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This section is a place to discuss the issue of abortion. Regardless of many disagreements on the issue, fundamental points of concern can be universally agreed upon by all people. There is a common purpose for all people to reduce suffering in all aspects, physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual and to avoid and prevent human lives from undergoing trials of hardship. It is in this interest of relieving human suffering that we can find the common ground to work together to make wise decisions and compassionate actions.

Ideally, no women should have to undergo the trials of an unwanted pregnancy. Being put in such a circumstance causes women, and families, to undergo an incredible amount of stress and hardship. Therefore it is in common interest to aim to prevent such incidents from ever occurring. But because we do not live in a perfect society there are many unfortunate accidents of carelessness and also horrible acts of violation. It is common for women to be victims of rape, incest, and forced prostitution. It also commonly occurs that single women upon being impregnated are abandoned by the man who takes no responsibility.

In any case of pregnancy it is important for women to get the medical treatment needed to ensure their health and safety. As a measure of health insurance the public infrastructure must provide universal care that includes complete examinations and holistic treatment. So regardless of what the public policy decision inevitably is upon abortion, there is always going to be a fundamental agreement upon offering the best health care and medical treatment. Also, the Department of Social services must offer child care programs to assist new mothers. The common objective of the society is to offer provisions to ensure health and safety, and to alleviate stress. Providing aid by the social infrastructure will guarantee women help and support for raising children. It is important to give pregnant women the confidence and reassurance to know that upon delivering a child into the world there will be caring people offering services and support.




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