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Department of Aesthetics

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What is art?

Art serves the functional purpose of creating a sensational experience, communicating a unique and extraordinary idea or perception of reality, conveying a distinct personal expression that imprints others with a universal impression. Art allows others to sense, feel, and imagine a range of existence that is contained within the heart, mind, and soul of the artist and which is produced by the creative outlet of an artist at work.

Art utilizes abstract sensual stimulus to convey a cognitive archetype that can be universally experienced by an audience for subjective interpretation.

Art can be experienced by any sensation: sight, sound, taste, smell, touch. Within the physical stimulus of an artistic composition retains the ability to convey feeling, affect mood, alter temperament, compel thoughts, inspire ideas. Art has the ability to alter the norm in a way that causes humans to inescapably recognize the awe and wonder of existence.

Art is an important part of a society that provides nourishment for the soul. Art creates the opportunity for people to think abstractly and exercise the imaginative faculties of the mind. Without art people will be rigid and lack imagination. Art builds a sense of culture and introduces possibilities of creative expression.

Mission - It is our mission to subsidize local arts programs in order to enable all people to cultivate artistic talents and have an open outlet for creativity. We want to provide comprehensive arts programs that cover all aspects of aesthetic creation and sensory experience. We want to provide an outlet for artists to showcase their work and also an inlet for people to enjoy an aesthetic experience. It is our purpose to provide people with a highly sensational and extraordinary experience.

Art Education - Many people grow up without being able to cultivate their personal talents and develop their skills as artists. We envision a future where arts programs are an essential part of the educational curriculum. To offer teaching assistance the Department of Education working with the Department of Media will provide instructional resources such as books, audio, and videos offering valuable insight and inspiration. Students will mostly learn by direct experience and will have the opportunity to personally explore each and every type of art and craft and utilize every medium while studying various styles and techniques.

Supplies - In order to provide each and every person with the opportunity to develop artistic skills it is our mission to subsidize the public educational system with all of the supplies necessary to provide each and every student with a highly interactive learning experience. In order to provide these supplies at the lowest possible cost we are going to produce all resources for every artistic craft by the Department of Industry within the public infrastructure. In producing all supplies by the public infrastructure we can guarantee the highest quality product for the lowest possible cost and ensure that the industrial sector is maintaining the operational protocol established in the public code of conduct.

Publicly Subsidized Art VS Commercial Exploitation for Profit

Artists must be provided with an opportunity to produce their creations without being dependent upon commercial interests. It is important that artists are able to incorporate their talents for the betterment of society and progression of art in the development of civilization and not just to sell a worthless product for money. Too often the truly soulful artists can hardly afford to live and lack the ability to fully devote their time, energy, and abilities towards their fullest potential and desire for creative production. On the other hand there are people who think of art as a commercial enterprise and a way to make money. These capital driven artists take all of the soul and creative expression out of the work and it is a lifeless piece of garbage that stumps the public’s imagination and corrupts people’s knowledge and awareness of masterful art. The public misinterprets Art as being the commercial trash that they are being presented. The purpose of this “art” makes it not really Art at all. This is another instance of how capitalism is a perversion within our culture. Capitalists are producing commercial trash all for the purpose of making money and maintaining the luxury of life; not for the purpose of focusing creative energies in order to express an awesome and inspiring message to our society. In the meantime, the true artists who are only focused upon creative expression and who are truly working to inspire people with masterpieces often live modest and impoverished lives. Our society must take care of people with this gift and give artists the opportunity to create.


These links are provided courtesy of the Light Party.

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