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UNITY FOR A CHANGE is a revolutionary social change organization that is bringing all people on Earth together by focusing upon fundamental human values and the mission to realize a holistic vision of sustainable peace and prosperity.

Unity for a Change includes all of humankind as equal participants in a joint venture and extends an open invitation to people of all races, religions, communities, nations, political parties, organizations, unions, and corporations to work together in unity and cooperation for the common good.

Unity for a Change takes a holistic approach to strategic problem solving and innovative conflict resolution by radically addressing social issues comprehensively and developing progressive public policy. This is an "all in one" community organization were you can participate in widespread activism and also be at the very center of the progressive movement.

This internet portal is meant to be a tool for empowerment by providing resources and support for any person seeking assistance with grassroots activism.

Check out the Ning website at unityforachange.ning.com/.


We live during an exciting time period in human history. We have been born into an age of remarkable scientific knowledge, technological innovation, and mega-industry.

Right now, at this very moment, we currently have all of the multitudinous resources needed to solve absolutely every problem on the face of the planet.

Yet in this marvelous age of ingenuity humankind still suffers from brutal war, vile disease, widespread famine, terrible poverty, economic recession, ecological collapse, and social turmoil and we are accelerating towards mass extinction and planetary destruction.

We have the potential two achieve either one of two extremes: self annihilation or the most prosperous age in all of human history!

We have the ability to do much better! This failing social system is flawed, broken, corrupted and the mechanism we are now using is not capable of transacting the full capacity of our collective potential. If we balance the forces of our social dynamics we will be able to utilize our infrastructural resources to the fullest potential and realize the greatest vision for prosperity that anyone could ever possibly imagine!


1. Currently the people of the world are divided by arbitrary differences such as race, class, caste, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, political party, or economic ideology.

Unity for a Change is creating a unified foundation where each different group is equally included and not one single person is unfairly excluded. In order to realize our ultimate potential for success all people of the world must harmoniously work together cooperatively to achieve common goals.

Currently the social change movement tends to focus upon alleviating single issues and lobbying special interests and tries to implement progressive agendas by petitioning a political system that is inherently broken.

Unity for a Change is focusing upon holistic resolution to social conflict by initiating solutions comprehensively. We have to realize that our socioeconomic infrastructure is an organism in which all parts are completely interrelated. We can not only address one issue and expect the problem to be resolved. In order to effectively resolve any single conflict we must work to balance the entire system as a whole.

3. Currently humankind as a whole has yet to fully envision a holistic vision of world peace. Without such direct focus on our ultimate goals we will not have the ability to direct our society to that ideal destination and we will consequentially guide ourselves to achieve much less.

Unity for a Change is defining a clear vision for how our civilization can function in the future and boldly declaring that our ideal model will in fact be realized. It takes keen vision for action and mobilization to be guided directly to a remote destination at some distant point in the future. By defining and developing the image of how the future will operate every person will be empowered to see the most direct path to success. Revolutionaries bring the future into the present by personally embodying the ideal vision and taking action in the now.




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