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Subcommittee on Accounting


The Subcommittee on Accounting totals all resources and requirements and itemizes proposals for expenditures in a comprehensive budget.


+Produce a comprehensive inventory and detailed appraisal of all assets possessed or able to be supplied by the socioeconomic infrastructure

+Generate a precise assessment of the socioeconomic demand for utilization and consumption of available resources and services

+Total a comprehensive budget that optimally transacts the exchange between the available supply of infrastructural resources and the demand for utilization and consumption by the population

Join the Management Subcommittee on Accounting


American Accounting Organization


Accountants and Auditors (BLS)

Accounting and Auditing (LOC- Business Reference Service)

Accounting / Business / Finance (IRS)

Accounting Matters (FERC)

(CAS) Cost Accounting Standards

Cost Accounting Standards Board (White House)

Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board

Financial Accounting Standards Board

(GAO) Government Accountability Office

General Accounting Office Reports

Government Accounting Standards Board

Governmentwide Accounting: Programs and Systems (FMS - Treasury)

(GWA) Governmentwide Accounting System

International Accounting Standards Board

Office of Management and Budget


Alabama - Accounting Office

Arkansas - Office of Accounting

Colorado - Accounting and Administration Divisions

Delaware - Division of Accounting

Georgia - State Accounting Office

Hawaii - Department of Accounting and General Services

Iowa - State Accounting Enterprise

Montana - State Accounting Division

North Carolina - Accounting System Information Guide

Ohio - Accounting

Oklahoma - Accounting Division

Oregon - Operations Division Accounting Services

South Carolina - Accounting

Virginia - Accounting and Reporting

Wisconsin - Tax and Accounting


Chelan County, WA - Accounting

Hamilton County, TN -Accounting

Kaua'i County, HI, Accounting

Mercer County, NJ - Estate Accounting


Albuquerque, NM - Accounting

Baltimore, MD - Bureau of Accounting and Payroll Services

Chicago, IL - Accounting

Montgomery, AL - Accounting Division

San Antonio, TX - Accounting Division

Tampa, FL - Utility Accounting






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