is the pure essence of our existence. Our spirit is not a product of this earth or material world but is nonphysical, ethereal, and transcends materiality, space, and time. Our spirit is who and what we ultimately are. Our spirit is the core of our being and includes our: personality, character, free will, desire, ambition, intention, and motivating force in life. Our spirit is the control center that enacts conscious behavior and is the ultimate governor of our will, thoughts, emotion, and action.

Spirit is the underlying cause of everything that humans manifest in the material world. A look at the external manifestations gives insight into the nature of the spirit within. Pure spirit will produce pure manifestations; impure spirit will produce impure manifestations. Our spirit manifests our words and actions. Whatever we exhibit on the outside and everything we produce that is visible in the world is a reflection of our spirit within.

Our material body has no free will or self control but reacts entirely upon electrical impulse. Every function of the material body is automatic and responsive. Our body has no authority to determine the nature of our experience. Our spirit has unlimited free will and self control and contains the ultimate authority to determine the nature of our experience. Our spirit is the entity of our personal being that is ultimately in control of our mind, emotions, and body. Our consciousness and cognitive power is a product of the brain. Our spirit is in control of consciousness. Even though we have certain thoughts that are programmed upon the mind we have the ability to access different ideas with self determination and make choices at will. This ability to choose can be very whimsical and even beyond rationality. Every moment we have the ability to choose between right and wrong, positive and negative, good and bad. If we were just programmed without choice then these decisions would all be made for us. We exist in the moment and can take any of multiple paths that are being presented. We have the power to navigate within our own personal realm of consciousness and make decisions. We can access memories at will or create new ideas. Our spirit is ultimately the command center and at the helm of our spaceship with the power to steer conscious thought. Whatever our spirit desires impacts our mind and directs the actions of our thought, emotion, and body. Our spirit is the fundamental motivating force that determines our behavior. Our spirit is the personal essence that is in control of values and preferences, wants and desires, goals and ambitions, free will and intention. This spirit is us.

We only have one shot to live in the moment. How do you want to direct the course of your life? We all require certain things that are fundamental and want others that are of a higher order. We all have the desire to fulfill the basic requirements of sustaining a prosperous livelihood but on top of that there are certain preferences we have as individuals determining different destination points we want to travel to while on this great journey. We each have unique personal ambitions, missions that we work to accomplish, and goals we yearn to achieve. Every person has a unique dream for what they want their life to be. What do you desire from your life experience? The dreams that we spiritually focus upon and conceptualize within our mind will guide our life path and direct us towards our future destination. We must focus our spirit with clarity in order to visualize the optimal path leading to the ideal desire.

The spirit is magnetic in nature, it repels and attracts according to the power of our innermost intentions and desires. If our spirit is attuned to the positive nature then it will resonate with and attract other positive elements into life and silence and repel negative elements. If out spirit is attuned to the negative nature then it will attract negative elements into life and repel the positive. The choice is ours. It is preferable to live a positively balanced and harmonious life; with such balance we will experience ultimate happiness and realize great success.

We must purify our spirit so that we may be balanced and empowered to enact the optimal behavior in this world. If our spirit is impure and is negatively focused then our actions will follow a discordant path. If our spirit is pure then we will manifest pure actions and produce greatness in the material world. Any negative vibe will only resist the goodness we attempt to bring into our own lives and will act discordantly with reality. By resonating with a strong positive vibe our spirit will react harmoniously with the world and we will be propelled towards equal goodness.

We must cleanse and purify our entire self entity by eliminating negative imbalances whereby we will attain a state of holistic balance in which our complete energy field will be harmonically attuned and potent with positive charge. It is the consistency of will power being properly focused in the right direction that enables perpetual success. Being pure and positively focused will propel personal energy forward in the right direction and generate the best possibility to accomplish the greatest success in the moment and throughout eternity. It is about retaining the purity and positive focus of spirit at all times, in all situations, for all experiences, forever onward for eternity.

We are entirely free. We have the liberty to roam about this earth and do as we please. We have the power to create our own experience at will. We are not confounded to an invisible prison in which our spirit is entrapped. We are unrestricted, uninhibited, and have endless choice to direct our personal life experience. As long as we are holistically balanced we will reach the ideal destination in our life travels.

Diagram of Human Behavior by Mike Kalas




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